21 Sep 2022

Ascend Patch Notes II.a - Skill Updates (Fixes) (v217)


Ascend Patch Notes II - Skill Updates (v217)


2. Skill Fixes
3. Error Fixes

[Update as of 21st September 2022, 1725hrs (GMT +8)]
Ascend Patch Notes II and II.a has been updated with information initially not present when first published. Please refer to the current Patch Notes II and II.a for the updated Patch Notes.

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Skill Fixes

General Fixes
  • If characters die right after the Flow of Battle is activated, the phenomenon that the skill sometimes does not activate after resurrection has been fixed.
  • The key-down movement and skills are adjusted to stopped when opening the Item Extraction and Fusing UI.
  • Skills that could not be use when Quick Slot Hotkey is changed with another Hotkey is fixed.
  • Fixed an error where transparency settings do not immediately apply to summon skills after they are summoned.
  • If the skill from Precarious Memories fails to activate due to characters moving between maps, cooldown of Precarious Memories is initialized.
  • Description of the activation requirements of the following skills have been updated.
      ➢ Paladin - Divine Charge
      ➢ Evan - Circle of Mana I, II, III, IV
      ➢ Eunwol - Spirit Claw
      ➢ Angelic Buster - Trinity
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Gauge UI moves out of the screen and is sometimes behind other UI when the resolution is changed for the following classes.
      ➢ Pathfinder
      ➢ Aran
      ➢ Luminous
      ➢ Battle Mage
      ➢ Xenon
      ➢ Blaster
      ➢ Kaiser
      ➢ Kaine
      ➢ Angelic Buster
      ➢ Zero
      ➢ Adele
      ➢ Illium
      ➢ Ark
      ➢ Ho Young
  • Fixed an issue where direction key input does not apply properly to movement direction during Confuse state.
      ➢ Viper - Corkscrew Blow
      ➢ Striker - Wave
      ➢ Zero - Burst Step, Flash Assault
  • Fixed the consumption of Arrows, Bullets, and Stars while using Three Snails.
  • Fixed pet's awkward display to other characters after applying Pet Skills, and they return to the location where the Pet Skill is applied after moving to a distance places.
  • Changes on Skill Effect transparency will applies immediately to Magician's common skills.

  • Hero
      ➢ Using Flash Slash towards monsters at the end of the foothold, the phenomenon that sometimes falls without moving to the foothold is fixed.
  • Paladin
      ➢ Fixed the stop movement when using Guardian Spirit while moving.
      ➢ Corrected Holy Unity's skill description to be more accurate.
      ➢ Fixed the Blessed Hammer's skill effect visible even when not being applied.
      ➢ Fixed the Blessing Armor skill effect display when sitting on chairs or riding on mounts.
      ➢ Fixed the issue where Paladin's face was displayed awkwardly when using Holy Unity again while selecting a Party member to join.
  • Dark Knight
      ➢ The minimum applied cooldown when cooldown reset effect is activated on Beholder has been decreased.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where Reincarnation would sometimes trigger after resurrection.
  • Archmage (Fire, Poison)
      ➢ Ignite is removed when moving to other field map.
      ➢ The phenomenon that Ignite's buff icon is updated when acquiring the flame of Flame Discharge is fixed.
      ➢ Fire Aura skill description is more accurately modified.
  • Archmage (Ice, Lightning)
      ➢ The phenomenon that the Ice Aura can stack freeze even in death state is fixed.
  • Bishop
      ➢ An issue where monsters that could not be attacked could be attacked when using the Triumph Feather has been fixed.
      ➢ Big Bang's V Matrix Core Enhancement Skill Icon has been fixed.
      ➢ Divine Protection's skill effect transparency not applying immediately when adjusted has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where the last Holy Light attack was not applied properly when Divine Punishment consumes 8 Holy Lights and then consumes 1 additional Holy Light has been fixed.

