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"Care to challenge my bullet or fist?"

Pirates are essentially masters of attack and defence, requiring a balance of strength and dexterity to utilize their powers to the max.

Unlike any other jobs, Pirates can either fight with their bare fists or enhance their attacking abilities with Knuckles or Guns. They can choose to dominate monsters with brute force, or outsmart them with long-range attacks.

The Job Advancement path for the pirates reveals a 2-way job route as shown below.


In order to advance as either of the jobs listed above, various requirements have to be met. You are advised to consider cautiously what kind of a pirate you wish to become down the road.

Note: Once you have chosen your path, you cannot choose a different path and advance to another job.

1st Job Advancement

Go to the Nautilus, which is docked to the east of Henesys and west of Ellinia. Seek out Kyrin, Captain of Nautilus, who is located in the Navigation Room of the huge whale-submarine. Talk to her, and she will judge your worth as a possible pirate.

If you are at Level 10, you can advance as a Pirate.