21 Sep 2022

Ascend Patch Notes III - System Updates (v217)

Woaaahhhhhh!!! More improvements?!!


Ascend Patch Notes III - System Updates (v217)


System Improvements & Updates
 ↪ 1. Monsters
 ↪ 2. UI
 ↪ 3. Quests
 ↪ 4. Items
 ↪ 5. Map
 ↪ 6. V Matrix
 ↪ 7. Monster Life
 ↪ 8. Todd's Hammer
 ↪ 9. Evolution Pet
 ↪ 10. ETC

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No, don't be scared..


Boss Monster Improvements


  • Boss HP% display function added
      ➢ The Boss UI now displays HP% at the bottom of the Boss Monster icon. For the case of Divine King Slime, only the actual HP% (in dark green) is displayed.
      ➢ Boss Lucid's HP displayed will include the remaining HP bars presented as multipliers.
      ➢ In Boss Will Phase 1, all HP of each colour is displayed.
      ➢ Boss Heretic Hilla is displayed based on total HP including the bars not visible.

  • Improved Boss status
      ➢ When Pink Bean (Normal, Chaos) is defeated, any abnormal statuses applied to the character is cleared.
      ➢ During the Fear pattern of Dusk (Normal, Chaos), the petrified state of the character will be displayed before the summoned monsters.

  • The number of attacks required in Reward Phase is changed from 36 to 100 for:
      ➢ Lucid (Easy, Normal, Hard)
      ➢ Divine King Slime (Normal, Chaos)
      ➢ Gatekeeper Kalos (Chaos)

  • The animation is changed when you kill a Monster in the Reward Phase for:
      ➢ Lucid (Easy, Normal, Hard)
      ➢ Divine King Slime (Normal, Chaos)
      ➢ Chosen Serene (Normal, Hard)

  • Ursus
      ➢ The materials that can be obtained from Ursus have been changed to be shared among characters in the same world.
      ➢ Up to 100 items can be purchased at once when using the Ursus Shop.
        - Spell Traces Coupon x100
        - Masur's Gift Weather Effect Coupon
        - Ursus Medal of Honor
        - Pure Clean Slate Scroll 10%
        - Crimson Resurrection Flame
        - Additional Potential Scroll 50%
        - Epic Potential Scroll 50%
  • Zakum (Chaos)
      ➢ The attack and magic nullification that was activated when all Zakum (Chaos) arms were eliminated will now be activated only after a set period of time has passed.
  • Magnus (Normal, Hard)
      ➢ When exiting Magnus (Normal, Hard), the status abnormality caused by Paralysis Gas is cleared.
  • Von Leon (Easy, Normal, Hard)
      ➢ Von Leon (Easy, Normal, Hard) has been improved on some patterns that are used too frequently:
        ➢ Aerial Prison Exile
        ➢ Teleport
        ➢ Reflect Damage
        ➢ Nullify Potential
        ➢ Summon Castle Golem
        ➢ Summon Prison Guard
  • Arkarium (Easy, Normal, Story)
      ➢ When Arkarium activates Space Collapse, a special space that distorts time is created with Rhinne's protection powers.
      ➢ During Space Collapse, if you are within the special space, damage taken from Space Collapse is reduced.
      ➢ Cast frequency of Space Collapse has been improved.
      ➢ NPC Rhinne's dialogue will no longer be displayed upon defeating Arkarium.
  • Pink Bean (Normal, Chaos)
      ➢ Casting frequency of Pink Bean's Toy car has been improved, and the duration of confusion status has been reduced.
      ➢ Cast frequency of Minibean Jump! has been improved.
  • Will (Easy, Normal, Hard)
      ➢ Phase 1 dimension collapse is adjusted to trigger at a more accurate timing.
  • Black Mage (Hard)
      ➢ Orchid's assistive attacks will not cause Black Mage's HP to drop below 1.

    Monster's Improvements
  • The sound effect is changed so that no sound is produced when monsters spawn:
      ➢ Blue Eyes Gargoyle, Red Eyes Gargoyle.
      ➢ Creature of Chaos, Creature of Destruction, Assaulting Fear, Staring Fear, Henchman of the Void, Henchman of Twilight.
      ➢ Wings of Despair, Blade of Despair, Knight of Silence, Observer of Silence, Wanderer of Silence.
  • The time of appearance of the Staring Fear and the time of attack are changed to be more natural.


