Map - Victoria Island

Victoria Island

At Victoria Island, you can experience a whole new world filled with new quests, NPCs, monsters and friends!


If you departed from Maple Island or Rien for Victoria Island, the first town you step foot on is Lith Harbor. From here, you can make your way to Florina Beach to enjoy the warm sun.

The towns where the Adventurer’s Job Advancement Instructors are located in are Henesys, Ellinia, Kerning City, Perion and Nautilus. Deeper in the heart of the island is Sleepywood dungeon, where some of the most dangerous monsters of Victoria Island can be found.

Lith Harbor

Location: A harbor located at the southwest of Victoria Island.
Characteristic: The best place for novices to start at, this friendly seaport town is connected to many towns on the island.

The place where Beginners first arrive after taking The Victoria from Southperry of Maple Island. As such, Lith Harbor has tons of friendly NPCs to guide you along.


Florina Beach

Location: An island that is located southern-east off the map of Victoria Island.
Characteristic: Sunny island with monsters and of course, coconuts.

A bright and sunny beach where you can sit back and relax to enjoy the scenery. Beware the resident crabs and monkeys on this island though they should not be too difficult to deal with if you have enough levels and potions.



Location: A peaceful mushroom town located at the southern region of Victoria Island
Characteristic: The town of the Bowman / Crossbowman, this is a peaceful town with a busy marketplace worth visiting.

A town constructed long ago by numerous Bowmen, located at the southern region of the Victoria Island. It’s a beautiful town of wide prairie, mushrooms, flowers and butterflies. If you want to be a Bowman/Crossbowman, this is THE town to visit. Not only that, look closer and you may unravel the hidden shortcuts that can save you much hassle in your travels!



Location: A deep, bright forest at the eastern region of Victoria Island.
Characteristic: Home to the town of the Magicians, this is the place to go to board the airships leaving for Orbis and Erev.

A town constructed by the spirit of light, Ellinia lies within a deep, bright forest at the eastern region of Victoria Island. Ellinia is a forest town with full of mystical trees growing endlessly, literally kissing the skies above. The roads are a bit treacherous and anyone who slips and falls from the top of this luxurious green town may have a hard time climbing up again. If you want to be a magician, head over to this town. Oh, and we do strongly recommend that you equip yourself with jumping ability shoes!


Kerning City

Location: An urban city west of Victoria Island
Characteristic: This city hides many mysterious NPCs and offer many services… at a fee, of course.

A city full of smog and tall buildings, Kerning City is a place where humans and monsters co-exist in an urbanized town of subway stations and construction sites. If you want to be a Thief, this is the right place for you. There are various shortcuts at various corners of the maps to ease the walk distance but do be careful and take good care of your belongings…



Location: A dry highland located at the northern part of Victoria Island.
Characteristic: The dry and dusty Warrior town is built on a rocky highlands and culture of the natives is strong here.

Perion, a highland filled with historical remains of the natives around the area. The treacherous roads and dangerous highlands are paths only for the brave and strong. Those seeking to be a Warrior should face the numerous challenges in this land and visit Dances with Balrog in the Warriors’ Sanctuary. It will not be an easy travel, so don’t forgot your potions!



Location: A whale-shaped submarine located at the southern- east off the map of Victoria Island.
Characteristic: Pirate Town.

Nautilus Dock is a place not to be missed for pirate wannabes. There’s a beautiful sea surrounding the island and you can admire the impressive sight of huge marine creatures. Remember to take some screenshots of the scenery for your memories!



Location: Sleepywood is located at the centre of Victoria Island
Characteristic: Land filled with monsters

Inside Sleepywood lies terrifying monsters lurking around the caves in Ant tunnel. These monsters are strong so make sure that you have enough levels and potions before heading here! Travel deeper and you may hear the rumbling sounds made by the Balrog sealed and chained to the deepest part of Dungeon.