07 Sep 2021

[Cash Shop Update 080921] Heavenly Neon Stars

Nyan nyan nyan~

1) Neon Purple/Pink Star Set (Sale ends 22nd September, 0959hrs)
2) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box (Sale ends 22nd September, 0959hrs)
3) Removals

Neon Purple/Pink Star Set

Purple Pink Pink Star Star Bling Bling~


[Update] Heavenly Wing Box

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan~


From the Cash Shop Update of 18th August 2021.
  ➢ Under the Sea Set (M)
  ➢ Under the Sea Set (F)

From the Cash Shop Update of 25th August 2021.
  ➢ Lush Spring Dream (M)
  ➢ Lush Spring Dream (F)
  ➢ Perfect Innocence Scroll
  ➢ Shielding Ward
  ➢ Superior Shielding Ward
  ➢ High Quality Equipment Enhancement Scroll
  ➢ Shield Scroll
  ➢ Return Scroll
  ➢ Guardian Scroll
  ➢ Special Additional Potential Provision Scroll
  ➢ MY National Day Hair Coupon
  ➢ Mysterious Mix Dye Coupon Exchange Ticket
  ➢ Mysterious Contact Lens Coupon

Wake me up when September ends~