31 Dec 2019

[Cash Shop Update 010120] I did it, I typed 20

Dear Maplers,

Please take note that all items in this update will only be available until their removal on 15th January 2020, unless otherwise specified below.

1) [NEW] My Favourite Ice Cream Decorative Packages
[Special Sale] Pet Random Box
3) [Special Sale] Glory Meso Sack
3) [Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack
4) Removal

My Favourite Ice Cream Decorative Packages

Start the new year right. Start it with ICE CREAM! Each package consists of a Hat, Overall, Shoes, Cape, and Weapon recommended for each gender.


Pet Random Box Special Sale

Looking to pick up a new best friend? Pick up a random pet that lasts permanently from the Pet Random Box today! The Pet Random Box will be available in the Cash Shop on 1 January 2020, from 0000hrs to 2359hrs only. Don't miss it!


Pet equipment for the various S'more pets as well as their pet food can also be purchased from the Cash Shop for a limited time.


Glory Meso Sack

New year, new gear! It's back! Each Meso Sack contains 1 billion mesos, so splurge away this new year!


Damage Skin Booster Pack Update

1/1/2020? Time to change up the numbers! New Damage Skins are available in the Damage Skin Booster Pack, so don't write 2019 no more!

The Damage Skin Booster Pack has been updated.

Eyeing all of them? We have you covered! Purchase the 5x Damage Skin Booster Pack Bundle and get a bonus Damage Skin Extraction Exchange Coupon!
*Note: The Damage Skin Extraction Coupon is untradable, with no expiry.


*Note: Marked Damage Skins are untradable. However, all Damage Skins extracted with the use of a Damage Skin Extraction Coupon can be traded.

  • Golden Apples from Wintry Golden Apple Harvest will be removed on 1st January 2020, 2359hrs.
  • Christmas Special Sales from Cash Shop Update of 25th December 2019 will be removed on 31st December 2019, 2359hrs.
  • Singapore Aura Pet Equipment from Cash Shop Update of 18th December 2019 will be removed on 31st December 2019, 2359hrs.