Prohibited IGN / National IDs / Multiple Passports

Multiple Asiasoft Passports

It has come to our attention that some players have registered for multiple Asiasoft Passports. Please note that each player is only allow to register for one Asiasoft Passport. If you are found to have multiple Asiasoft passports, Asiasoft Online (referred to as “Asiasoft”) have the rights to suspend all of the passports without prior notice. Any existing or remaining @Cash and @Cash items in the Asiasoft passport will not be returned nor compensated.

Use of Prohibited IGNs

Please be careful in any name selection. Read the Terms of Use and respect all our rules regarding character name selection. If you have a character name that goes against our terms of service, please delete the character and start anew. For characters with unacceptable names created before 13th May 2005, the administrator shall rename the characters. Players unsatisfied with the renaming can opt to delete their character(s). After the mentioned date, we will be forced to permanently ban accounts that do not comply.

For simple reference, avoid:

* Impersonation of GM names, NPCs, other chars
* Sexual context
* Obscene body organs
* Vulgarity or otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion
* Drug/Narcotic references
* Action phrases or complete sentences such as “Youwillnotsurvive”, “defameme”, “killme”.
* Names that is or may be illegal or is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights laws
* Names reference hacking such as “haaacker”, “goodbotter”
* Names that make no sense or created to confuse other users with letter masking such as “0liveOlL”, “lksdjflij”. (i.e. switching “i"s for “L"s and zeros for the letter “o”).
* Otherwise inappropriate.

If we believe you have created an account to mislead, confuse or annoy other players with the spelling of the name, the administrator will either ban or rename you. If you are concerned or in doubt about a name choice, we suggest you do not use it.

Penalty for usage of prohibited IGNs include:

* If character was created before 13 May 2005
  Character will be renamed.
* If later than 13 May 2005,
  Character will be deleted.

Illegal usage of National IDs

This whole section below is nullified with the cessation of collection of NRIC and other National ID information in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore’s advisory guidelines which takes full effect this coming 1st September 2019. Click here for more information.

Each AsiaSoft Passport is a personal account that is uniquely identified with the owner’s National ID. AsiaSoft shall use the National ID as a means to verify and identify our members during:

•  Event participation and prize collection
•  Reporting of lost password/security PIN/login ID
•  Reporting on problems with A-Cash
•  Reporting of hack incidents
•  Ownership dispute triggered by Trading of Accounts

In accordance with MapleSEA Terms of Use, any account with information deemed invalid will be suspended. Upon receiving report on illegal usage of national ID, AsiaSoft shall suspend the passport account that bears the disputed national ID. Investigations will be carried out, which shall require dispute parties’ verification of national ID and other account information. Ultimately, the rightful owner of the national ID will be returned with his/her right of use of the national ID to register for an AsiaSoft Passport account. The existing account which made illegal use of the national ID will be wiped.

Note that National ID is used as a legal means to verify and identify a person around the world. Illegal usage of National ID can lead to criminal investigations by the relevant authorities if the owner wishes to pursue the offence.