Map - Guide

Moving between Maps

Remember the road names

image Every road in MapleStory has a name. The road names are featured in the Mini Map window at the top-left corner of the screen.

Hidden Street
Hidden Street is a road that leads to hidden maps not shown on the Mini Map.

Choose the roads based on the direction of the screen

image The left of the screen is West, and the right is East.
The upper left is Northwest, and bottom right is Southeast.

Use Hidden Portals

image The portals work as the connecting dots for the maps, but some are hidden and unseen on the Mini Map.

Is there a path you can’t seem to find? Not able to locate a hidden map? If so, perhaps it is connected by a hidden portal.

Hidden portals add new dimension to your gaming experience. It works as a shortcut or a hidden gateway for a hidden stage.

*Note:* Some hidden portals will show up when you move closer, some will not. There are several ways to search for a hidden portal. You can choose to chase other users, ask for directions, or check the area thoroughly.