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"Sneak past and stab it? No problem!"

Luck with minor amount of dexterity, and power are the highlights of being a thief.

Thieves’ main weapons are daggers and claws. Skills such as stealing, hiding and moving fast give them an edge in battles. To move quickly and stealthily, thieves preferred to be dressed in tight, bland colors clothes.

The Job Advancement path for the thieves reveals a 2-way job route as shown below.


In order to advance as either of the jobs listed above, various requirements have to be met. You are advised to consider cautiously what kind of a bowman you wish to become down the road.

Note: Once you have chosen your path, you cannot choose a different path and advance to another job.

1st Job Advancement


Head towards Kerning City in the western region of Victoria Island. Search for the Thieves’ Hideout at in the basement under a bar and you will find Dark Lord, a recluse of Kerning City. Talk to him, and he will judge your worth as a possible thief.

If you are at Level 10, you can advance as a Rogue.