27 Oct 2020

[Cash Shop Update 281020] Halloween Academy

Dear Maplers,

1) [NEW] Combat Academy Decorative Packages - Sale ends 11th November
2) [Special] Special Halloween Sale 2020 - 30th October to 2nd November only!
3) [Special] Mysterious Beauty Coupons - Sale ends 4th November
4) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 11th November
5) Removal & Updates

Combat Academy Decorative Packages

And the academy award goes to... YOU! Because you're cute :3

Note: Packages can be equipped by either gender.
Image shown above includes the Military Academy Cloak which can be obtained from the Heavenly Wing Box

Special Halloween Sale 2020

It's that time of the year again~! Where people dress up as their favorite characters, collect candy from questionable people and scaring poor souls without wearing a mask!

Enjoy a limited time sale with Halloween Themed items ranging from "woot" to "ghostly"~

Hallowoot Shadow Packages
(Available from 30th October until 2nd November)

Both Hallowoot Shadow Packages contains 5 pieces of permanent Special Label Equipment items. Hat, Overall, Shoe, Cape & Weapon. The overall obtained can only be equipped by the respective gender as indicated on the package.

Trick or Treat Chair Coupon
(Available from 30th October until 2nd November)

Obtained Chair is permanent

Assorted Halloween Accessories
(Available from 30th October until 2nd November)

All items obtained are permanent

Halloween Box
(Available from 30th October until 2nd November)


Do note that you may obtained equipment for genders aside from your current character while opening the boxes. Such items can only be traded to and used by the respective genders indicated.
All items obtained from the Halloween Box have an expiry of 90 days

Mysterious Beauty Coupons

Mix it up a little for Halloween~! Dye your hair and lenses before getting into costume for trick or treating!


Heavenly Wing Box Update

Halloween flying machine! Or it's just decorative wings.. I should get back to the academy.

You can onbtain the following capes from the Heavenly Wing Box.


Removal & Updates
  • No removals this week!