The Pink Chronicle

Have you BEAN itching to prove your worth? Jump into Pink Bean World and prove to be the best bean out there!

Adventures of Toben

Your favourite student Toben is back! What does he wish to learn now? We could all use a makeover this season…

The Story of Stone and Wind

The world within MapleStory has always been just... there for you to explore. Did you ever notice every piece of rock, flower, or rainbow? Let us explore their story...


A Tale of Lost Songs

Ever get a tune stuck in your head? Play it out and discover the old tunes you have forgotten~

The Encyclopedia of Monsters

Are you a walking encyclopedia? Well, time to add some information about the various monsters around Maple World!

A Spooky Neon Tale

Are you ready for HALLOWEEN? This year, let's ramp things up a notch and see Halloween in a different light!