  • Crossbow Master
      ➢ The skill description of Enhance Piercing II and Enhance Snipe is not displayed in the quick slot when Advanced Enhance Arrow passive skill increases is fixed.
  • Bowmaster
      ➢ The issue when using Arrow Platter at Magnus, the phenomenon that the arrow sometimes disappears is fixed.
  • Pathfinder
      ➢ The duration of Raven Tempest's skill description in Pathfinder is shorter than the actual duration is corrected.
      ➢ If the Pathfinder uses Obsidian Barrier that does not have a Relic Charge on a map where only movement-related skills are available, the phenomenon in which only the Relic Gauge is consumed is fixed.
  • Night Lord
      ➢ The phenomenon that the Shuriken created by Showdown Challenge chases monsters that could not be attacked is fixed.
      ➢ The phenomenon in which the Mark of Assassin's striking sound effect is applied as the normal commendation sound effect when wearing a Cash Items is fixed.
  • Shadower
      ➢ Fixed the awkward position of coins dropped to Pick Pocket and Bloody Pocket during battles with Pink Bean and Lucid.
      ➢ When entering the map, if Pick Pocket is being applied, coins dropped by the character with the Bloody Pocket are removed, and if the Bloody Pocket is being applied, the coins dropped by the character with the Pick Pocket are removed.
      ➢ Corrected the phenomenon that Meso Explosion cannot be used even if there are already dropped coins when resurrecting after death and activating Pick Pocket or Bloody Pocket while coins are dropped with Pick Pocket and Bloody Pocket.
  • Dual Blade
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the removed skill Dual Sword Booster remained in the skill description of Dual Wield Expert.
      ➢ Fixed where the Blade Ascension can be canceled when re-casting Blade Ascension after Flying Assaulter.
      ➢ Bandit Slash, Bandit Slash Enhancement, Slash Storm, and Slash Storm Enhancement skill descriptions are more accurately modified.
  • Viper
      ➢ Fixed the awkward display when Viper lies face down with the Serpent Screw effect activated.
      ➢ The awkward sound effect of Octopunch hit is fixed.
      ➢ The phenomenon that the sound effect is not produced when using Dash through skill key input on air is fixed.
  • Captain
      ➢ The issue on Dead Eye sometimes aiming mistakenly during monster teleportation is fixed.
  • Cannon Shooter
      ➢ The awkward effect produced to other characters when using Blast Back is fixed.

    Knight of Cygnus
  • Mihile
      ➢ The issue where Soul Light Slash could not activate when Mihile registers and use Soul Assault in the Hotkey is fixed.
  • Flame Wizard
      ➢ The issue of Blazing Extinction's sphere is deleted when in attempt to use the skill again even if it's not activated is fixed.
  • Night Walker
      ➢ When using Dominion and Rapid Throw consecutively, the interruption phenomenon is alleviated.
  • Striker
      ➢ When Striker exits the client while the Bolt Anchor is in progress, and uses the Bolt Anchor again when reconnects, the Chained Attack can only be used for the remaining number of times before termination is fixed.

    Heroes of Maple
  • Mercedes
      ➢ The phenomenon that the Spirit Escape cannot be linked after Mercedes rushes up from the foothold while riding Sylvidia is fixed.
      ➢ The issue after linking to Gust Dive and Spirit escape, using Leaf Tornado while double jumping stops Mercedes movement is fixed.
      ➢ Fixed the icon display issue of Ishtar's Ring - Boss Rush.
  • Aran
      ➢ Swing Research I, Swing Research II, Dynamic Mastery I, and Dynamic Mastery II skill icons have been modified to match the skill name.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the damage increase effect of Monster Life's Final Attack skill did not apply to Swing Research I and Swing Research II.
      ➢ When Aran reconnects while Adrenaline Boost Activate is active, the phenomenon in which the shortcut icon appears to be still active is fixed.
  • Phantom
      ➢ When Phantom steals Night Lord's Shuriken Burst, the Impeccable Memory II core strengthening effect does not apply to Shuriken Burst's explosion damage is fixed.
  • Luminous
      ➢ The error of Luminous teleport cannot be used after jumping in Equilibrium state when not learning Dark Light Mastery is fixed.
      ➢ The issue of MP consumption still active when deactivates Light Speed Boost is fixed.
  • Evan
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the Star Herald's effect would sometimes appear awkwardly when using Circle of Mana.
      ➢ Correct the activation condition of the Sympathy skill more accurately in the skill description.
      ➢ Fixed the awkward position of Heroes Will skill icon.
      ➢ The display issue when hovering the Magic Guard and Dark Fog icon is fixed.
  • Eunwol
      ➢ If some skills activated due to the Spirit Concentration are activated during the casting of Eunwol-Enhanced Spirit Frenzy, the phenomenon in which the enhancement status of the Spirit Frenzy is released is fixed.

  • Demon Slayer
      ➢ The issue of Chaos Lock could not be use although Demon Slayer can attack monsters and moveable spaces in some situation is fixed.
      ➢ The issue of Demon Bane cooldown is not applied when using the skill with Chaos Lock is fixed.

