How to sign up for a MapleSEA game account


Step 1. MapleStorySEA Passport Creation
Step 2. Verify MapleStorySEA Passport
Step 3. Game Account Creation
Step 4. Game Client Installation


Step 1: Create MapleStorySEA Passport account

MapleStorySEA Passport is an unified gamer account that lets you access all our games and services with a single login. Signing up for your MapleStorySEA Passport is free of charge and allows you to create a MapleSEA game account.

1. Registration page

Simply visit the MapleStorySEA Passport registration page. You can also access it via the registration button on the left side menu of MapleSEA website.



2. At the registration page

* Input your preferred Login ID, Password and Email address twice.
* Read and agree to our PlayPark’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
* Submit your information to create the MapleStorySEA Passport.

- Do remember the Login ID as you will be using it to access your MapleStorySEA Passport account from now on.
- Ensure that the email address provided is valid as verification will be required at the end of registration.
- The same email address cannot be used to register for more than 1 MapleStorySEA Passport.


3. Check your mailbox

Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to the email address you have used to register for your MapleStorySEA Passport.

Click on the “Return to Login Page” to continue.

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Step 2: Verify the newly created MapleStorySEA Passport

Check your mailbox for the verification email. Click on the Authenticate Account button to complete the verification procedure.


- The MapleStorySEA Passport account will not be activated until the email address is verified.
- Please read the email and follow the instructions given.
- Please verify your email within 72 hours or the account will be suspended.

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Step 3: Create a MapleStorySEA game account

Login to your MapleStorySEA Passport account via



After you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to this screen. ALL Passport Accounts have to be authenticated with mobile numbers.

You will be prompted to secure your account by completing the user authentication process. Simply start the process by clicking on the big blue button that says “Secure My Account”!



In the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your Mobile Number. The mobile number will be tied to your MapleSEA Passport, and only ONE Mobile Number can be used for each MapleSEA Passport Account.

Select your country of residence with the corresponding country code of your mobile number, and enter your mobile number in the field following it.


As part of our contractual service policy, residents accessing MapleStorySEA from outside our official serviced regions will not be able to setup their OTPs. If you do not see your country listed in the drop-down list, it means that you are from a restricted zone. Kindly check for a local MapleStory service provider in your region.


Sample of keying in your phone number

Once you have done so, simply click on the “Send OTP” button.

You should receive a message sent to your entered Mobile Number. The message will include a 6-digit code that can be used to verify your MapleSEA Passport Account. Please note that the 6-digit code is a one-time PIN and is only valid for 3 minutes from the time you have requested for it. Should the 3 minutes have elapsed, please request for another OTP.


Check that your Mobile Number is correctly displayed and check your phone for the SMS!

Do ensure that your number is shown correctly. If it is incorrect, simply re-enter your mobile number by clicking on the “Re-enter Mobile Number” button.

After entering the OTP you have received on your Mobile Number, hit “Verify” and you will now be the proud owner of a protected MapleSEA Passport Account!


You have 3 minutes to use the OTP before it expires.

That’s it! You have now successfully created your MapleSEA Passport account and updated it with your mobile number.

MapleSEA Passport Account Backup Code

On the next screen, your Backup Code will be issued to you. In the event that you are no longer able to access your previously verified Mobile Number, your Backup Code will be used to verify your identity.

Please record and save your backup code somewhere only you can access.


Please copy and save the Backup Code in a safe place. The Backup Code CANNOT be retrieved again after you have left this page. Please DO NOT share this code with anyone else.

After you have taken note of your Backup Code, click on the “Back to Account” button and view your account details in the sparkly new MapleSEA Passport!

Protected MapleSEA Passport Account


Click on Create Game Account to register for a new MapleStory game account.



Enter your preferred MapleStorySEA account User ID, Password and other requested information. Make sure you choose a strong password and remember it.

Your entered MapleID will be used to log in to the game.

Download the game client here!

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