  • When some monsters die, the animation is changed to be more natural.
      ➢ Bbolar
      ➢ Denebola

    Boss & Monster Bug Fixes
  • General Fixes
      ➢An issue where the attack pattern doesn't get activated when entering the Boss content has been fixed.
      ➢ The silhouette display is modified to match the outline of the monster when hitting the Spirit of Chaos.
  • Ursus
      ➢ An issue where available number of potions is sometimes displayed as 1 even when there are no remaining potion count in Ursus has been fixed.
  • Zakum
      ➢ An issue where Down Strike triggered while teleporting down in Zakum (Chaos) has been fixed.
  • Cygnus
      ➢ Meso bags will no longer be obtainable from the Cygnus Knights Commanders that Cygnus summons.
  • Crimson Queen
      ➢ An issue where Crimson Queen (Normal, Chaos) does not attack sometimes after changing her appearance has been fixed.
  • Papulatus
      ➢ (X2) item and (÷2) item to adjust the Curse of Papulatus can now be obtained regardless of the party acquisition permissions.
  • Lotus
      ➢ An issue where the screen remains dark if a bind skill is applied as Lotus (Normal, Hard) uses Energy Sphere has been fixed.
      ➢ An intermittent issue where characters cannot access platforms during the electric laser pattern in Phase 2 and 3 of Lotus (Normal, Hard) has been fixed.
  • Damien
      ➢ An issue where the gauge appears in an awkward position while using the Altar as a Mechanic in Damien has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where hits gets delayed when the Fallen World Tree is on the rampage in Phase 2 has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where an extra Sword of Destruction will be created after invincibility ends when Damien's brand curse was completed while invincible has been fixed.
  • Divine King Slime
      ➢ An issue where Divine King Slime doesn't appear after teleportation sometimes has been fixed.
  • Lucid
      ➢ An issue where platforms are not visible in Lucid (Hard) when the Illusion Barrage pattern (Nightmare Butterfly Pellets) activates at the same time as Phase 3 starts has been fixed.
  • Will
      ➢ An issue where Will sometimes uses a different pattern among the Phase 2 False Mirror patterns has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where In Will (Easy, Normal, Hard) Phase 1, the phenomenon where Space Collapse is sometimes triggered right after the Moonlight Shield was created has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where a Moonlight Barrier will be created in error when Will is unable to act due to Zero's Shadow Rain has been fixed.
  • Dusk
      ➢ An issue where rope connect could not be used sometimes has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where invincibility does not stop the energy from being sucked into the centre has been fixed.
  • Heretic Hilla
      ➢ An issue where the soul stolen by Heretic Hilla gets restored if the Altar is released right after the death count is consumed has been fixed.
  • Black Mage
      ➢ An issue of not being able to move to the next phase when clearing a phase in Black Mage (Hard) has been fixed.
  • Chosen Serene
      ➢ An issue where damage can be dealt to Chosen Serene sometimes after the Midnight Phase has ended has been fixed.
  • Gatekeeper Kalos
      ➢ An issue where damage cannot be dealt with the occupied weapon after Soul Splitter was used has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where the rotation occasionally repeats has been fixed.
      ➢ An issue where the Eye of the Abyss and the minimap appears awkwardly when the Eye of the Abyss is reoccupied while being released has been fixed.


    Character Information


  • Union level and Mu Lung Dojo best records are now displayed in the character information window.
      ➢ You can check the character's current Union Level, Mu Lung Dojo best record, and best record renewed date.
      ➢ However, for the renewal date, it is displayed only when the highest record for Mu Lung Dojo is achieved after v217 Ascend.

    Star Force Improvements

      ➢ When the Star Force success rate is 100% due to Chance Time or events, Star Catches will not occur regardless of the "Cancel Star Catcher" setting.
      ➢ Anti-Destruction Checkbox is changed such that it will not be automatically cleared.
      ➢ Even if the Anti-Destruction Checkbox is remains checked, the anti-destruction effect and additional meso consumption are only applied for 12 to 16 Star enhancements.

