23 Nov 2016

V Patch Notes [Part 2] (v162)


Dear Maplers,

The moment everyone has been waiting for! Part 2 of V-Patch notes are here, and we will be outlining the 5th Job Advancement. To read Part 1 of the patch notes, please click here.

8. 5th Job Advancement

Job Advancement Quests
All 5th Job Advancement Quests require you to be Level 200 and above.
Before you can begin, you must complete the following Temple of Time quest series:
• Lost Temple Keeper
• One Who Walks on Memory Lane
• One Who Walks on the Road of Regrets
• One Who Walks on the Road to Oblivion

Thereafter, in order to advance to 5th job, you must complete a series of quests as below:

Part I: The Calling
• Initiate quest [Job Advancement] 5th Job: Erda's Summons


As you grow stronger and become a master to protect Maple World, the History Observer in the Temple of Time, seeks for you. He wishes to push you beyond your limits, and help you maximise your potential to protect Maple World towards future threats.
You'll learn about the spiritual flow of life that forms and supports Maple World, the Erda's.
But will you be worthy to speak to them?
Remember, the future of this world rests on your shoulders...

Part II: The Blessing
Quest: [Job Advancement] 5th Job: May the Goddesses Bless You
Quest Pre-requisite: [Job Advancement] 5th Job: Erda's Summons


In order to obtain a power with unlimited potentials, you must have the blessings and approval of the 3 Goddesses of the World: the Goddess of Maple World, Grandis, and Masteria.
Will you be able to prove to them that you are worthy of their blessings?

Part III: The Awakening
Quest: [Job Advancement] 5th Job: Record of Powers, Awakening of Powers
Quest Pre-requisite: [Job Advancement] 5th Job: May the Goddesses Bless You


The 3 Goddesses has blessed you. There's only one last thing to do...
Your powers of yours in this world, can only be completed within yourself...

Part IV: The Power Awakened
Once you've pass all of the 3 tests, congratulations! Your power has been awakened and welcome to V!
This is just a new page of yourself, and various obstacles lies beyond the future...
You'll obtain the following rewards upon completion of your advancement:
• Maple World Goddess's EXP Potion
• Grandis Goddess's EXP Potion
• Masteria Goddess's EXP Potion
• V Skill Core Gemstone

The goals of the 5th Job Advancement is as follows:
• To not change existing battle patterns for each class.
• To add new battle styles in gameplay.
• To continue to allow a character to grow stronger past Level 200.

The foundation of the 5th Job Advancement system has been built based on the above 3 conditions, and new skills, systems and content will continue to be added through future updates.

New Skill System: V Matrix


Recommended Quest to Start: [Essential] V Matrix
Welcome to your awakened power, the V Matrix!
With this system, you are the master of your class.
You choose the 5th Job skills that would make you stronger!
Combine, Enhance, Disassemble, Craft!


• The V Matrix is a spiritual system where you manage your skills by equipping V Cores.
• Using the V Skill Core Gemstone obtained upon completing your Job Advancement, you can obtain your first skill of your class!
• 4 V Matrix slots is given by default at Level 200, and every 6 levels then after, you'll unlock another slot.
• Currently, up to 11 V Matrix slots can be unlocked. (Up to Level 242)
• The last 7 slots of the V Matrix is currently locked, and will be released with future updates to come.
• V Cores are split into 3 kinds and colour-coded as follows.
- Skill Core (Blue): You can learn new skills.
- Enhanced Core (Grey): You can enhance existing skills.
- Special Core (Purple): Cores which last for 7 days upon obtaining, and can gain you special abilities when you satisfy it's condition.
• You can acquire V Cores by collecting Core Gemstones, which drops through monsters in the Arcane River region.

Note: Buff Duration, Cooldown Reduction and Cooldown Resets do not affect 5th Job Skills.

How To Enhance / Disassemble / Craft V Cores


• Speak to the V Core Master, NPC Acelle at the Arcane River's area town.
• Combine the same type of V Cores to enhance them to the next level!
• You can also dissemble V Cores to obtain V Core Pieces, which can be used to craft skills.


• Collect V Core Pieces and you can craft the skill of your choice using the V Matrix Crafting Mode!
• Right click on a Core with a V Master to Enhance / Disassemble Cores.

Tip: Use the search bar function on V Matrix to search for your skill for your own convenience!
Do note that when typing skill names, it is case-sensitive.

5th Job V Core Skills

• You can obtain the following Skill Cores and learn new skills.
All Skill Cores can go up to Level 25.

New Skill List

These are the following skills you can obtain and learn.







