MapleStory offers a party system for you to hunt as a team with other characters.
when facing a powerful monster or a multiple of them, a party system can come in handy. the hunting will be much easier, and your journey in the world of MapleStory will be much more exciting.


image Any characters with level 10 or higher can create a party.

To create a party, simply type “/makeparty” at the textbox.

Alternatively, you can create a party through the Buddy List (HotKey: P), Party Tab.

By creating a party, you will be the party leader. You may invite other characters to be your party members.


To invite a party member, simply type “/partyinvite character-name” at the textbox.

Alternatively, you can add a party member through the Buddy List (HotKey: P), Party Tab. There can only be a maximum of 4 party members in a party team.


If a fellow party member of similar level is hunting in the same map, you can share an additional 10% of the EXP. With different set of skills from 2nd job advancement onwards, some party members may benefit more than the others. If there’s a huge difference in levels between the party members, the earned EXP may not necessarily be shared.

Note: The benefits of being in the same party will only work in the same map. The leader of the party reserves the right to expel members


You can now form your own guild at Orbis Guild Park, register your guild emblem, hunt and move together in a guild!

image Here are the requirements for Guild formation:

* The guild is to be initiated with at least 6 players and at most 10 players.
* The guild master should be at least Level 10 and above.
* The guild master should form a party of 6 players in order to create a guild.
* Everyone in the party should not be in any other guild.
* Party leader will become the guild master.
* Party leader is required to pay 1,500,000 Mesos to create a guild.
* Everyone in the party are required to be in the same map when creating the guild.
* Maximum of 12 characters for your guild name, guild name must not be duplicated.
* One player can only join one guild.


image Now, you have created your guild and expand it to 25 players! You may now register your Guild Emblem with NPC Lea now! The requirements are as below:

* Registering the emblem cost 5,000,000 Mesos
* The guild master can choose among the available selections and customize it a little.


image * Guild master may expel member from his/her guild.
* Guild member may leave the guild on his/her own accord.
* Guild members can be divided into 5 levels.
* Guild master can divide and change their level in the guild.
* Use Guild chatting to chat with guild members.
* Guild master can disband the guild without agreement from other guild members.
* Disbanding the guild requires 200,000 Mesos.
* Guild master can only delete his/her charater, only after he/she disband the guild.