17 Aug 2021

[Cash Shop Update 180821] Treasures Under the Sea

Hold your breath coz the items are under the sea~

1) Under the Sea Set Package (Sale ends 8th September)
2) Fruity Animal Pets Packages (Sale ends 1st September)
3) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box (Sale ends 8th September)
4) Removals

Under the Sea Set Package

Under the Sea~ Under the Sea~ Darling it's better, Down where it's wetter, Take it from me~


Fruity Animal Pets Packages

Healthiest living thing on the planet.... be like them~

Note : All pets are 90 days only.
Note : Pets can be revived using Premium Water of Life.


Don't miss the Perm Fruity Animal Pet EQ *wink*
Note : Fruit Juice is added permanently into Cash Shop.


Heavenly Wing Box

Under the Sea~ Under the Sea~ When the sardine, Begin the beguine, It's music to me~



From the Cash Shop Update of 11th August 2021.
  ➢ Master Kanna Package
  ➢ Master Hayato Package

Stay Safe.