    Character Display Customisation

  • You can now choose to display or hide Medal & Title visual display.
      ➢ You can choose to display or hide the display by selecting the respective checkboxes in the Equipment Window.
      ➢ When the display is disabled, the item stats are still applied. Only the visual image becomes invisible to you and other users.
  • The Slot+ button at the bottom right of Equipment Inventory tabs has been removed.


  • When equipped with a Default Weapon Motions, One-handed Weapon Motion, Two-handed Weapon Motions, and Gun Motions can be selected. You can check the selection options at the bottom of the ‘Equip Tab → Cash Tab’ and at the top of the ‘Cash Shop → Preview’ window. The options and conditions that can be selected are as follows.
      ➢ Default Weapon Motions: Displays character and weapon motions of the character's currently equipped weapon.
      ➢ One-handed Weapon Motions: Displays character and weapon motions that matches motions of one-handed weapons being equipped.
      ➢ Two-handed Weapon Motion: Displays character and weapon motions that matches motions of two-handed weapons being equipped.
      ➢ Gun Weapon Motions: Displays character and weapon motions that matches motions of Guns being equipped.

    UI Improvements
  • Quest notification has been improved so that it does not automatically turn on again after the UI is closed.
  • Thousand separators (,) have been added to the character EXP bar.


  • Maple Union Coin Shop NPC, Lieutenant Mr. Pancho, has been added to the Quick Move menu. Big Headward and Plastic Roy are removed from the menu.
  • Union Layout and related functions can be accessed at Ardentmill, Mu Lung Dojo, Undersea Tower "The SEED" entrance and Monster Park Entrance maps.
  • The character creation screen effects have been improved for the following:
      ➢ Explorer
      ➢ Pathfinder
      ➢ Cannon Shooter
      ➢ Eunwol
      ➢ Resistance
      ➢ Demon
      ➢ Kaine
      ➢ Cadena
      ➢ Kinesis
      ➢ Adele
      ➢ Illium
      ➢ Ark
      ➢ Ho Young
  • When using the Ursus store for the first time, the guide lines are simplified, and after that, it will be changed so that you can use the store immediately.
  • It is modified so that you cannot talk with Masur, Aisha, and Jawad NPCs while using the Ursus Entry UI. If Aisha's shop is already open, pressing the READY button on the Ursus entry UI will close the shop.
  • The size of some UIs have been expanded to improve readability.
      ➢ List of equipped items in the Character Information window.
      ➢ List of items excluded from Automatic Item Pick up in the Character Information window.
  • If you check the Remember Search Filter function in Maple Auction, the minimum value entered is also saved.
  • In Maple Auction, the output item names is changed from bold text to plain text.
  • When applying the link skill preset, if the same type of link skill is being transferred, if the level of the applied skill is higher, it is improved so that the higher level skill will be transferred.
  • It is improved so that when you double-click a package component item in the detail view window of a package sold in the Cash Shop, you can individually preview it.
  • The load time after joining the Union Raid Battle has been improved.

    UI Bug Fixes
  • An issue where item links did not work properly on the chat window sometimes has been fixed.
  • An issue where sometimes it appeared that the Potential can reset even if you have insufficient WP (Weapon Points) when viewing the Zero's character weapon UI has been fixed.
  • Dragon and Mechanic equipment are no longer recommended when using NPC Stores.
  • An issue where a guild would be incorrectly selected when an empty space is clicked in the Guild Ranking UI has been fixed.
  • An intermittent issue when the Party leader tries to enter the Ursus, the Party member Aisha's shop purchase confirmation window is hidden in the Ursus entry UI has been fixed.
  • An issue where the last character of the previous chat is repeatedly entered when using the external chat window after entering Alt + Tab while sitting on a chair has been fixed.
  • An issue where some players could not receive the Victoria Isles medal despite registering 45 monsters.
  • An issue where the equipped cape item was not displayed in the Character Info UI and Maple Chat when Angelic Buster is in a dress-up state has been fixed.
  • An issue where Phantom registers ‘Impeccable Memory’ as an automatic pet buff skill and replaces it with another skill through the skill management, the skill is not changed in the Pet Equipment UI has been fixed.
  • When extracting and fusing items in the inventory, item appraisal will not be available.
  • An issue where the guild notification was displayed in the community button has been fixed.
  • An intermittent issue when registering certain Cash items in the shortcut setting window, the number of holdings is not displayed has been fixed.
  • An issue where the item quantity is displayed as 0 when players registered the Safety Charm on the shortcut setting window has been fixed.
  • An issue where that the movement of the character displayed at the top sometimes looks awkward when using General Stores and Warehouse Keeper has been fixed.
  • An issue when you mouse over an item and the item tooltip disappears immediately has been fixed.
  • A notification message has been added in the Cash Shop when you attempt to purchase Mileage items in the Cash Shop with insufficient Mileage.