  • Wild Hunter
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the connection would sometimes be terminated if Jaguar Riding was turned off while in a weak state.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where Party members' skill sound effects were not produced when the Assistant Hunting Unit reloads, attacking after reloading, or disappears.
      ➢ The issue of Provoke does not applied sometimes is fixed.
  • Mechanic
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the character would receive an attack judgment when the toy robot summoned by Robot Factory self-destructs over time.
      ➢ When the mechanic uses the Micro Missile container, the phenomenon that the damage skins of other mechanics in the same map are sometimes mixed is fixed.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the Homing Missile reinforcement effect persisted when moving the map while using All Metal Armor Missile Launch.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where there was no skill description on the buff icon for Mech Armor.
  • Battle Mage
      ➢ Battle Mage's Dark Genesis - Proc Reinforce skill description is more accurately corrected.
      ➢ Fixed MP consumption when Teleport Boost is deactivated by re-entering the skill key.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the Netherworld Lightning, which was activated during Abyssal Lightning, did not trigger at the maximum range of Finishing Blow.

  • Kaiser
      ➢ When Kaiser uses Pierce Rush, the phenomenon in which the effect looks awkward to other characters is corrected.
      ➢ An issue where continuous usage of Piercing Blaze could not be performed has been fixed.
  • Angelic Buster
      ➢ The phenomenon that Angelic Buster's Star Bubble sphere effect looks awkward to other characters is fixed.
      ➢ Angelic Buster's exclusive spell skill description is more accurately modified.
  • Kaine
      ➢ Fixed an issue where Grip of Agony did not deal damage to stunned monsters.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where Shadow Swift could not be used in fields where climbing is possible.
  • Cadena
      ➢ The issue of the Spiked Bat summon's final damage increase is not applied when the attacked enemy is less than the skill's maximum number of attackable monsters is fixed.

  • Zero
      ➢ When using Burst Step or Flash Assault, the direction of the entered direction key is modified to take precedence.

  • Kinesis
      ➢ The issue of monsters can be thrown out of the map with Ultimate - Psychic Bullet is fixed.

  • Illium
      ➢ An issue where Magic Missiles were not fired sometimes when Glory Wing: Javelin is used has been fixed.
      ➢ When using a Crystal Portal on a ladder or rope, if there is no foothold that can be reached within the teleport movement distance, the Crystal Portal is not activated.
      ➢ The issue of the additional hit effect that occurs when attacking an enemy with a Cursor Mark is affected by the skill effect transparency setting of other characters is fixed.
      ➢ The issue of in which Glory Wing: Harmony Wing Beat's hit effect was affected by other characters' skill effect transparency settings.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where MP was consumed when the Crystal Portal Boost was deactivated by re-entering the skill key.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the activation status of Crystal Gate was displayed awkwardly when another player re-entered the map where the Crystal Gate applied.
  • Ark
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the last attack of the Memory Of The Root could occur multiple times.
      ➢ Fixed the issue where some effects were displayed awkwardly when the last attack was triggered by reusing the Memory Of The Root.

  • Ho Young
      ➢ The phenomenon in which the debuff effect is produced even if the stun is not applied to the Boss Monster is fixed.
      ➢ The phenomenon that you cannot jump to a footrest with a small difference in height from the character when you press the up arrow key and the jump key together in an Earth elemental state is fixed.
      ➢ The phenomenon that the rope connect is sometimes used even when there is no foothold to move on uneven terrain is fixed.
      ➢ The phenomenon that the Special Core effect does not activate with the basic attack is fixed.
      ➢ When using teleport, the phenomenon that sometimes falls under the floor of the map is fixed.

    Error Fixes

  • Pathfinder
      ➢ Fixed an issue where Raven Tempest's skill name and lock icon were displayed awkwardly.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where Evolve Tempest's attack count was applied less than once.
  • Viper
      ➢ When Viper uses Pirate Leap as a shortcut, the phenomenon that it cannot be used during other skill casting motions is fixed.

    Heroes of Maple
  • Mercedes
      ➢ The issue of Sylvidia could not be released when killed while riding during some Boss battles is fixed.
      ➢ Fixed an issue where Spirit Jump would be triggered immediately when using Jump after hanging from a rope or ladder while riding on Sylvidia.

  • Demon Slayer
      ➢ Fixed an error where you could use Enhanced Demon Slash even after a long period of time after Demon Awakening ended.
      ➢ If Demon Awakening ends after using one or more Reinforced Demon Slashes, you can link to the next Enhanced Demon Slash within 5 seconds of completion.

  • Cadena
      ➢ Chain Arts: Tough Hustle's skill description has been corrected to be more accurate.

  • Mechanic
      ➢ Fixed the issue where the lock icon of Robot Mastery was displayed awkwardly.
  • Xenon
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the charge was canceled when talking with some NPCs during the Mega Smasher Charge or opening the Extraction or Fusing UI.

  • Ark
      ➢ The issue when activating the Entrancing Confinement and the Memory Of The Root at the same time, the character cannot move and the last strike occurs twice by using the Memory Of The Root again is fixed.

  • Kanna
      ➢ An issue where the Vanquisher's Bind time caused by Kanna's bind skill was different from other job skills has been fixed.

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