24 Aug 2021

[Cash Shop Update 250821] Ethereal Dreams

Boingggg Boingggg Boingggg~

1) Lush Spring Dream Packages (Sale ends 8th September)
2) Utility Bundle Scrolls (Sale ends 8th September)
3) [Update] MY National Day Hair Coupon (Sale ends 8th September)
4) Mysterious Beauty Color Coupon (Sale ends 8th September)
5) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit (Sale ends 15th September)
6) No Removal

Lush Spring Dream Packages

Dreaming in the Spring.


Utility Bundle Scrolls

Scroll once? No... TWICE!


MY National Day Hair Coupon

Uiiyoo, Leng Zai/Leng Lui lo~
Note : Hair Reward is Selectable


Mysterious Beauty Color Coupon

Woooo so mysterious leh~


Chair Assembly Kit

Mushmom in a potpot
Note : All chairs marked with * are Untradable.


No Removal

Although there are no scheduled removals, do remember that the Camping Set Sale from the 11th August Cash Shop Update will be ending on 24th August 2021, 2359hrs (GMT+8)!

Stay Safe.