You can gain a lot of experience through quests and make yourself powerful in the process.

imageThrough quests you will be travelling in the world of MapleStory and encounter various kinds of people from different places. By completing each quest you will gain some experience, and will be more powerful than before.

Some of the quests are easy to complete, while others require a substantial amount of levels and abilities. There are also quests that are designated for a certain job, and others that are designated for a certain level.

Even quests are classified in levels.

Quests are classified in levels from 1 to 10 based on their degree of difficulty. Generally the higher the level of the quest, the better the reward and the amount of EXP points gains.

Other than defeating monsters to make yourself stronger, you can choose to work on quests to earn a decent amount of EXP by completing a quest. You will also earn mesos and rare items along the way.

There are a number of quests that will be unavailable if you miss the opportunity to do it. So try to talk to as many NPCs as possible during your journey to take advantage of as many quests as possible.