Characters - Adventurers


The brave travelers of Maple World

With their hearts yearning for a good adventure and intending to make names for themselves, Adventurers set foot on the world of Maple with the sole aim of exploring its vast world and helping its people.

They are the most diverse of the character classes, with endless potential of what they can become. The deepest dungeons and most powerful monsters are no match for what a group of Adventurers can do.

With each step, Adventurers seek their own road, their own journey, their own adventure!

The Five Paths of Choices

After leaving Maple Island, a Beginner should visit the Job Instructor of your choice to perform Job Advancement. For the 1st Job Advancement, there are five choices to choose from that will roughly decide the road you will take in the future.

Each Job Advancement you can go through in the future allows you to narrow your path down to the ultimate one of your choosing, giving your a wide variety of skills to master.

Beginner - The first step of the Adventure

A Beginner starts on Maple Island where the friendly residents walk you through the basic tutorial to prepare you for your travels ahead. After leaving Maple Island, speak with the Job Instructor of your choice to perform your 1st Job Advancement. Beginners can advance to become Warriors, Bowmen, Thieves and Pirates at level 10, or become a Magician at level 8.

Ability Points of Beginners will automatically increased until the 1st Job Advancement or upon reaching level 11. Skill Points acquired when leveling up can be freely distribute to one of the three starting skills. Bless of Fairy is a passive skill that all characters will automatically have.

Beginner’s Basics

Three Snails
Hurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance.
Enables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 sec. Terms between skills : 10 min.
Nimble Feet
Enables the character to move around quickly for a short amount of time. Terms between skills : 1 min.
Bless of Fairy
Fairy’s power will enhance your character. Skill Point will increase by 1 when related character achieve 10 level up.