16 Nov 2016

V Patch Notes [Part 1] (v162)


Welcome, to a new era of MapleStorySEA!

This patch promises to break down boundaries, bridge new connections and boldly change your Mapling experience from game client improvements, system improvements, a fresh user interface, the long awaited 5th job advancement and more!

Are you ready to say Hi-Five?!!

Click on the respective section titles below to view detailed information!

1. Game Client Optimization

With efforts to make Mapling in MapleSEA more enjoyable, the game client has been optimized.
• The client size has been reduced by approximately 2.6 GB (compared to V161 Heroes of Maple patch)
• Video cutscenes will now use video streaming technologies.
• Sound data has been optimized.
• Client lag when killing monsters that applies to quest's conditions has been improved.
• Time taken to transit between maps has been decreased.
• Data loading speed during character login and time taken to open the quest information window have been improved.


The Client Log Collector Module is a system that creates logs from the game client that will allow various issues that were previously unable to be reproduced to be investigated. You may opt to decline to allow the system to collect logs from your client. This can be changed at any time under the Settings menu.

2. New System: Rest EXP Coupons

A new system has been added, where EXP Coupons is rewarded to you when taking a break from MapleSEA!

You can obtain Rest EXP Coupons for not logging in for a certain number of days:
→ 2 Days: 3 2x EXP Coupon (15 Min)
→ 3 Days: 4 2x EXP Coupon (15 Min)
→ 4 Days: 5 2x EXP Coupon (15 Min)
→ 5 Days: 6 2x EXP Coupon (15 Min)
→ More than 6 Days: 7 2x EXP Coupon (15 Min)

• This system is tagged per Maple ID.
• The EXP Coupon is directly credited to the character's item inventory.
• The EXP Coupon is Inter-Account Tradable.
• Please ensure to have enough inventory USE slots, the coupon will be forfeited if there is insufficient slots. Requests for reimbursements will not be entertained.

With this system in place, we hope that you have a better work-life-play balance!

3. Existing Contents & System Updates

Various content and system changes has been made to improve the overall gameplay experience.

A. Boss Related Updates [±]

Auto Resurrection System


You will now automatically resurrect in 30 seconds with a 5 second delay, in the event you have remaining death counts during the boss fight. (Note: You can still press OK to resurrect earlier as per normal)

This change will apply to the following bosses.
• Normal Cygnus
• Chaos Zakum
• All Chaos Root Abyss Bosses
• All Lotus modes
• All Damien modes
• All Magnus modes

Entry Limit Changes
Daily entry limit of 1 for all modes of Lotus and Damien has been removed. You can now re-enter the boss map after 30 minutes prior to the entry time.

Boss Matching UI
Error where clearing Normal Zakum twice would not allow you to queue for Chaos Zakum has been fixed.

EXP Losing Removed
You will no longer lose EXP in the following bosses.
• Von Leon (All Modes)
• Arkarium (All Modes)
• Hilla (Hard)

Boss Upper Level Limit Restriction Removed
Applicable to Balrog Boss

The following bosses death counts has been changed to individual death counts.
• Easy Magnus - 5 Death Counts
• Normal Magnus - 10 Death Counts
• Hard Magnus - 15 Death Counts
• Easy / Normal Arkarium - 5 Death Counts

Various bosses has been added to Murr Murr's Soul Collector Book


• Balrog • Prison Guard Ani • Mu Gong • Ursus • Arkarium • Pink Bean • Magnus • Lotus • Damien • Mokadin • Karianne • July • CQ57 • Plaid • Zakum • Hilla • Ban Ban • Pierre • Bloody Queen • Bellum • Captain Black Slime • Xerxes • Rex • Pianus • Dragon Rider • Lucid

Other Improvements
• Horntail Heads: Area around the left and right heads has been modified to allow better skill usage.
• Ban Ban (Chaos): Falling clocks will stop falling after Ban Ban's death.
• Damien: Damien Soul / Soul Shards has been added.
Boss Entry Reset Coupons usage limit count will now reset every Thursday midnight.

B. Star Force Enhancement Updates [±]


• You now have an option to turn off the Star Catcher minigame to make enhancing faster.
• If your equipment is between 12 to 16 stars, you will have the option to consume more mesos to nullify the destroy rate for enhancement.

C. NPC Related Updates [±]

• A Storage NPC, Condi, has been added in the Abandoned Campsite of the Corrupted World Tree.

• You can now enable the ability to right click to sell items to NPC Merchants.

• The clothing box in Henesys has been updated to use drag and drop system, to minimize accidental item discarding. It will also highlight items which cannot be disposed in red on your item inventory.

