Map - Other Areas

Other Areas

Outside of Victoria Island and Ossyria, there are other places that the adventurous or purposeful can make their way to. Awaiting you could be great treasures, rich history or monsters powerful beyond your dreams.

Timeless Temple Elin Forest Amoria Wedding Village Free Market

Timeless Temple

Location: A temple dedicated to the goddess of time, away from the other continents.
Characteristic: The flow of time has been disrupted, seek the Temple Manager’s help to progress further.

Visit Leafre and let Corba transform you into a dragon so that you may cut through vicious winds to reach the Temple of Time, a mysterious temple in the sky. However, beware! It is whispered that within the temple dwells the strongest monster in Maple World, one that has yet to be defeated. Enter at your own riskā€¦


Elin Forest

Location: In the past.
Characteristic: A dreary place with prehistoric monsters and not yet civilized.

How does Victoria look like, hundreds of years ago? Elin Forest is the answer, and it can only be accessed by the Time Control Room at the top of the Helios Tower in Ludibrium. Refugees escaping from the Black Wizard had made their way to a forest where elves used to live and set up the Altair Camp. You may even see a familiar face or two there, or choose to help save the forest from the poison infiltrating through it.


Amoria Wedding Village

Location: On an island of its own.
Characteristic: A lovely European style place with a sweet atmosphere for the couples in love.

At the heart of the Wedding Village is the Wedding Hall which those who are deeply in love can tie the knot together, surrounded by friends they have invited. Wedded couples can also take part in the Amorian Challenge here, and bring back wonderful gifts and memories. To reach this beautiful place, go to the nearest town and look for Hera.


Free Market

Location: In a space connected to many towns.
Characteristic: A busy marketplace that all players can access from a portal that is available in most towns.

In this hub of trading activities, you can immediately find players hollering to sell their wares or looking to buy certain items right at the Entrance. In the many rooms leading from the Entrance, players can set up stores of their own and wait for you to drop by to see if they are selling what you want.