    Explorer's Story Skip Function


  •  If there is an Explorer character with 4th or 5th Job Advancement in the World, the newly created Explorer character will be able to skip the story quest.
  •  You can choose whether to skip during the first quest available in each story quest as follows:
      ➢ A Girl with a Maple Leaf in Her Hair
      ➢ Tess's Help
      ➢ Looking For Something New to Do
      ➢ Signs of His Resurrection
  • Dual Blade and Cannon Shooter can skip the common story after Job Advancement.
  • Job Advancement can be performed after skipping through the Job Advancement quest.

    Note :
      ➢ You must have an Explorer Character with (4th/5th Job Advancement) in order to use the Explorer Skip function.
      ➢ If you skip the story quest, you will not receive EXP rewards and the character will start at Level 1.
         * Please note that Level 10 is required to complete the 1st Job Advancement
      ➢ Unique story quests of Dual Blade and Cannon Shooter cannot be skipped. You can only skip the story parts that are shared with regular Explorer classes.

    Quests Improvements
  •  Limen      
      ➢ Unique lines for Xenon has been added for the quests '[Limen] You're So Persistent' to '[Limen] Captain of the Guard Djunkel Resistance'.        
      ➢ Unique lines for Phantom has been modified for the quest '[Limen] As You Ordered'.
  •  Cernium      
      ➢ The presentation has been improved for the quest '[Cernium (Before)] Goodbye'.      
      ➢ The presentation has been improved for the quest '[Cernium (After)] Grasping for Salvation'.
  •  Hotel Arcs      
      ➢ Voice dubbing has been added for certain parts of the area's quests.
  •   Dimension Library      
      ➢ Voice dubbing has been added for some ‘Dimension Library Episode 1: White Mage’ quests.    
      ➢ Voice dubbing has been added for some 'Dimension Library Episode 2: Empress In Training' quests.
  •  Explorer      
      ➢ Voice dubbing has been added to and adjusted on some Explorer Tutorial quests.
      ➢ '[Alliance] The Awakened Heroes' quest can be started through the left light bulb.
  • After completing 'Yun's Worry' quest, it is improved to guide you to the back alley of Kerning City, a more efficient route for the next quest.
  • Information on defeating monsters is added to the '[Knight Stronghold] Knight Hunting' quest progress tab.
  • The '[Mileage] Introducing Mileage' quest is modified so that you can end the conversation with ESC during the quest.
  • The phenomenon where the illustration did not appear while performing the '[Cygnus Knight] Regular Meeting' quest as Mihile will be improved.
  • Polo and Frito's bounty hunters are modified so that Frito's Receive Treasure no longer appears.
      ➢ Relevant achievements are moved to the Memories tab.
        - Lock the Door
        - Are You Homed?

