22 Dec 2020

[Cash Shop Update 231220] Festive XMas Sale

Dear Maplers,

1) [Special Sale] AWAKE Mesos Sack - Sale ends 6th January 2021
2) [NEW] Silent Night Packages Sale - Sale ends 6th January 2021
3) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 6th January 2021
4) [Time Limited Sale] Xmas Holiday Sale - Sale available from 0000hrs 24th December to 2359hrs 31st December
5) Removal & Updates


The chimes of Christmas, brings forth mesos!!

Note: AWAKE Meso Sack cannot be gifted to another player nor sold via the Auction House.
However, they may be traded with the Cash Trade function.

Silent Night Packages

Peaceful and starry night above us~

The Silent Night Set (M) and (F) Packages includes:
  • Silent Night Hat
  • Silent Night Overall (M/F)
  • Silent Night Shoes (M/F)
  • Silent Night Weapon

  • Silent Night Cape can only be obtained from Heavenly Wing Box (see below).

    Heavenly Wing Box Update

    Who would have thought trees in Christmas are glowy white?

    XMas Holiday Sale

    Get into the festive mood with this week’s Christmas Special Sale!

    • Snow-blowing Cherry Blossom Label Ring
    • Snow-blowing Cherry Blossom Chat Ring

    • Candyliciously Sweet Package (M)
    • Candyliciously Sweet Package (F)

    • Warm Winter Clothes Package (M)
    • Warm Winter Clothes Package (F)

    • Sweet Rudolph Package

    • Christmas Bunny Package (F)
    • Christmas Bunny Package (M)

    • Festive Lovers Package (M)
    • Festive Lovers Package (F)

    Removal & Updates
  • Wonderberry related & Raven Sets from the Cash Shop Update of 2nd December 2020
  • MapleXP Rings, Earrings and Decorative Packages from the Cash Shop Update of 9th December 2020
  • Tera Burning+ Promotion Sale from the Cash Shop Update of 16th December 2020