Enhanced Cores


• You can enhance existing 1st~4th Job and Hyper Skills using these cores.
• Each Enhanced Cores will affect 3 existing skills, which consist of a Base Skill + 2 Other Skills.
• Upon hitting Level 20 / 40 of Enhanced Skills, you'll receive additional effects to the corresponding skill.
• After equipping them to the V Matrix, they will all stack together and increase the individual skill Enhancements skill level.
All Enhanced Cores can go up to Level 50.

You can enhance the following skills through Enhanced Cores.
(Click on the respective classes to see the skills that can be enhanced!)

• Final Attack
• Brandish
• Combo Force
• Intrepid Slash
• Rush
• Panic
• Shout
• Raging Blow
• Incising
• Rage Uprising

• Final Attack
• Flame Charge
• Blizzard Charge
• Page Order
• Lightning Charge
• Rush
• Holy Charge
• Blast
• Sanctuary

Dark Knight
• Final Attack
• Piercing Drive
• Spear Sweep
• La Mancha Spear
• Rush
• Beholder
• Dark Impale
• Gungnir's Descent

Arch Mage (F,P)
• Flame Orb
• Poison Breath
• Ignite
• Explosion
• Poison Mist
• Teleport Mastery
• Flame Haze
• Mist Eruption
• Ifrit
• Paralyze
• Meteor
• Megido Flame
• Fire Aura

Arch Mage (I,L)
• Thunder Bolt
• Cold Beam
• Chilling Step
• Ice Strike
• Glacier Chain
• Thunderstorm
• Elquines
• Chain Lightning
• Blizzard
• Frozen Orb
• Lightning Sphere

• Heal
• Holy Arrow
• Shining Ray
• Big Bang
• Bahamut
• Angel Ray
• Genesis
• Heaven's Door

• Final Attack: Bow
• Arrow Bomb
• Flame Shot
• Phoenix
• Schutike Eisen
• Arrow Platter
• Hurricane
• Wounds Shot
• Uncountable Arrow
• Quiver Cartridge
• Wind of Fray

Crossbow Master
• Final Attack: Crossbow
• Iron Arrow
• Net Throwing
• Frostprey
• Dragon's Breath
• Bolt Rupture
• Schutike Eisen
• Piercing
• Snipe
• Long Range True Shot

Night Lord
• Shuriken Burst
• Gust Charm
• Mark of Assassin
• Shadow Web
• Dark Flare
• Triple Throw
• Shade Splitter
• Quad Star
• Sudden Raid
• Showdown Challenge
• Four Seasons

• Steal
• Savage Blow
• Phase Dash
• Meso Explosion
• Midnight Carnival
• Dark Flare
• Assassinate
• Boomerang Step
• Sudden Raid
• Shadow Veil

Dual Blade
• Bandit Slash
• Tornado Spin
• Fatal Blow
• Slash Storm
• Flashbang
• Upper Stab
• Blade Ascension
• Flying Assaulter
• Bloody Storm
• Chains of Hell
• Final Cut
• Blade Fury
• Phantom Blow
• Sudden Raid
• Asura
• Hidden Blade

• Corkscrew Blow
• Tornado Uppercut
• Energy Blast
• Spiral Assault
• Landlubber Blast
• Dragon Strike
• Octopunch
• Nautilus Strike
• Buccaneer Blast
• Unity of Power

• Rapid Blast
• Recoil Shot
• Summon Crew
• Blunderbuster
• Blackboot Bill
• Octo-Cannon
• Rapid Fire
• Nautilus Strike
• Brain Scrambler
• Eight-Legs Easton
• Majestic Presence
• Battleship Bomber
• Parrotargetting
• Strange Bomb

Cannon Master
• Cannon Blaster
• Cannon Strike
• Blast Back
• Scatter Shot
• Barrel Bomb
• Cannon Spike
• Monkey Wave
• Cannon Jump
• Barrel Roulette
• Monkey's Fury
• Cannon Bazooka
• Nautilus Strike
• Anchors Away
• Monkey Militia
• Cannon Barrage
• Rolling Cannon Rainbow

• Soul Blade
• Royal Guard
• Soul Driver
• Radiant Driver
• Trinity Attack
• Soul Assault
• Radiant Cross
• Deadly Charge

Soul Master
• Triple Slash
• Luna Slice / Sol Rush
• Inverse Slash / Burning Cleave
• Moon Shadow / Light Flux
• Moon Cross / Sun Cross
• Swirling Moon / Sunset Splitter
• Crescent Divide / Solar Pierce
• Soul Penetration
• Soul Cleaving

Flame Wizard
• Orbital Flame
• Flame Bite
• Flame Vortex
• Ignite
• Flame Tempest
• Cinder Maelstrom
• Blazing Extinction
• Towering Inferno
• Cataclysm
• Blazefire Salvo

