03 Nov 2020

[Cash Shop Update 041120] Pre-AWAKE Sale Special

Dear Maplers,

1) [Special] New Mapler Special Package - Sale ends 11th November
2) [NEW] Kiddy Galaxy Decorative Package - Sale ends 11th November
3) [Special] Pre-AWAKE Sale - Sale ends 11th November
4) Removal & Updates

New Mapler Special Package

Welcome New Comers! Specially curated package filled with necessities to get you up to speed!
The New Mapler Package includes:
  • 3X EXP Coupon x5 to aid in your levelling process
  • [7 Days] Teleport World Map to aid in your travelling convenience
  • [7 Days] Proof of Clan that provides a 10% Bonus EXP while hunting, and an additional 5% Party Bonus EXP for any party member with the Proof of Clan equipped
  • [7-Day] Miu Miu the Travelling Merchant to quickly access the General NPC Store from wherever you are
  • Pet Butterfly, a companion to aid your adventures for 14 days
  • Wanna be a Hipster? Random box to get back on top of the fashion scene!

  • The New Mapler Package can be purchased by Maple Accounts that are created after 1st November 2020.

    Kiddy Galaxy Decorative Package

    Exploring the galaxy? Don't forget your suits! Oh.. and they're kiddy.. just like you :3

    *Note: Package can only be purchased once per character and cannot be gifted.
    Packages are gender locked (M) and (F) and can only be equipped by the respective genders.
    Each package come with 1x 10 AWAKE Coins Exchange Coupon which can only be used after 11th November 2020 (after Server Patch Update) and has an expiry of 14 days upon purchase.

    Pre-AWAKE Sale

    Get ready to be AWAKEN~! Bringing back highly demanded items and old favorites to get you warmed up for AWAKE Patch~! Unleash your power!

    AWAKE Meso Sack
    The AWAKE Meso Sack has 1 billion mesos in it! Time to get ready to AWAKE the powers.

    AWAKE Meso Sack cannot be listed in the Auction House but can still be traded via Cash Trade if purchased with Maple Cash.

    Pandora Box
    Dive into the unknown~ Unleash your chances with the Pandora Box!

  • The Pandora's Box has a duration of 7 days expiry
  • All items are of permanent duration
  • All items, except the Dominator Pendant and Black Bean Mark, are tradable
  • All equipment boxes can be placed up for auction, however it cannot be dropped

  • 2x EXP Exchange Cards
    Enjoy bonus EXP Rate with special discount sales!

    AWAKE Royal Beauty Coupons
    Time to beauty up before waking up~!



    Removal & Updates
  • Forest & Night Guardian Set from the Cash Shop Update of 14th October 2020
  • Chubby Owl Pet Packages from the Cash Shop Update of 21st October 2020
  • Golden Apples from the Spook-tacular Golden Apple Harvest
  • Mysterious Beauty Coupons from the Cash Shop Update of 28th October 2020