    Quests Bug Fixes
  • An intermittent issue where the following quests may not reset normally has been fixed.
      ➢ [Weekly Quest] Haven Weekly Mission
      ➢ [Weekly Quest] Fallen World Tree Weekly Mission
      ➢ [Weekly Quest] Kritias Weekly Mission
      ➢ [Weekly Quest] A Reward for My Thorough Investigation
  • An issue where Lirin's appearance is applied with skill effect transparency during Aran's tutorial has been fixed.
  • An issue where the monster level and NPC location were incorrectly guided during the Mercedes job quest has been fixed.
  • An issue where the illustration did not appear in the Phantom 'Infiltration' quest has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Maple World Goddess in the quest dialogue window will appear incorrectly in the quest '5th Job: May the Goddesses Bless You' has been fixed.
  • An issue where Lotus's image was displayed awkwardly in the 'Crisis' quest progress tab has been fixed.
  • An issue where the lower part of the background is displayed unnaturally on certain resolution during the '[Moonbridge] Has the Fog... Gone?' quest has been fixed.
  • An issue where information message overlaps on the screen while performing a quest that requires Level Monsters or displays quest item icon has been fixed.
  • An intermittent issue where the Boss map exit portal did not work even after defeating Dusk in the 'The Alliance's All-out Attack' quest has been fixed.
  • In Reverse City, on the scene where T-boy lifts the user, an issue where the facial expression looks different from the skin colour has been fixed.
  • An issue where the image of the ship image was displayed unnaturally in the quest completion tab of ‘Desperately Finding Shim Chung’ has been fixed.
  • When replacing the Shadow Merchant Daily Quest, the text is modified so that the information can be seen clearly.
  • An issue where the directions are displayed incorrectly during the 'Engineer's Dream' quest has been fixed.
  • An issue where the number of required items being displayed incorrectly in the 'Hughes's Strange Invention' quest has been fixed.


    Item Slots

  • Adjusted some items maximum quantity per item slot to 1000.
      ➢ The Seed Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor Guaranteed by Mu Gong, Ursus Medal of Honor
      ➢ Return Scroll - Nearest Town
      ➢ Trait Items (E.g. Snake Soup)

  • Storage slots have been increased.    
      ➢ The default number of storage slot has been increased to 24, and the maximum storage slot has been increased to 152.    
      ➢ Existing accounts will have an increase of 20 slots after the patch. (E.g. If you have 128 slots now, you will have 148 slots after this update)

    Absolabs Equipment
  • The number of Weekly Quest rewards has been adjusted so that you can acquire one Stigma Coin or one Absolabs Coin each week.
  • If you complete the individual weekly missions of the Fallen World Tree, you will receive 3 Faded Brand Soulstone as individual rewards. Completing all 5 individual missions will reward you with 5 Faded Brand Soulstone as a Weekly Mission completion reward.
  • If you complete all 4 of Haven's Weekly Missions, you will receive 12 A-Grade Energy Core as a reward. After that, if you complete the special quest once, you can acquire 8 more A-Grade Energy Core.

    Fairy Bros' Daily Gifts


  • The following Daily Gift rewards will now be Inter-Account Tradeable. Cube items will now be distributed in coupon item type in USE Slot.
      ➢ Pendant Slot Coupon (15 Days)
      ➢ Fairy Pendant Coupon (7 Days)
      ➢ Slot Expansion Coupon
      ➢ Special Medal of Honor
      ➢ Extreme Growth Potion
      ➢ Special Additional Potential Scroll
      ➢ Red Cube Exchange Coupon
      ➢ Karma Rainbow Resurrection Flame
      ➢ Karma Black Resurrection Flame
      ➢ 100% Epic Potential Scroll
      ➢ Additional Cube Exchange Coupon
      ➢ Black Cube Coupon

  • The Daily Gift Day 8 reward has been changed to the Mega Burning Booster.
      ➢ Mega Burning Booster can be acquired on the 8th Day of Daily Gift.
      ➢ Zero characters cannot receive the effect of Mega Burning Booster.

    Note: The above changes for the Fairy Bros' Daily Gifts will start with effect from 1 October 2022.

    Items Improvements

  • Buff Freezers item located at the front of the inventory will be used first (in order). This change is also clarified in the item description.
  • Cube chairs can now be used outside of town. However, it cannot be used in areas where normal chairs cannot be used as well.
  • When wearing Zakum's Poison Gun, the visual of some actions is changed.
  • Inkstone Coins are changed so that they cannot be dropped.
  • When using a Rare Treasure Box, it will now show the number of Rare Treasure Boxes used for the day on the chat box.