Wind Breaker
• Breeze Shot
• Wind Flourish
• Gust Shot
• Trifling Winds
• Chilling Fusillade
• Pinpoint Mark
• Cyclone
• Spiral Vortex
• Violet Squall
• Storm Bringer

Night Walker
• Lucky Seven
• Shadow Bat
• Triple Throw
• Quad Star
• Shadow Spark
• Quintuple Star
• Dark Omen
• Shadow Stitch
• Dominion

• Shark Jaw
• Flash
• Roundwave Kick
• Crashing Wave
• Rising Wave
• Thunderous Dive
• Whirlwind
• Annihilation
• Bolt Anchor
• Tidal Wave

• Smash Wave
• Smash Swing
• Final Charge
• Final Attack
• Final Toss
• Rolling Spin
• Judgment Draw
• Gathering Hook
• Final Blow
• Beyond Blade
• Finisher: Storm of Fear
• Finisher: Hunter's Targeting
• Maha's Domain

• Circle of Mana
• Dragon Spark
• Circle of Wind
• Dragon Swift
• Swift of Wind
• Circle of Thunder
• Dragon Dive
• Swift of Thunder
• Dive of Thunder
• Magical Residue
• Circle of Earth
• Dragon Breath
• Breath - Come Back!
• Breath of Earth
• Breath of Wind
• Dive of Earth
• Dark Fog
• Dragon Master
• Summon Onyx Dragon

• Swift Dual Shot
• Piercing Storm
• Rising Rush
• Parting Shot
• Final Attack: Dual Bowgun
• Stunning Strikes
• Leaf Tornado
• Unicorn Spike
• Gust Dive
• Aerial Barrage
• Elemental Knights
• Ishtar's Ring
• Spikes Royale
• Lightning Edge
• Rolling Moonsault
• Wrath of Enreal

• Double Entendre
• Calling Card
• Mille Cartes
• Carte Blanche
• Blason
• Rapier Wit
• Millie Aiguilles
• Penombre
• Tempest
• Rose Carte Finale

• Flash Fist
• Ground Pound
• Blade Imp (Downforce)
• Blade Imp (Drag force)
• Fox Spirits
• Shockwave Punch
• Blade Imp (Spinforce)
• Spirit Frenzy
• Spirit Trap
• Summon Other Spirit
• Bomb Punch
• Spirit Claw
• Death Mark
• Soul Splitter
• Spirit Incarnation

• Flash Shower
• Abyssal Drop
• Sylvan Lance
• Pressure Void
• Spectral Light
• Ray of Redemption
• Moonlight Spear
• Death Scythe
• Reflection
• Morning Star
• Apocalypse
• Ender
• Armageddon

Demon Slayer
• Grim Scythe
• Demon Lash
• Soul Eater
• Dark Thrust
• Chaos Lock
• Vengeance
• Judgment
• Vortex of Doom
• Raven Storm
• Carrion Breath
• Infernal Concussion
• Demon Impact
• Demon Cry
• Dark Metamorphosis
• Binding Darkness
• Cerburus

Demon Avenger
• Exceed: Double Slash
• Exceed: Demon Strike
• Bat Swarm
• Exceed: Moonlight Slash
• Inhale Vitality
• Shield Charge
• Exceed: Execution
• Shield Chasing
• Armor Break
• Bloody Imprison
• Thousand Swords

Battle Mage
• Triple Blow
• Summon: Death
• Quad Blow
• Dark Chain
• Death Blow
• Battle Burst
• Dark Shock
• Finishing Blow
• Dark Genesis
• Battle King Bar

Wild Hunter
• Double Shot
• Summon Jaguar
• Another Bite
• Claw Cut
• Final Attack
• Triple Shot
• Crossroad
• Jaguar Skyward Rush
• Enduring Fire
• Assistant Hunting Unit
• Sonic Roar
• Wild Arrow Blast
• Drill Container Unit
• Jaguar Soul
• Flash Rain / Rampage As One

• ME-07 Drillhands
• Flame Shot
• Rocket Booster
• Advanced Flame Shot
• Homing Missile
• Robo Laucher: RM7
• Punch Launcher
• Rock'n Shock
• Massive Fire: SPLASH/IRON
• Support Waver: H-EX
• Giant Robot SG-88
• Bots'n Tots
• Massive Fire: Splash-F / Iron-B
• Distortion Field

• Energy Spline
• Pinpoint Rocket
• Quicksilver Sword
• Ion Thruster
• Combat Switching
• Diagonal Chase
• Fila Scramble
• Easy's System
• Triangle Formation
• Blade Dancing
• Fuzzy Rob Masquerade
• Hologram Graffiti
• Confining Entanglement
• Meltdown Explosion

