17 Apr 2019

Get your Petite Power Ups with the Luna Crystal!

Introducing the Luna Crystal! Enhance your Wonderberry pets to provide you with wondrous set effects!

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• Pet→Pet Equipment

• 30 Days

How to Use the Luna Crystal

• Purchase the Luna Crystal from the Cash Shop
• Select a "Wonder Black" or "Sweet" labelled pet to set as your base item
• Choose a different "Wonder Black" pet and put it in the upgrading slot
• Click on "Use" to proceed

Luna Crystal Items Obtained

• Pets obtained from the Luna Crystal are tradable, as according to the cash item tradability rules
• Depending on the combination of Label types, you will receive either one of the following results:
      » "Wonder Black" + "Wonder Black" = "Sweet" or "Dream" or "Petite"
      » "Sweet" + "Wonder Black" = "Dream" or "Petite"
• There is also a chance that you may obtain a powerful pet equipment specially designed for "Petite" label pets only


• Sweet, Dream and Petite Label pets obtained from the Luna Crystal come with stronger set effects. The full list of the Wonderberry Pet effects are as follows:


• "Petite" label pets also come with a uniquely enhanced item loot ability, which is not available on other labels:

(bigger range means lesser hassle!)

-MapleSEA Administrator