  • The following items obtainable from Monster Park has been changed to be Inter-Account Tradeable.
      ➢ Monday of Creation Box
      ➢ Tuesday of Enhancement Box Coupon
      ➢ Wednesday of Trait Box
      ➢ Thursday of Honor Box
      ➢ Friday of Gold Box
      ➢ Saturday of Festival Box
      ➢ Sunday of Growth Box
      ➢ Monster Park Commemorative Coins

  • The following Random Box items can now be opened simultenously and immediately, without any animation delay.
      ➢ Sealed Box (4 types)
      ➢ Chaos Sealed Box (4 types)
      ➢ Alicia's Ring Box (Grade 1-10)
      ➢ Glowing Ring Box
      ➢ Hidden Ring Box
  • 40 Slot Recipe Bag, 40 Slot Scroll Bag, and 40 Title Slot Name Card Holder have been added.

    Items Bug Fixes
  • An issue where the sound effect of Vicious Chainsaw was not played when normally attacking has been fixed.
  • An issue where the stationary motion is unnatural while using the Spaceship Mount and Novice Agent Spaceship mount when equipping a Two-handed weapon has been fixed.
  • An issue where a shovel/pickaxe does not appear when you're harvesting/mining with a Transparent Weapon has been fixed.
  • An issue where the sleeve image was missing on some actions when wearing the Heart Country's Maple (Female) outfit has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Ruins Explorer Hood caused an unnatural motion has been fixed.
  • An intermittent issue where the special effect of a Masterpiece weapon disappears after a Wild Hunter wears a Masterpiece weapon and uses certain skills has been fixed.
  • An issue where the motion of certain shield items is unnatural when walking has been fixed.
  • When changing the Android name with the Android Naming Coupon, an issue where it cannot be changed to 'Android' is has been fixed.


    Map Improvements
  • Improvements have been made so that the image displayed on the Gold Beach / Suspicious Sea maps appear more naturally.
  • Pantheon Great Temple Interior map is improved so that the distant objects are displayed naturally as the user moves.
  • The LP drops from the Traces of Goddess Party Quest will no longer disappear from the field.
  • When entering the Flame Wolf's Lair, the chat window will inform you of the remaining number of entries available today.
  • When entering the Bounty Hunter contents (Polo/Frito), the chat window will inform you of the number of times you have entered today.
  • General Store and Warehouse Keeper NPCs can be used in the town of Limen.
  • The phenomenon that some NPCs were displayed in front of the character in the village of Limen has been fixed.
  • You can now use chairs in the following boss waiting map.
      ➢ Lotus
      ➢ Lucid
      ➢ Heretic Hilla
  • The phenomenon where the Monster Park Shuttle had an awkward interaction region has been fixed.
  • Skyline 2 is changed so that monsters do not appear around the jump pad.
  • When you use the Nearest Town Scroll on Farm Street's Dense Hall, Big Trail 1, Big Trail 2, and Farm Entrance Map, you will be moved to Utah's House / Front Yard.
  • Monster Life Coin Exchange NPC Clara is added to the Fallen World Tree: Abandoned Campsite town map.

    Map Bug Fixes
  • An issue where some ladders in the Eos Tower 99th Floor cannot be used normally has been fixed.
  • An issue where the character can go down from the bridge from a specific position in Mu Lung has been fixed.
  • An issue where the minimap appears abnormally in Eliza's Garden has been fixed.
  • An issue where the NPC was hiding in the quest light bulb in Cygnus Knights tutorial maps has been fixed.
  • An issue where some characters cannot board the boat towards Lith Harbor from Maple Island has been fixed.
  • An intermittent issue where the location of the Suspicious Payphone Box at 'Edelstein Park 1' was abnormal has been fixed.
  • An intermittent issue where the character could not move out from the screen at the ‘Edelstein Strolling Path 4’ has been fixed.
  • An issue in the map of 'Subway Ticket Office' has been fixed.
  • An issue where the BGM of 'Rampart of Tragedy 1' in the Ristonia region was incorrectly played has been fixed.
  • An issue where you can move under the bridge of 'Mu Lung: Entrance to Sky Forest' has been fixed.
  • An issue where one less monster in Protecting the Walls of the Bounty Hunter content has been fixed.
  • An issue where the background music stop playing when the BGM was muted while playing the Elluel's Music Box. The option to select the background music for Elluel's Town will be added.
  • An issue where the map of 'Tru's Information Shop' was abnormal has been fixed.
  • An issue where you could enter the Foggy Forest Training Center as a party despite not meeting the minimum requirement has been fixed.
  • An issue where the entry cooldown time was not applied to party members when entering Boss Von Leon has been fixed.
  • An issue where the tooltip was not displayed when you mouse over the area on the 1st to 30th floors of the Eos Tower in the Ludus Lake world map has been fixed.
  • An issue where BGM chairs would not be played at Fallen Cernium: Broken Palace Main Hall map has been fixed.

