13 Oct 2020

[Cash Shop Update 141020] Spooky Guardian

Dear Maplers,

1) [NEW] Forest & Night Guardian Decorative Packages - Sale ends 4th November
2) [Special] White Additional Cube Sale - Sale ends 21st October
3) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit - Sale ends 11th November
4) Removal & Updates

Forest & Night Guardian Decorative Packages

O'guardian of the forest and the night~ What moves around these woods tonight?
Note: Packages can be equipped by either gender.

White Additional Cube Sale

It's going to be a white Christma... Oh wait it's still too early.

White Additional Cubes are back for a limited 1 week sale period until the 21st October! Grab it while you still can~!


A White Additional Cube allows you to reset the Additional Potential on your equipment, while giving you the choice to decide whether to apply the newly obtained potential or to keep your current additional potential. Don't miss it!
*Note: White Additional Cubes cannot be traded or listed in the auction house.

Chair Assembly Kit Update

Grab your spooky toolkits and candy soaked hammers, it's time to assemble a Halloween chair!

*Note: The Full of Luck chair cannot be traded or listed in the auction house.

Removal & Updates
  • Maple Royal Style, Masterpiece Machine & SEA Royal Beauty Coupons from the Cash Shop Update of 23rd September 2020
  • Cash Shop Update of 30th September 2020