09 Aug 2022

[Cash Shop Update 100822] Maplers of the Galaxy

1) Mysterious Keeper Set - Sale ends 24th August
2) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 24th August
3) [Update] SEA Royal Beauty - Sale ends 31st August
4) Removals

Mysterious Keeper Set

Explore the mysterious and exciting galaxy.

  • All Cash Items are Permanent.
  • All items contained in both Mysterious Keeper Set can be equipped by characters of both genders.
  • Complete the Mysterious Keeper Set look with Overwhelming Universe from the Heavenly Wing Box.

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    [Update] Heavenly Wing Box

    New wing new me.

  • Wings obtained are Random.
  • Overwhelming Universe is part of the Mysterious Keeper Set.

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    [Update] SEA Royal Beauty

    Show everyone your style.

  • Hair styles and Faces from the SEA Royal Beauty Coupon are Random.
  • Reminder! Please store the Hairstyle and Face in the Mannequin if you wish to keep it. Any unsaved Hairstyle and Face will be gone forever.

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    From the Golden Apple Update of 20th July 2022.
      ➢ Golden Apple
      ➢ Golden Apple (5)
      ➢ Golden Apple (15)
      ➢ Golden Apple (50)
      ➢ Golden Apple (100)

    From the Cash Shop Update of 27th July 2022.
      ➢ Gelato Cart Mount (90 Days) Exchange Coupon
      ➢ Gelato Cart Mount (Permanent) Exchange Coupon
      ➢ Damage Skin - Angelic Alphabet Exchange Coupon

    Is that the milky way?