    V Matrix

  • Changes are made so that you can directly enhance, disassemble, and craft in the V Matrix UI.
      ➢ Enhancing, disassembling, and locking functions for cores can be accessed by right-clicking the desired core in the V Matrix.
      ➢ Multiple cores can be disassembled at once using the Disassemble Core button.
      ➢ You can craft cores and core gemstones using the crafting mode button.
      ➢ In some maps, such as boss entry maps, you cannot use the enhancement, disassemble, and crafting functions of the V matrix.
      ➢ Core Master NPCs Acelle and Healelle will no longer appear in Nameless Village and Trueffet Plaza.

    Bug Fixes
  • An issue where decent skills that are registered in the Pet Buff Auto Skill disappear and reappear when other cores are mounted or released in the V matrix has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Special Core icon was displayed incorrectly when opening the V Matrix UI has been fixed.
  • When the V Matrix UI is open, certain UIs that will not work will no longer be open.
  • An issue where the load duration is long when using the EXP Core Gemstone when the core exceeds the maximum possible EXP has been fixed.

    Monster Life

  • The maximum Waru cap has been increased to 99,999,999.
  • Monster release animation has been simplified.
  • An auto-care function that takes care of the monsters you have is added. Auto-care consumes 1,000 Waru at a time, regardless of the farm level or the number of monsters.
  • The ability to immediately release a monster upon acquiring has been added.
  • The Monster Life's profile image displayed on the Character Information window now larger, and the current farm experience is also shown.
  • When registering Monster Life's profile image, if the image is not 100 x 100 in size, it will be automatically resized.

    Bug Fixes
  • When fusing monsters, the phenomenon in which the background appears green when there is only 1 monster as a result of fusing is corrected.
  • The image of the Amoria Concert Hall building is modified.
  • The phenomenon that the skill cooldown time end notification appears in Monster Life has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that some UI of the Monster Life Encyclopedia displays incorrectly has been fixed.
  • If the farm you are currently on and the farm you want to move are the same, you will not be moved again.

    Todd's Hammer

    A larger extract has been unleashed!


    Todd's Hammer Improvements
  • Stats can now be transferred from equipment with a level difference of up to 20 levels for items below Level 119.
  • Todd's Hammer can now be used on more items, and new items have also been added:
      ➢ Antique Reef Shoulder (Lv130)
      ➢ Antique Root Shoulder (Lv150)
      ➢ Antique Reef Cape (Lv100)
      ➢ Red Musketeer Cape (Lv95)
      ➢ Ludibrium Cape (Lv115)
      ➢ Black Cape, Tempest Cape (Lv100)
      ➢ Maple Treasure Cape (Lv110)
      ➢ Grand Meister Pauldron (Lv130)
      ➢ Inverse Metal Shoulders (Lv150)

    Evolution Pet

    Evolpets evolves to...


    Robo Pet Improvements
  • Fixes an issue where the Evolution Pet did not move properly.
  • Robo Pet
      ➢ Robo will immediately evolve to Baby Robo without any separate evolution process.
      ➢ Baby Robo can evolve after reaching Level 15 and through NPC Garnox quests.
      ➢ Evolved pet appearance can be changed through re-evolution again.
  • NPC Garnox will now be located beside the Pet Food Merchant NPC at Henesys Market and Ludibrium.


  • The consistency of changing equipment while in combat state has been improved.