• Dragon Slash
• Flame Surge
• Impact Wave
• Piercing Blaze
• Tempest Blades
• Wing Beat
• Pressure Chain
• Stone Dragon
• Gigas Wave
• Dragon Barrage
• Blade Burst
• Inferno Breath
• Ancestral Prominence

Angelic Buster
• Soul Buster
• Star Bubble
• Lovely Sting
• Pink Pummmel
• Soul Seeker
• Shining Star Burst
• Heavenly Crash
• Celestial Roar
• Trinity
• Finale Ribbon
• Soul Resonance
• Supreme Supernova

• Rising Slash
• Air Raid
• Moon Strike
• Piercing Thrust
• Shadow Strike
• Flash Cut
• Throwing Weapon
• Flash Assault
• Spin Cutter
• Spin Driver
• Wheel Wind
• Rolling Cross
• Rolling Assault
• Giga Crash
• Jumping Crash
• Earth Break
• Wind Cutter
• Wind Strike
• Storm Break
• Shadow Rain

• Psychic Force
• Crash
• Mad Crash
• Ultimate-Deep Impact
• Psychic Drain
• Psychic Grab
• Ultimate-Train
• Tele Kinesis
• Mind Break
• Ultimate-B.P.M
• Mental Tempest
• Mental Shock
• Ultimate-Material

• Hongwu Art
• Accelerated Shot
• Dragon Blitz
• Panda Earthquake
• Extreme Shadow
• Dragon's Raid
• Dragon Destroyer
• Lightning Ambush
• Dragon Volition
• Dance of the Dragon
• Exploding Fist
• Aura Burst

• Summer's Rain
• Hundred Strikes
• Sanrenzan
• Iaigiri
• Surging Blade
• Shoryuusen
• Jin Sanrenzan
• Vapor Blade
• Iaigiri no Jin
• Rising Slash
• Falcon Dive
• Fuu Sanrenzan
• Iaigiri no Fuu
• Sweeping Sword
• Whirlwind Cut
• Dankuusen
• Rai Sanrenzan
• Iaigiri no Rai
• Tornado Blade
• Sudden Strike
• Shinsoku
• Hitokiri Strike
• Falcon's Honor

• Shikigami Haunting
• Clay Yaksha
• Ether Pulse
• Rock Yaksha
• Shikigami Charm
• Nimbus Curse
• Tengu Strike
• Spirit Corral
• Vanquisher's Charm
• Orochi
• Falling Sakura
• Vanquisher's Bind
• Nine-Tailed Fury
• Demon's Fury
• Veritable Pandemonium

Special Cores

• Special Cores are skills that will activate whenever a certain condition is met.
• All classes can learn these special skills.
However, do note that you can only equip 1 Special Core in the V Matrix system.
All Special Cores can go up to Level 1, hence they cannot be upgraded / enhanced.
• All Special Cores skills will expire within 7 days upon obtaining them.

Special Skill List

These are the special skills you can learn.


9. New Continent: Arcane River

Level Requirement: Level 200+
Quest Pre-requisite: Completed 5th Job Advancement
Recommended Quest to Start: Another Power: Arcane Force

Located at the Gate of the Present in the Temple of Time, lies a new continent which awaits you...



A fusion of all worlds beyond the limits of time and space...
with a scattered breath of life in a river...
Waiting at the end of this river, lies the Black Mage...

The Arcane River region has been opened.
Only those who have acquired their new power can enter this continent.
The Arcane River region is currently known to have 3 areas.
Road to Extinction, Chew Chew Island, Dream City Lacheln...

New Equipment: Arcane Symbol


A new Arcane Equipment system has been added.
• Equip Arcane Symbols to get high amount of stats and Arcane Force!
• This equipment would be beneficial for your exploration in the Arcane River region.
• Arcane Symbols can be obtained through content in the Arcane River region.
• Combine Arcane Symbols of the same kind to gain EXP on them, and eventually use mesos to enhance them to the next level!

Do not underestimate the power of the Arcane Force -
Without them, you will be dealing much lower damage to monsters in the Arcane River region!

Region 1: Road to Extinction

The first region of the Arcane River, The Road to Extinction...



The truth behind the Arcane River, was created due to the Black Mage combining multiple worlds...
In here, you'll meet the Amnesiac Temple Keeper, needing your help to cross this river...

Basic Information

• The Road to Extinction is splitted into 3 regions: Oblivion Lake, Flame Zone of Extinction, Cave of Rest.
• As you complete story quests in here, you'll be able to explore deeper regions of the area.
• Daily quests will be unlocked after completion of the story quests, which rewards Arcane Symbols.

Challenges awaits you through this flowing river...