01 Dec 2020

[Cash Shop Update 021220] Awaken Your Royal Star

Dear Maplers,

1) New Mapler Special Package - Sale ends 31st December
2) [NEW] Raven Decorative Packages - Sale ends 16th December
3) [Update] Wisp's Wonderberry & Luna Crystal - Sale ends 23rd December
4) [Special] Pet Skill Package - Sale ends 23rd December
5) [Special] AWAKEN Star Royal Beauty Packages - Sale ends 16th December
6) Removal & Updates

New Mapler Special Package

Welcome New Comers! Specially curated package filled with necessities to get you up to speed!
The New Mapler Package includes:
  • 3X EXP Coupon x5 to aid in your levelling process
  • [7 Days] Teleport World Map to aid in your travelling convenience
  • [7 Days] Proof of Clan that provides a 10% Bonus EXP while hunting, and an additional 5% Party Bonus EXP for any party member with the Proof of Clan equipped
  • [7-Day] Miu Miu the Travelling Merchant to quickly access the General NPC Store from wherever you are
  • Pet Butterfly, a companion to aid your adventures for 14 days
  • Wanna be a Hipster? Random box to get back on top of the fashion scene!

  • The New Mapler Package can be purchased by Maple Accounts that are created after 1st December 2020.

    Raven Decorative Packages

    Members of the watch... *CAW CAW*!

    Wisp's Wonderberry & Luna Crystal

    Wisp's Wonderberry Update

    A new moon can't stop us! Bask in the glorious pets that descends from the moon from the Luna Crystal and Wisp's Wonderberry.

    Purchase Wisp's Wonderberry in a bundle for the greatest value!


    Obtain the following pets from the Wisp's Wonderberry:


    You may also obtain special pet related items, such as a Concentrated Premium Water of Life which allows you to revive your pet with a duration of 270 days, or an Organic Wonder Cookie which will completely restore Fullness and increase the Closeness of your Pet by 100.

    Luna Crystal Update

    Obtained a Wonder Black Pet from Wisp's Wonderberry? Draw on the power of the moon with the Luna Crystal!

    Purchase Luna Crystals in your bundle of choice for the greatest value!

    Transform your Wonder Black pets with lunar power! Obtain the following pets from the Luna Crystal:


    *Note: Luna Petite pets have a special magnetic pet loot function.

    Obtain the all new Luna Petite set of all 3 Petite Pony Pets: Victory, Glory, Petite Pony and be rewarded with a Melody of Pony Chair from the quest [Luna Crystal] The Melody of the Pony from the Star Icon. Do note that this quest can only be completed ONCE per Maple ID.

    Find out more about Luna Crystal here!

    Pet Equipment Sale

    Various pet-specific food and permanent pet equipment for the Baby Dragon Set Set and the Petite Pony Set are available for purchase. Time-limited pet equipment for the Three Egg Sibling Set and the individual pets are also available for purchase.


    Pet Skill Package

    Goes with your shiny new pet or your trusty old pal! The Special Pet Skill Package is available now for all your pets' needs~

    image image

    AWAKEN Star Royal Beauty Packages

    Keep up to date with the latest fashion trends! Now blessed with lucky stars!


    Each AWAKEN Star Royal Beauty Packages comes with its respective coupon and a bonus 11x Lucky Star weather effect. Bonus item obtained cannot be traded even if the package was purchased with Maple Cash.

    Removal & Updates
  • Maple Royal Style, Masterpiece Machine & SEA Royal Beauty Coupons from the Cash Shop Update of 11th November 2020
  • Utility Scrolls Bundles from the Cash Shop Update of 18th November 2020.