    Option Settings

  • A Buddy Login Notification option is added in Option Settings → Chat/Invitation settings.
      ➢ Friend connection notifier is enabled by default. If this option is turned off, the connection notifier window and connection notifier message will not be displayed when registered Friends log in to the game.
  • Shortcut key to enable Windowed mode toggling with Alt+Enter is added to Option Settings → Graphic settings.
      ➢ Windowed mode can be toggled using Alt+Enter by default, and when the option is disabled, the Alt+Enter shortcut key will not toggle between full screen & windowed mode.
  • Volume adjustment and muting of monster sound effects are added.
      ➢ Monster movement-related sound effects are added to the Monster SFX, and environmental element sound effects used in some Bosses are applied as Normal SFX.

    NPC Improvements
  • NPC Rain and Shumi appearance has been updated.
  • NPC Hina's appearance has been is modified.
  • The location is modified so that Kriel the Fairy NPC is not obstructed.

    Profession Improvements
  • When using the Smithing/Accessory Crafting Master Craftsmen or Meister skill, the material (Enchanted Whetstone / Magic Pebble) in the Crafting Item Bag is used first.
  •  The Mastery EXP duration Master Craftsmen and Meister grade will now depreciate at a slower rate.
      ➢ Master Craftsman - Mastery decreases by 300 every hour after 48 hours.
      ➢ Meister - Mastery decreases by 400 every hour after 24 hours.
  • Ardentmill teleport function from the Profession UI has a reduced cooldown of 5 minutes.
  • When extracting items, you can now register equipment in bulk.
      ➢ When using the bulk registration button in the Extraction UI, you can bulk register up to 10 extractable equipment items, from the top of your inventory and in order.

    Maple Achievement Bug Fixes
  • An intermittent issue that achievements in the Memories tab could still be completed has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Ursus Achievement completion requirement was inaccurate has been fixed.
      ➢ [Ursus] I'll help you.
      ➢ [Ursus] I'll rescue you. As always
      ➢ [Ursus] Battlefield Angel

    Guild Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Heracle in the Guild Base incorrectly informed that the guild leader was absent for a long time.

    Undersea Tower "The Seed" Bug Fixes
  • On the 19th and 48th Floors, the phenomenon where you could clear the stage when only the Escort NPC Fleta arrived without the character has been corrected.
  • Visual hints are provided so that you can solve the quiz on the 24th floor of The Seed without listening to the background music.
  • On the 37th Floor, it has been changed so that Combo Kill Orbs will no longer appear.
  • The phenomenon that the spawn position of the Monster on the 37th Floor looks awkward has been fixed.
  • An issue where some rope images were not visible on the 38th Floor has been fixed.

    Other Fixes
  • When synthesizing an item, it is changed to select a material item by right-clicking.
  • Haven area weekly quests are improved.
      ➢ Weekly quest completion NPCs will be unified as one-eyed NPCs in Haven Town.
      ➢ Some quests in the Haven area weekly quests will be deleted.
        - Black Heaven Interior : Defeat Steel Generoid B
        - Black Heaven Interior : Collect Steel Manufacture Number Plate
      ➢ Deleted quests may appear if you have already talked to NPC One-Eyed before this update, and deleted quests will not reappear after the next Haven weekly quest reset.
      ➢ For characters who are already performing the deleted quest, you can continue to do it until the weekly quest reset.

  • When creating a character and entering the name, if it is a name that can be created, a pop-up will now appear to confirm it.
  • Daily quests in all areas of Arcane River, Cernium, and Hotel Arcs are changed so that they can be completed through the light bulb on the left.
  • When using Maple Auction in MVP users or premium PC rooms, the registration time for sales items is changed to 48 hours.
  •  The Blacklist system has been improved.
      ➢ If another character is registered as a blacklist, other characters in that character's world will also be blacklisted.
      ➢ Improvements have been made so that the blacklist list within the world is shared.
      ➢ A memo function to record the characteristics of the blacklist target is added.
      ➢ You can check registered characters and notes when you mouse over a character in the blacklist list.
      ➢ If you blacklist, a blacklist icon will be displayed on the character information UI of all characters in the account. When you mouse over the blacklist icon, you can check the blacklist information such as directly registered characters and notes.


  • Bulk sell function of Glowing Soul Crystal possessed in the collector's shop is added.

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