Monetary Trading

Monetary Trading

It has come to our attention that the buying and selling of MapleStory Cash Items and Game Items is taking place in MapleSEA. Please kindly note that sale of Cash/Game Items for legal tender is strictly illegal as the ownership of all items and materials belongs to AsiaSoft Online and Nexon.

In addition, such illegal activities are not desirable in MapleSEA as sellers and buyers will be solely responsible for their actions. There is no mechanism to ensure the exchange is fair and will be carried out entirely.

Offences under Monetary Trading include:
-Buy/Sell of Game item with/for monetary
-Buy/Sell of Game currency with/for monetary
-Buy/Sell of Maple Cash with/for Meso
-Buy/Sell of Game Account

We will like to draw all players’ attention that the trading of Cash/Game Items may lead into the following possible scenarios:

1. Buyer does not pay for items received

  • Seller transfers items first to Buyer
  • Buyer runs away with items.
  • If caught, Buyer may not have the items with him/her anymore. Items cannot be recovered.

2. Seller does not transfer items for payment received

  • Buyer pays Seller first.
  • Seller runs away with payment.
  • If caught, Seller may not have the items/payment with him/her anymore. Items cannot be recovered.

In any of the above scenarios, it is unfair to both parties and Asiasoft. Asiasoft cannot be responsible for the actions of the parties involved as it is of their accord and risk undertaking.

Penalty for Monetary Trading:
1st Offence:

14 days in-game ban + Restriction of Asiasoft Passport

Players will not be able to access the offending Maplestory game account in any way during the ban period.
Players are required to re-activate their restricted Asiasoft Passport before they can access to their offending MapleStory game account after the ban period.

2nd and subsequence offences if applicable
Permanent Ban + Restriction of Asiasoft Passport

Repeat offenders will face Permanent Ban of the offending Maplestory account regardless of any previous account reactivations.

*For trading of in-game items, please be specific in your trade description.
*Failure to adhere to the above policy will result in the same penalty as trading in-game item(s) or currency for monetary. All trade should be carried out via the in-game trade function or the MTS to safeguard players’ interest.
*All GM and MapleSEA administrator decisions are final in the game.
**Appeals will not be entertained.