Map - Ossyria


With many different regions of their own unique characteristics, Ossyria is a continent much bigger than Victoria. In fact, to move between regions, you may be required to take special transportation to and from the towns. Take your time and explore each and every regions thoroughly, and you’ll find yourself rewarded well by the experience.

El Nath Aqua Road Ludus Lake Minar Forest Mu Lung Nihal Desert

El Nath Mountains

El Nath Mountains is part of the map in Ossyria and is home to many strong monsters, many of them lurking deep into the woods. If you are feeling brave, try heading deep inside the Dead Mine to slay the boss monster “Zakum” together with 30 party members! Upon reaching a certain level, you will have to head over here to complete your third job change where you can become more powerful than ever. In El Nath Mountains, there are a few towns available…



Location: A town north-west of El Nath Mountains.
Characteristic: A sunny town with lots of fairies.

Orbis is a brightly-lit town surrounded by clouds, giving it a mythical appearance. It has the busiest port for where airships pick up and drop off passengers from many different locations. The Orbis tower dedicated to the Goddess Minerva is a must-visit location, but beware of the slippery steps and the monsters that have taken residence there.



El Nath

Location: A town in the south-west region of El Nath Mountains.
Characteristic: A mystical snowy town with 3rd job instructors.

El Nath is a snowy town just a walking distance away from the bottom of the Orbis tower. The El Nath Mountains is prefect for the adventurous, with its fair share of challenges and monsters!

Put on your snowshoes or you’ll slip in this snowy town! Find your 3rd job instructors right here. Laden with high level monsters, it pays to be careful while you’re here.



Dead Mine

Location: A map located in the south-east region of El Nath Mountains.
Characteristic: A map filled with zombies waiting to feast on travelers.

Another exit of El Nath will lead you to the Dead Mines. Within the Dead Mines lurk zombies. Deadly poison fumes cloud the land and can prove fatal to anyone who comes into contact with it. Go deeper into the Dead Mines and you may come face to face with a terrible boss monster that can only be defeated in a party of 30!


Aqua Road

A beautiful underwater world located deep within the ocean at the basement of the Orbis tower. The strong water currents causes navigation in Aqua Road to be slower but it’s a great experience all the same. There is also a dungeon filled with powerful monsters beyond your imagination.


Your HP will be reduced during your time in Aqua Road, to simulate a drowning effect. You can breath better if you can find air trapped in air bubbles, or get your own oxygen tank. If your level is high enough, try visiting the Wrecked Ship within the Aqua dungeon to take on one of the Bosses called “Pianus”.



Location: A town located at the centre of Aqua Road.
Characteristic: Fantasy underwater world.

The only town immersed in water, this is one beautiful place not to be missed. Come experience the mystical beauty of a fantasy underwater world here!


Ludus Lake

Ludus Lake, which compromises of three towns, is located in the centre of the Maple World Map. The three towns are Ludibrium, Omega Sector and Korean Folk Town.

Ludibrium is a toy with toy-like buildings and castles, guaranteed to make the child in all of us squeal. Omega Sector, a military town with alien monsters is located under on of the two towers supporting the whole of Ludibrium. Last but not least, Korean Folk Town, located under another tower is a peaceful town basking in Korean culture.


There are three ways to access Ludibrium. One method is by traveling from Orbis using the train flight. The other two methods are by traveling from both the towers keeping Ludibrium afloat. Within the Clock Tower located in Ludibrium, there is a dungeon, home to powerful undead monsters, making it a perfect training ground for Priests and Bishops. Head deeper to the Clock Tower and you will find one of the toughest boss mob in MapleStory! Omega Sector can be accessed from Ludibrium via the Ludibrium Tower and Korean Folk Town can be access through either Helios Tower from Ludibrium or the Sharp Unknown map from Aqua Road.



Location: A town located at the top of Ludus Lake.
Characteristic: Toy land.

Been dreaming of traveling to a toy land? Step into the magical world of Ludibrium where toys and fun never seem to end! Some of cuddly monsters include Pink Teddy Bears and Panda Bear.



