26 Nov 2019

[Cash Shop Update 271119] The Friendliest Exorcism Ever

Dear Maplers,

Please take note that all items in this update will only be available until their removal on 11th December 2019, unless otherwise specified below.

1) [New] Seasonal Decorative Packages
[Update] Wisp's Wonderberry & Luna Crystal
3) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box
4) Removal

Seasonal Decorative Packages

Grab the new Seasonal Decoratives from the Cash Shop today!

The Exorcist Package includes the Exorcist Hat, Exorcist Overall, Exorcist Weapon, and Exorcist Shoes. The Exorcist Cape can only be obtained from the Heavenly Wing Box.
*Note: Exorcist Cape can only be obtained from the Heavenly Wing Box

Wisp's Wonderberry Update

A new moon can't stop us! Bask in the glorious pets that descends from the moon from the Luna Crystal and Wisp's Wonderberry.

Purchase Wisp's Wonderberry in a bundle for the greatest value!

Obtain the following pets from the Wisp's Wonderberry:-

Luna Crystal Update

Obtained a Wonder Black Pet from Wisp's Wonderberry? Draw on the power of the moon with the Luna Crystal!

Purchase Luna Crystals in your bundle of choice for the greatest value!

Transform your Wonder Black pets with lunar power! Obtain the following pets from the Luna Crystal:-

*Note: Luna Petite pets have a special magnetic pet loot function.

Obtain a full set of all 3 Petite Fairy Pets and be rewarded with a Fairy House Chair from the quest [Luna Crystal] Come to Fairy House! from the Star Icon. Do note that this quest can only be completed ONCE per Maple ID.

Find out more about Luna Crystal here!

Pet Equipment Sale

Pet equipment that can be used by the Elemental Spirit Set and the Petite Fairy Set are also available for purchase.

Heavenly Wing Box Update

We may not have Winter around here, but the weather sure still gets chilly. Keep your character warm with a good ol' trusty cape!

The Heavenly Wing Box will contain one of the following capes:-

*Note: Marked capes will provide a special mount skill when equipped.


• Cash Shop Update from Cash Shop Update of 131119, excluding revamped sale items and Maple ID limited sale items
• Special Timed Sales from Glory to Ho Young - Special Timed Sales

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- MapleSEA Administrator