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"Prepare for some flash and bang!"

Magicians may not have much of attacking abilities, but they can handle awesome, spectacular magic at will.

Studying ancient knowledge is magician’s virtue, so high intelligence is a top priority. Staff and magic are magician’s main weapons, and they prefer light armor like robes with minimal defence as they can’t put on heavy ones.

The Job Advancement path for the magicians reveals a 3-way job route as shown below.


In order to advance as either of the jobs listed above, various requirements have to be met. You are advised to consider cautiously what kind of a magician you wish to become down the road.

Note: Once you have chosen your path, you cannot choose a different path and advance to another job.

1st Job Advancement


To become a magician, go to Ellinia located in the eastern deep forest of Victoria Island. Look for Grendel the Really Old in the Magic Library at the topmost of Ellinia. Talk to him, and he will judge your worth as a possible magician.

If you are at Level 8, you can advance as a Magician.