Characters - Dual Blade

Dual Blader, The Instrument of Revenge!

A grave misunderstanding which has put out the flames of love, Lady Syl seeks revenge against the Dark Lord for a crime he did not commit.

Now, as her plans are coming to fruition, together with her force of Dual Bladers, the final confrontation against the Dark Lord is near!


The title Dark Lord is known by many, yet only whispered by few, for just the words alone invokes a dark and terrifying image…

But, unknown to many, the Dark Lord isn’t one of evil nature, but rather, like many other heroes in Maple, his purpose in life is to stop the ever present evil that threatens the very existence of the world. Sadly, The path of a Dark Lord is a lonely one. Always observing Maple from his dark abode, the Dark Lord keeps an eye on evil, waiting for the right moment to strike before disappearing once against into the shadows.

Former Dark Lord

The Former Dark Lord was a great man, and like all Dark Lords before him, he had always placed the world of Maple before himself. During his time as a Dark Lord, he had groomed two promising students to one day succeed him, a young man called Jin and his very own daughter Lady Syl. Jin and Lady Syl were both excellent students, not only in skill, but in heart as well. The Dark Lord was happy to have them as students, and cherished them dearly.
As they trained and worked together, a romance formed between them, and it grew as they continued to work together.

image As they trained and worked together, romance was formed between them, and it grew as they continued to work together.
One fateful day, an urgent notice came from Tristan, a good friend of the Dark Lord. The extremely dangerous and evil Balrog has been resurrected, and has started to destroy Victoria Island. Knowing that time is of the essence, he headed off to Victoria Island immediately after receiving the notice, strictly forbidding his loved students from following him.
Upon reaching Sleepywood in Victoria Island, he could not find his friend Tristan. Not one to wasting time, he left to track down Balrog immediately. Eventually he found and confronted Balrog alone.

The fight was one to be seen, as two equally powerful opponents confronted each other in mortal combat. Balrog was a dangerous opponent, his physical prowess rivaled by few, and has the forces of evil to back him up. As the fight continued, the Dark Lord started to grow weary, and with just a split-second lapse in concentration, the Balrog’s evil slipped pass his defences and wrecked his soul, destroying it and transforming his body into a monster.

The Dark Lord, now an empty shell of what he once was, has been transformed into a monster which he has dedicated his life to destroying!

Unknown to the Dark Lord however, Jin had disobeyed his orders and was secretly following him, and had seen everything. He confronted the Dark Lord, the one figure in his life which is almost like a father to him, trying to reason to the now mindless monster to remember what it once was. Alas, all his attempts were in vain, and knowing what he had to do, he reluctantly attacked the monster that still had the face of his beloved mentor, and defeated it.

Her Heart Grows Cold…

Carrying the body back with him with tears streaming down his eyes, he buried his Master’s corpse in honor and took up the role of Dark Lord. But Balrog’s destruction did not just stop at the Dark Lord. Upon knowing about her father’s death, Lady Syl was devastated. Her mind and soul was shattered, she started to blame Jin for not protecting her father. In time, her anguished mind ran wild, and she started to believe that Jin engineered her father’s death to take up the position of Dark Lord.

Jin tried to convince her otherwise, knowing and trying to explain that he would have sacrificed everything he had to protect the Dark Lord, but it was in vain. Lady Syl’s heart was already cold, and her mind made up. Jin has caused her father’s death and she would take revenge on him. Before leaving, Jin tried to reason with her once more, begging her to remember the love they once shared, and her father’s honor and greatness.

However, it fell on death ears, her only reply was that Jin would suffer a fate equal to that of her father in pain and anguish when the time comes…...

The Plan Has Been Set In Motion!

Jin the Dark Lord knows that the time of confrontation would be soon, but he does not yet know exactly when or from where. In the mean time, a man going by the name of Rayden in the back alley of Kerning City is approaching travellers, making an interesting offer. And at the Secret Garden, Lady Syl gathers her forces of elite Dual Bladers as she tends to the garden, her heart still filled with bitterness and rage against the Dark Lord. But, in the darkness of her heart, a tiny ember of the blazing love she once had for the Jin remains. Would it be extinguished completely, or would it grow once again, before it is too late? image

Job Advancement and Skills

The brand new Dual Blade class will need to pass through 6 job advancements. Skills can be raised by using “Skill Points” (SP) in order to maximize their effectiveness. Three Skill Points are given every time you level up.


Rogue lvl 10-20


Blade Recruit lvl 20-30


Blade Acolyte lvl 30-55


Blade Specialist lvl 55-70


Blade Lord lvl 70-120


Blade Master lvl 120-200