23 Sep 2020

[Cash Shop Update 230920] Elementalist Fashion

Dear Maplers,

1) First Purchase Offer
2) [Update] Maple Royal Style - Sale ends 14th October
3) [Update] Masterpiece Machine - Sale ends 14th October
4) [Update] SEA Royal Beauty Coupons - Sale ends 14th October
5) [Rotation] Decoratives Rotation
6) Removal & Updates

First Purchase Offer

If this is your first time playing in MapleStorySEA, here's a package to help you through your baby steps in Maple World at an unbeatable promotional price of only 1,200 @Cash!
Note: Only accounts without any prior Cash purchase transactions will be able to view this package in the Cash Shop, and only 1 purchase is allowable per Passport account.

Note: The pet obtained cannot have its Magic Duration extended.

We also have something for everyone else! Purchase a Ga-cha-pon Ticket, Magic Hourglass or a Lv. 5 Accessory Bypass Key at discounted prices as low as 200 @Cash!
Note: Each special discounted price items shown above can only be purchased once per Maple ID.

Maple Royal Style

Become the hottest Mapler to ever roam Henesys with the Flame Elementalist Special Label set! If that's too hot, try something Softer or Merciless~ Everyone likes a soft & merciless Mapler~!

Don't forget to pair your Flaming set with a permanent Scouter from Maple Royal Style!


The Flame Elementalist Special Label Set consists of:
  • Flame Crown
  • Ignis
  • Flame Walkers
  • Flame Circle
  • Ignite
  • Note: The Flame Elementalist Special Label set is unisex and can be both obtained and equipped by both genders.

    Collect the full Flame Elementalist Special Label set to receive the Flame Elementalist Face Accessory! The bonus face accessory is obtainable only once per account per world.

    Note: Several non-set items in the Maple Royal Style are intended to be durational. In this update, the Quack Duck Label & Quote Ring Coupons as well as the items obtained from these coupons will be durational.

    Special Bundle Sale
    Maple Royal Style coupons in bundles of 5's and 25's will be available at a discount for bulk purchases. Take advantage of these bundles for even better value!


    You may also trade your unwanted items obtained from the current Maple Royal Style with Mrs. Rococo in the Royal Style Secret Shop for Royal Points. Collect 10 points to obtain another Maple Royal Style Coupon! Points are reset every patch cycle.

    Masterpiece Machine Update

    The Masterpiece Machine is back alongside the Maple Royal Style Update. The shadows.... haunt me. Please...

    Collect the full Master Shadow Master Label set for your gender, which consists of the Fragment of Confusion (Hat), Shadow Lord (Male Overall) or Shadow Castle Lord (Female Overall), Chains of Fate (Cape), Dawn Advancement (Male Shoes) or Dawn March (Female Shoes), and Light of Dawn (Weapon) to obtain the special Face Accessory Hollow Memory (obtainable upon equipping all of the above items, once per account per world).

    Applied the Foggy or normal versions of Perfect Hair (Male) or Graceful Hair (Female)? Obtain a special Night-version of the hairstyles for your gender, the Perfect Night (Male Hat) or Graceful Night (Female Hat) for a different colour and style! (each wig is obtainable once per account per world).

    SEA Royal Beauty Coupon Update

    Keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends! Get me some makeup and a new hairdo, stat!



    Decoratives Rotation
    With every patch, a new set of timed decoratives will be available for purchase at a discounted price.
    Check out the various equipment available and craft your very own unique style today!

    Decoratives will be available for sale until they are rotated out of the Cash Shop at the end of the patch duration.

    Removal & Updates

  • Magician's Oversized Mount & SEA Royal Face Coupon from the Cash Shop Update of 2nd September 2020
  • Cash Shop Update of 9th September 2020
  • Cash Shop Update of 16th September 2020