15 Nov 2019

Glory to Ho Young - Special Timed Sales!

Dear Maplers,

To welcome the addition of Ho Young into our ever growing family of MapleStorySEA playable characters, Empress Cygnus has ordered a very special sale to support all warriors in the all-new Glorion Squad! Maybe this will ease Nineheart's headache...

Sale duration: 16th November 2019, 0000hrs ~ 26th November 2019, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Whether it be Ho Young or a character that you wish to Tera Burn+, the sale items look to be very useful in every Mapler's journey!


We have not brought back just one or two, but FIVE highly-anticipated items!

Deck out your character in.... fancy.... transparent(?) wear, available as a special deal with the Transparent Package (Permanent).

Or maybe you'd find it nice to pick up a Hyper Teleport Rock to visit your friends from Cheongun Valley to Limen to Momijigaoka. Your friends love you. Don't neglect them.


Down on mesos after splurging a little too much for your new Ho Young's equipment? Glory Meso Sack has you covered. Each sack has 1 billion mesos in it! Heavy.


Grab an Aura Pendant or two on your way out for that sweet extra stat boost, and don't miss the elusive Pendant Slot Permanent Expansion Coupon sale!


We hope that the provided supplies will be able to enhance your journey in Glory!

Happy Mapling~