18 Dec 2019

[Cash Shop Update 181219] The Shadowy Master Lurks

Dear Maplers,

Please take note that all items in this update will only be available until their removal on 8th January 2020, unless otherwise specified below.

1) [New] My Little Small Singapura Pet Packages
[Update] Maple Royal Style
3) [Update] [HOT] Masterpiece Machine
4) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit
5) Removal

My Little Small Singapura Pet Packages

Little Small White, Tabby, and Black Singapura Pets are here to light up your life! Adopt them and bring them on your newest journey in Maple World today!

Note: Permanent Pet Equipment for the above pets will be on sale until 1st January 2020

Maple Royal Style Update

A new style has arrived! Collect a Cherry Blossom Raincoat Special Label set, dress up like a cute Bichon, or put on some cool but adorable Bunny Basketball outfits today with the various items that can be obtained from Maple Royal Style!


Collect the full Cherry Blossom Raincoat Special Label set, which consists of the Cherry Blossom Candy Cap, Cherry Blossom Raincoat, Cherry Blossom Boots, Flower Rain, and Cherry Blossom Umbrella to obtain the special chair Sound of Spring Coming (obtainable upon equipping all of the above items, once per account per world).

Masterpiece Machine Update

The Masterpiece Machine has been updated-- Wait, before you go, it REALLY has been updated. Master Stellar? Out. Master Shadow? The new in. *Grabby hands* I want it too...

Collect the full Master Shadow Master Label set for your gender, which consists of the Fragment of Confusion (Hat), Shadow Lord (Male Overall) or Shadow Castle Lord (Female Overall), Chains of Fate (Cape), Dawn Advancement (Male Shoes) or Dawn March (Female Shoes), and Light of Dawn (Weapon) to obtain the special Face Accessory Hollow Memory (obtainable upon equipping all of the above items, once per account per world).

Applied the Foggy or normal versions of Perfect Hair (Male) or Graceful Hair (Female)? Obtain a special Night-version of the hairstyles for your gender, the Perfect Night (Male Hat) or Graceful Night (Female Hat) for a different colour and style! (each wig is obtainable once per account per world).

Chair Assembly Kit Update

2019 is coming to a close, and let's embrace the holidays and cold weather with a warm toasty chair! Snuggle up with Santa while you tell him your deepest desires. Let us get ready to bring in the new year as well, so grab your toolkits and hammers, it's time to assemble a chair.


*Note: Marked chairs are untradeable.

  • Gachapon Coupon Bundle from Cash Shop Update of 11th December 2019