Equipment Enhancement System

Once again, hopes are high for avid scrollers with the launch of Equip Enhancement Scroll on 7th March 2011!

You no longer have to worry about not able to further upgrade your fully upgraded (with no more upgrade slots) set of equipment with this latest update!

How do Equip Enhancement System works?

  1. You are able to get additional random stats each time you successfully passed equip enhancement scroll on your equipment.
  2. The chance of passing the decrease gradually each time you successfully passed equip enhancement scroll on your equipment.
  3. You will get 1 star stamped on your equipment for each successful scrolling.
  4. Maximum up to 10 successful passing. (10 stars)
  5. Equipment will be destroyed upon unsuccessful scrolling.
    For each enhancement, players are advised to consider thoroughly on the risk involved as the result of each enhancement is irreversible.

Example of passing for first 3 successfully scrolling.

How do I use Equip Enhancement Scrolls on my equipments?

Basically it works the same way as using any other kind of scrolls.
Just throw the equip enhancement scrolls into your equipment after you equipped it on. But there is a catch to it.

Equip enhancement scrolls can only be used when the equipment has completed upgrading all available upgrading slots.
Meaning there is 0 upgrade slot left of your selected equipment.

Which kind of equipments will Equip Enhancement Scroll not work on?

  1. If there are upgrade slots available of the selected equipment or;

  2. Equipments that originally does not have any upgrading slots for upgrading.
    Example: Cash items, medals, selected exclusive events’ items.

The below message will pop up if you try to scrolls on equipments that are not able to be scrolled by equip enhancement scrolls:


What is the percentage success rate of scrolling equip enhancement scrolls?

Do note that success rate using each scroll and for different number of successes (of item) varies.
Please refer to the below image for the different percentage success rate.

image image

How to get Equip Enhancement Scroll and Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll?

1. You can get Equip Enhancement Scroll drop from most of the normal monsters or boss monsters that are available in MapleSEA.

2. Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll can only be obtained from the below boss monsters:

  1. Balrog (Easy & Normal Mode)
  2. Dragon Rider
  3. Normal Zakum
  4. Chaos Zakum
  5. Normal Horntail
  6. Chaos Horntail
  7. Pink Bean

Should I enhance my equipments first follow by identify the item’s hidden potential or vice versa?

There are no standardized procedure in maximizing your item’s stats & potential.
Enhancement or revealing of hidden potential greatly depends on your individual character’s needs or your preferred equipment upgrading methods.


With Enhancement scrolls, it’s time to create an item that is UNIQUELY YOURS as each enhancement scroll gives additional & randomized stats to your equipments.