29 Sep 2020

[Cash Shop Update 300920] Early Autumn

Dear Maplers,

This week's Cash Shop updates will be available from 1000hrs (GMT+8) on 30th September 2020.

1) [NEW] Early Autumn Dawn Decorative Packages - Sale ends 14th October
2) [Special] Duo Concept Sale - Sale ends 14th October
3) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 14th October
4) Removal & Updates

Early Autumn Dawn Decorative Packages

Just in time for Autumn~ Or are we early? Oh well..

Note: The Early Autumn Cape can be equipped as part of the set and is only obtainable from the Heavenly Wing Box

Duo Concept Sale

With every hero, there's a sidekick and with every sidekick.. there's a hero and with every her... oh you get the idea.

Note: All items sold in this special sale has an expiry of 90 days

Heavenly Wing Box Update

Come fly with me~ Come fly and fly away~

You can obtain the following capes from the Heavenly Wing Box


Removal & Updates
  • No removals this week!