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"Let me, I'll shoot from where I stand."

Bowmen embrace dexterity for powerful attacks. They are superior in long-range attacks in battles.

Bowmen handles their core weapons; bows and crossbows very well. They might choose to use a light sword or an axe occasionally. They are adept at avoiding the enemy, and prefer light armors so as to maximize dexterity.

The Job Advancement path for the bowmen reveals a 2-way job route as shown below.


In order to advance as either of the jobs listed above, various requirements have to be met. You are advised to consider cautiously what kind of a bowman you wish to become down the road.

Note: Once you have chosen your path, you cannot choose a different path and advance to another job.

1st Job Advancement

Go to Henesys town, which is located in the southern region of Victoria Island. Search for the Bowman Instructional School which is inside a park with Henesys Town and look for Athena Pierce, a legendary hero of Henesys. Talk to her, and she will judge your worth as a possible bowman.

If you are at Level 10, you can advance as a Bowman.