• Conversion rate for changing an Absolab Coin from NPC Sensitive Squadroid has been revised (25 A-Grade Energy Core + 1 S-Grade Hypercore = 1 Absolab Coin).

• Conversion rate for changing a Stigma Coin from NPC Quartermaster Sakaro has been revised (25 Faded Brand Soulstone + 1 Warped Brand Soul Stone = 1 Stigma Coin).

• Absolabs Kusanagi can now be purchased at the Absolab / Stigma Coin Shop.

D. Item Related Updates [±]

- You will now revive with full HP / MP when using Wheel of Fortune.

- Resurrection flames can no longer be used on equipments that are locked with Seal Locks.

- Miracle Circulator now allows you to have a choice to keep the BEFORE or AFTER stat lines.

- Additional Cubes now uses the updated Cube UI, which allows the function of "Use One More Time".

- You can now hold multiple Horntail Pendants and Chaos Horntail Pendants.

- Lion Heart Balor Arms can now be exchanged with 15 Black Shard of Destruction.

- Fafnir Gigastein can now be exchanged with 15 Shard of Destruction.

- The item maximum stack limit on a slot for the following items has been increased by 3 to 10 times.
• Elixir • Power Elixir • All Cure Potions • Suspicious Cubes • Pet Food • Spell Trace • Royal Lion King Medal • Crusader Coin • Magnus Coin • Shadow Merchant Coin • Evolving Coin • Monster Life Coin • Enheim Coin • Kritias Commemorative Coin • Absolabs Coin • Stigma Coin • Boss Shard Pieces • Monster Park Extreme Potions • Cube Fragments • Soul Pieces • Various Potions • Various Herbs & Ores

E. Equipment Related Updates [±]


Additional options will now be shown separately on the equipment's tooltip in green fonts.

• Hayato, Kanna and ZEN classes will now receive their own Emblems upon completion of their 3rd Job Advancement / 4th Job Advancement.
- Hayato: Accept the quest Crescent Emblem (Lv.60) / Shining Crescent Emblem (Lv.100)
- Kanna: Accept the quest Sakura Emblem (Lv.60) / Shining Sakura Emblem (Lv.100)
- ZEN: Accept the quest Dragon Emblem (Lv.60) / Gold Dragon Emblem (Lv.100)

• Zero classes will now be able to grow their Lapis Lazuli to Rank 8 and 9.
- Requires Level 180 and 1 Absolab Essence to grow from Lapis Lazuli 7 to 8 (these can be bought from the Absolab or Stigma Coin Shops).
- Requires Level 200 and 1 Arcaneshade Essence to grow from Lapis Lazuli 8 to 9 (these can be bought from the Arcaneshade Shop, which will be released in the future).

F. Hunting Field Related Updates [±]

• Monsters will no longer drop Bow and Crossbow arrows.
• Master Dummy will now occassionally appear in Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Area.
• Gigantic Bellflower Roots will now occassionally appear in Herb Town: Bellflower Valley.
• Sudden Missions daily limit will now only decrease when you begun to progress on them.
• Drops from monsters will stay on the ground for 120 seconds (this applies to event item drops and Medal of Honor only)


Optimized Party Play Zones has been added, which can be accessed directly at the training field or via Quick Move button at Major Towns.
→ Aquarium (Lv.75 ~ Lv.80)
→ Verne Mines (Lv.80 ~ Lv.85)
→ Nihal Desert Sunset Road (Lv.87 ~ Lv.89)
→ Ludibrium Eos Tower (Lv.93 ~ Lv.97)
→ Dead Mine (Lv.120 ~ Lv.124)
→ Herb Town (Lv.125 ~ Lv.129)
→ Shaolin Temple (Lv.145 ~ Lv.148)

• The following monsters spawn rate frequency has been increased.
→ Dodo
→ Lilynouch
→ Lyka

• The monster spawn rate frequency has been increased for certain hunting fields.
→ Fairy Academy Elinel
→ Mushroom Castle Skyscraper / Castle Walls
→ Henesys Ruins
→ Magatia Sahel
→ Magatia Lab C-1 / C-3
→ Ludibrium Toy Factory
→ Temple of Time
→ Knights Stronghold
→ Mechanical Grave Hill 1-5
→ Colossus the Giant
→ Kritias (After completion of questline)

G. Monster Collection Updates [±]


• Monsters in Fantastic Theme Park and Korean Folk Town has been added to the Ludus Lake category.
• Commanding Suspicious Seal monster has been changed to Magic Resistant Commander Suspicious Seal. The number of Expedition Boxes rewarded for this particular line of monsters has been increased.
• Chaos Pierre can now be registered by hunting Chaos Red Pierre / Chaos Blue Pierre.
• Monsters in Corrupted World Tree has been added to the Victoria Island category.
• Monsters in Arcane River has been added to the new Arcane River category.
• Various new rewards has been added prior to these monster collection additions.

