20 Oct 2020

[Cash Shop Update 211020] Owl-some Hall-owl-ween

Dear Maplers,

1) [NEW] Chubby Owl Pets Package - Sale ends 4th November
2) [Update] Magician's Oversized Mount Hat Update - Sale ends 11th November
3) [Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack Update - Sale ends 11th November
4) Removal

Chubby Owl Pets Package

Beware of the Savage Chubby rounded owls!
Each individual Chubby Owl Package includes a Chubby Owl Pet, their respective pet equipment and pet food.
Note: Pets, pet equipment and pet food included in the packages has a duration of 90 days.
Pets can be revived using Premium Water of Life.

Permanent Pet Equipment for the above pets will be on sale separately.
Note: All individual pet equipment shown above is permanent and will be on sale until the 4th of November.

Magician's Oversized Mount Hat

New Mounts in your area! Legit you can pull out a car on this one~


All mounts can be traded.

Damage Skin Booster Pack Update

The Damage Skin Booster Pack has been updated.
Incy Wincy Spider on your Damage Skin! Come come and get your spooky Halloween Spider Damage Skin!


Note: The Damage Skin Extraction Coupon from the 5x Damage Skin Booster Pack Bundle is untradable, with no expiry.
The Damage Skin with * are not Tradable/Inter-Account only.

  • Set Equipment Packages, Rings and Enhancement Scrolls from the Cash Shop Update of 7th October 2020
  • White Cubes from the Cash Shop Update of 14th October 2020