Characters - Knights of Cygnus

Knights of Cygnus

Royal elite group of the young monarch, Queen Cygnus

Cygnus, the young Empress of Maple World, has sensed some evil forces lurking around the peaceful Maple towns.

It seems like the Dark Magician, who previously failed to destroy Maple World, has returned to wreck chaos across the land!

Hence, Empress Cygnus is now recruiting brave adventurers to become her Knights of Cygnus whose duty will be to fight off the Dark Magician and his wicked followers.

With five different knight classes available, find your own path to defend the world from the Black Wizard!

The Five Paths of Destiny

After going through your tutorial as a Nobless, talk to Nineheart to learn what you can do for the Queen. Similar to the Adventurer classes, Knights of Cygnus can choose from one of five paths to advance.
Later job advancements serve to empower your respective job further. Knights of Cygnus does not need skill books and mastery books in order to become master of their skills. Because of their faster growth, Knights of Cygnus get 6 Ability Points (AP) upon each level up until level 69. The highest level a Knight of Cygnus can attain is level 120.

As the Queen’s close companions, the Knights of Cygnus have their own exclusive Cash wardrobe to suit their aristocratic status.

Soul Master

Flame Wizard

Wind Breaker





Nobless - Makings of a Knight

A Knight of Cygnus characters starts out as Nobless on Erev, home of Queen Cygnus. Under the protection and blessing of the Divine Bird, Nobless goes through basic training tutorial with a Guide Summoner, the residents of Erev and Nineheart. You will then be directed to the five Knight Commanders for your 1st Job Advancement.

Ability Points of Nobless will automatically increased until the 1st Job Advancement or upon reaching level 11. Skill Points acquired when leveling up can be freely distribute to one of the three starting skills. Bless of Fairy is a passive skill that all characters will automatically have.

Nobless Techniques

Three Snails
Hurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance.
Enables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 sec. Terms between skills : 10 min.
Nimble Feet
Enables the character to move around quickly for a short amount of time. Terms between skills : 1 min.
Bless of Fairy
Fairy’s power will enhance your character. Skill Point will increase by 1 when related character achieve 10 level up.