False Report

False Report

Offences under False Report include, but are not limited to:
Any report claiming to be be hacked by hacker, but evidences prove otherwise.
False reports of innocent persons with the intention of getting them penalised.
Tampering with evidence, lying about or manipulating facts in order to gain a favorable outcome.
False information given to facilitate fraud or to gain personal benefit

Penalty for False Report:
1st Offence
14 days in-game ban

Players will not be able to access the offending Maplestory game account in any way during the ban period.

2nd and subsequence offences if applicable
Permanent Ban

Repeat offenders will face Permanent Ban of the offending Maplestory account regardless of any previous account reactivations.

*All GM and MapleSEA Administrator decisions are final.
*Account sharing is not encouraged and owners of the game account will have to be fully responsible for any actions done with the game account.
*Appeals will not be entertained.