08 Dec 2020

[Cash Shop Update 091220] Stars That Glitter and Shine

Dear Maplers,

1) [NEW] MapleXP Rings & Starry Earrings Sale - Sale ends 23rd December
2) [Special] Year-end Decorative Package Sale - Sale ends 23rd December
3) [Update] Magician's Oversized Mount Hat - Sale ends 23rd December
4) Removal & Updates

MapleXP Rings & Starry Earrings

Enjoy the good old days when Windows XP was the most awesome system to exists! Now with Quote & Label ring form!

Want something a little more subtle? Then get the Shiny Star Piercing or the Glittering Starry Earrings~!


Year-end Package Sale

It's almost the end of 2020 and we are bringing back the hottest and most popular decorative packages in 2020!

• Lily & Nero Kitty Package

• Dream Land Bunny & Cat Package

• Red Warrior Package

• Today's Yeti Package

• Fluffy Purple Package

• Black Moon Package

Magician's Oversized Mount Hat

The Magician's Oversized Mount Hat has been updated with new mounts! Let's stay cool skating around on the ice~!


Removal & Updates
  • Forest Witch Decorative Package & Heavenly Wing Box from the Cash Shop Update of 18th November 2020
  • Snowy & Celestial Decoratives from the Cash Shop Update of 25th November 2020