Characters - Evan

Hero’s Successor, Evan!

Centuries ago, Freud the heroic Dragon Master with the partnership of the mighty Onyx Dragon fought against the Black Wizard along with Aran.

Centuries later, the Onyx Dragon has found a new master!

A humble soul, the child of a pig farmer, will reforge old bonds and re-establish the Spirit Pact. The Onyx Dragon will rise again at the side of a new Hero who will use that power to fight for peace and justice!

Evan was just an average boy living in Henesys until the day of the unusual dream….

In his dream, Evan wandered into a strange fog-enshrouded forest. Terrified and alone, he caught sight of a strange illuminated boulder engraved with bizarre glowing runes in a language unknown to him.

Evan followed the light towards the rune-craved boulder as if in a trance. Soon after, the boulder cracked with a noise loud enough to tremble the whole world and Evan suddenly face a majestic black-scaled face. Ancient, wise eyes stared into his own and a voice echoed in his head.

“Come to me Evan, let our souls be joined…”

Evan woke up from his dream, frightened but excited, yet eventually convinced himself it was nothing but a fantasy. For a while, that’s all it seemed to be until one day a small piglet escaped and Evan chased the piglet for hours, further than he had ever travelled deep into the forest than before. Finally he caught sight of the piglet, chased it, stumbled into a deep hole, struck his head and passed out.

When he woke up, he felt that this area looks familiar.

Walking as if his feet knew the way, he came across a round shaped rune inscribed with strange glowing symbol.

This was no boulder though – it was an egg! He reached out to touch it, felt the warm shell pulse under his hand and a familiar voice rang in his ears.

“The Pact is formed. We are One now…”

Start of a New Hero

Without any hesitation, Evan quickly snatched up the egg and ran home.

Evan didn’t know what brings him to take the egg along with him while running back home. He felt just like having a reunion with his dearest pet that was lost long ago.

After weeks of tender care, as Evan hovered over the egg, the day came when a crack appeared on its smooth shell. A few more cracks and a tiny reptilian form tumbled into Evan’s hands.

Then the little creature looked up into Evan’s eyes and his whole world changed.

Onyx Dragons and Spirit Pact

Sometimes called “Half-Dragons” or “Spirit Dragons,” Onyx Dragons are symbionts that cannot reach their full growth and powers alone.

They need to bond with someone of another race in order to achieve their full potential.

When they create a Spirit Pact with someone, they develop into mighty beings more powerful than any other dragons.


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