Ark, a descendant of the High Flora race, served as a soldier in the military; fighting for what he believed to be a worthy cause, a war for peace in the chaotic world of Grandis.

Barely escaping a Spectre's usurping, he awoke years later in the barren desert wasteland of Verdel. Remembering only his name, he now struggles to find his true self and suppress the evil within.

Little did he know that it was all an elaborate scheme for Spectres to take over the world.

The All-New Ark Job!

Ark is a member of Grandis’ High Flora race. Being involved in a wicked scheme has resulted in half of his body being taken over by a Spectre. Without any memories of what he once was, Ark wanders through the abyss in search of his true identity.

Ark is a pirate-type class who uses Knuckles as a weapon, and Abyssal Arm as a secondary weapon. He has the power to freely switch between two states:

Flora Form – Combines classic High Flora combat techniques with magic
Spectre Form – Gains monstrous power from the abyss


STR Pirate-type class

Has the ability to switch to 2 states, Flora mode and Spectre mode

Primary Weapon


Secondary Weapon

Abyssal Arm


  • High base attack
  • Able to convert MATK into ATK
  • 2 manual buffs, other buffs activated from attacks
  • Has bind
  • Able to hit multiple platforms in Spectre mode
  • Has vertical and horizontal flash jump
  • Innate healing


  • Skills use HP instead of MP
    (therefore consume loads of HP pots)
  • Link and Combo skills can be complicated
  • Low Avoid and DEF
    (Must constantly maintain buffs up)
  • Weapon skills have cooldown

Content introduced during V Patch just got a lot more exciting! Long-anticipated changes to 5th Job Advancement, Elite Boss revamp, and Daily Quests improvements are coming your way! Explore the NEW V Matrix System and more!

The V-Care patch includes improved daily quests, the new Matrix Points and Arcane Catalyst systems, a new episode of Dimensional Library, and many more quality of life updates.

New Matrix Points System

Players will receive 1 Matrix Point for every level after completing the 5th job advancement. Matrix points can be used to enhance Core Slots. Players can now designate slots in the V matrix for additional skill level!

New Arcane Catalyst System

The Arcane Catalyst enables players to move Arcane symbols to other characters in the world, allowing the convenience of quick sharing of Arcane Force between characters.

Easier Arcane Symbol Acquisition

Easy Mode has been added to Hungry Muto, and players will be awarded 1 Arcane Symbol regardless of time taken to clear. Additional coins will also be awarded in Dream Breaker and Spirit Saviour and can be used to acquire Arcane Symbols.

Enhanced 5th Job Advancement

The waiting time required to activate the 3 Arcane Stones has been removed as an improvement to 5th Job advancement. Attaining 5th job has never been quicker!


Explore the 6th area of Arcane River, The Primal Sea, Esfera! Beware, this land is not for the weak or fainthearted. What happened to Tana in the Swamp of Memories, Moras?! Discover your role in the grand scheme of MapleStory!

A new area of Arcane River – Esfera will be released! The expansion will include new story characters, arcane symbols and higher level monsters. The Esfera story is a direct continuation of Moras story that ends with a resolution affecting the entire Maple World.

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