As of 16th November 2022, the Playpark Downloader includes:
  • v218.1 Full Client (64-bit)
  • v215.1 to v218.1 Manual Patch
  • v216.1 to v218.1 Manual Patch
  • v217.2 to v218.1 Manual Patch
You are advised to download the full client from the PlayPark Downloader that can be downloaded below. Alternatively, Mirror Links for v218.1 Full Client can downloaded from the links listed below.

As of 30th November 2022, a Minor Patch has been included to update to v218.4.
You are advised to use the Auto Patcher by launching your MapleStory client or via the Minor Patch link below.
Upon downloading the .exe file from the Minor Patch link, paste and overwrite it into your existing MapleStorySEA game client folder.

  • If you are downloading Playpark Downloader using Internet Explorer, please rename the file extension from .man to .msi before executing it.
  • MapleStorySEA uses MapleStorySEA Passport and not PlayID. Please register for MapleStorySEA Passport, login and create your very own MapleID.

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Full Client (Official)

Version MD5 Sum Size Link
Playpark Downloader -- -- Download

Full Client (Mirror Link)

Version MD5 Sum Size Link
v218.1 Setup.exe 7D3BE4829BAD30A8E3A4E388C52A4C52 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 1 0D5FA9FF6C3917C4B7EE3C3B384E4F89 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 2 0020FF5BF70BA98A815D865C5FF6FF26 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 3 0F7E8663545C62831A86ECB138C8ED78 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 4 283D1CA3B4C9BB947981B642FA04C8A7 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 5 723DEB1EF2F680C329E43A433D873AC3 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 6 99B6ADDD1C446C293A6D245924631CEC -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 7 C08E3B9E4767B61BCAB0FDD83599ADB6 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 8 F6C2C3BBBA07A48CF2C05C988657E9B2 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 9 832A0B88D85B4686789F5CC9901F8191 -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 10 6A1B4B59726E0307320F34DC5BBFD87C -- Download
v218.1 Full Client Part 11 BA3EC374BD5064ED4C1881021D88D23D -- Download

Manual Patches

Version MD5 Sum Size Link
v218.4 Minor Patch 068C3FB815B614D88BDAE8D29C19BAD4 -- Download
v217 to v218 93A53C950119D0F254E8B52DA1A37466 -- Download
v216 to v218 DE7F3905250925DE95C04C3BBA4EB968 -- Download
v215 to v218 44BD5D707B21C338A0D05E8CA9D6FF42 -- Download

BlackCipher Files

Version MD5 Sum Link (v218) 0834C883175A77513830D6582FB15D4A Download


Should you face any NGS related issues (0xE3010201, 0xE3010401), you may download these files and follow the below instructions:

Step 1
Download the file from the above link.
Step 2
Right click the zip file and select 'Extract here'.
Step 3
Locate the BlackCipher folder in the same directory after the extraction.
Step 4
Copy and replace the entire BlackCipher folder to your MapleStory directory (Default Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizet\MapleStorySEA\)


Recommended Setting

System Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
OS Windows 8.1 (64 bit) Windows 10 (64 bit)
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz /
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3.0Ghz
Intel Core i3 4.0 Ghz /
AMD Ryzen 3 3.5 Ghz and above
RAM (Memory) 4 GB 8 GB or more
Storage 30 GB or more 40 GB or more**
Graphic Card GeForce 9600 GT /
ATI Radeon HD 5670
GeForce GTX 1050 /
AMD Radeon RX 570 and above
Direct X 9.0c or later 9.0c or later
Network Broadband Internet Connection Fibre-optic Internet Connection


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Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card Driver Download
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AMD Graphics Card Driver Download
Update your AMD graphics card driver here.
Realtek Audio Driver Download
Update your Realtek Audio driver here.

How to uninstall

Go to and run:

Default Path: C: -> Program Files(x86) -> Wizet -> MapleStorySEA -> unins000.exe file.