Omega Sector

Location: A town located at the south-west of Ludus Lake.
Characteristic: A military based town to prevent the invasion of Aliens.

An alien infested place, you have to be on your guard when you’ve stepped foot in Omega Sector, especially in the west entrance of the town where Aliens are spawning.



Korean Folk Town

Location: A town located at the south-east of Ludus Lake.
Characteristic: A traditional town with a Korean flavour.

Backed by a strong Korean traditional culture, Korean Folk Town is an awesome place to visit. The monsters in this map are of relatively lower levels but don’t let your guard down because this land is home to 3 boss monsters!


Minar Forest

A forest that is the home to many powerful monsters in MapleStory.

In Minar forest, there is only one town known as Leafre, an egg-theme area, with skilled merchants who are able to create one of the highest level weapons. A chief who is over-seeing the town also resides here, selling special teleporting seeds that allows travelers to teleport safety and quickly from Minar Forest to Victoria Island and vice versa.


To visit Minar Forest, there are 2 routes you can take. You can take a flight from Orbis to Leafre or you can choose to purchase magic seeds from the chief in Leafre town. Give your eyes a feast as you get awed by the numerous dragon monsters here. They are very powerful creatures, so don’t underestimate them! Leafre town is also a place where you can upgrade to fourth job skills for ultimate pwnage.



Location: A town located North-West of Minar Forests.
Characteristic: Fourth Job Instructors’ town.

A town surrounded by dungeons and dragons, Leafre is a must-visit for high level players. Skillful merchants here are able to create the high level dragon weapons and you can upgrade your job skills with the help of fourth job instructors. Built with a marvelous egg and tree- themed concept, we advise you to carry more potions when visiting this town as high level monsters and even a boss can be lurking anywhere!


Mu Lung Garden

Locating at the East of Ossyria, Mu Lung Garden is filled with high mountains reminiscence of ancient Korea. The garden consists of two towns – Mu Lung and Herb town.

Mu Lung town has resident bears of all kinds and even has an NPC who is able to assist you in creating scrolls and potions with the right materials gathered. Herb Town is a peaceful town with lots of ginseng. It can be considered as a ginseng-themed town because you will even be battling ginseng monsters!


To visit Mu Lung Garden, simply take a ride from Orbis Station or Herb Town where you can find a crane carrying a pouch. It will fly you safely to your destination. Visit the peach farm here and battle monsters in the form of animals.


Mu Lung

Location: A town located north-east of Mu Lung Garden.
Characteristic: An ancient Korean culture town.

Having Panda Bears for residents make Mu Lung an interesting town to visit! Soak up the ancient Korean culture, get mesmerized by its beauty and find the skillful panda who is able to create scrolls for armor and weapons.



Herb Town

Location: A town located South-East of Mu Lung Garden.
Characteristic: A place where Bellflowers and Ginsengs grow.

Come see the marvelous view from the high mountains in Herb Town, a land with Ginseng and Bellflower-theme. Within these areas, you will find bellflower and ginseng monsters running wild throughout the island. Herb Town has been under constant attack by pirates because of its precious Bellflowers and the Ginsengs so be careful when you are here.


Nihal Desert

Located at the Southern of Ossyria lies the beautiful and exotic Nihal Desert. Within the desert, there is a town with an enormous castle.

Ariant is a town surrounded within the Desert and cactus look-alike monsters lurk around the area.


Head down to the town on a flying carpet ride with the Genie at Orbis ship station.



Location: A town that is located within the Nihal Desert.
Characteristic: An exotic desert town filled with bandits and civilians NPCs.

The heat wave has filled the town and many travelers’ vows to travel to this town to view the majestic Castle. To come to this town, Players will have to take a ride from Orbis. They will ride on a Blue Genie that will bring them on a wonderful Journey to Ariant town. But don’t forget, there are monsters lurking around Ariant where travelers will have to be careful of.




Location: A city in Nihal Desert where two organization of alchemists live and study.
Characteristic: The power of science is strong here, as alchemists study magic, machines and more.