H. Guild Related Updates [±]

• After using Guild's Guidance weather buff, you can no longer use it again until 1 minute has passed.
• Contribution points can now be earned through the following bosses.
→ Horntail (Chaos)
→ Cygnus (Easy)
→ Lotus (All Modes)
→ Damien (All Modes)

I. Cash Storage System Update [±]

Classes under the same job factions will now share the same Cash Storage Inventory.
They are split to the following categories:
→ Explorers (Including ZEN)
→ Cygnus Knights & Mihile
→ Heroes
→ Resistance, Demon & Xenon
→ Nova
→ Zero
→ Kinesis
→ Sengoku

J. Content Related Updates [±]


Kritias Invasion has received some changes.
→ You can now change channels during an invasion.
→ The invasion will now start on your current channel.


The SEED has received some changes.
→ If you leave the 50th Floor of The SEED other than clearing it, you'll receive Hazy Stone based on your remaining time.
→ If you're ranked #1 for the weekly rankings, you'll now have a choice to select between The SEED Legend Emblem or The SEED Master Emblem.
→ Rings obtained from The SEED content can no longer be wore together and its' ring buffs can no longer be stacked.


Mu Lung Dojo has received some changes.
→ The higher platform on each floor has been removed, to prevent certain movement skills causing character to get stuck.

The following Party Quests (PQ) upper level limit restriction has been removed.
→ Tangyoon's Cooking Class
→ Romeo and Juilet
→ Xerxes of Chryse
→ Nett's Pyramid
→ Dimensional Schism
→ Lord Pirate

• The Boss Arena content has been removed.

K. Miscellaneous Updates [±]

• Maximum item inventory slot has been increased to 128! (Equip-Use-Setup-Etc-Cash-Storage)

• By right clicking on a particular NPC on the Mini-Map NPC window, it will give you an option to be navigated to the NPC location.

• When exiting game via 'X' Button in windows mode or ALT + F4, there will be a prompt asking for confirmation.

• Pets can now be taken out when you're hanging on a rope or ladder.

• Meister Smithers can now craft the following Meister Weapons.
→ Psy-Limiters
→ Revolver Gauntlets.

• Damage Skin Inventory maximum slot has been increased to 15.

4. Character Stats / Battle Formula Revamp

Character Stats UI Revamp


• In the detailed stats section, the damage range can go up to 99,999,999.
→ Your Final Damage will now be reflective in your damage range.
• In the detailed stats section, you'll also be able to see the breakdown of your damage as follows.
→ Damage
→ Boss Damage
→ Final Damage

Min. Critical Damage and Max. Critical Damage Revamp
• Min / Max Critical Damage stats have been combined to Critical Damage.
→ Character skills, inner abilities, character cards, equipments, equipments potential / additional potentials and additional options (Flamed Stats) has been changed accordingly.
• In the detailed stats section, Min/Max Critical Damage has been replaced to show Critical Damage.
• In a general rule, critical hits will deal 20%~50% extra damage.
→ With Critical Damage (%) stats, you'll be able to increase this range.
• Angelic Buster's Star Gazer skill can now be stacked with Sharp Eyes.

Status Resistance Revamp


• Status Resistance will now reduce the duration of status effects by a certain percentage instead of allowing immunity to status effects.
• Hovering over the Status Resistance stats will display how much % would the Abnormal Status Effect duration be reduced.
• The maximum limit for Status Resistance is now 500.
• Monsters' abilities to ignore status resistance has been removed.
• The Hero's Will skill can now release additional status effects.
• Monsters' skillls that deal deadly abnormal status has its duration decreased and their cooldowns greatly increased.
• Monsters will no longer use buff cancel.

Defense Revamp
• Physical Defense has been renamed to Defense.
• The maximum defense limit is now 99,999.
• Character Cards that give physical defense has been changed to other stats.
• Magic Defense has been removed, and monsters attacks magicial properties has been removed.
→ Character skills, inner abilities, character cards, equipments, equipments potential / additional potentials and additional options (Flamed Stats) has been changed accordingly.
• In the detailed stats section, Magic Defense has been removed.

Hit-rate Related Stats Revamp
• Hit rate, accuracy and avoidability has been removed.
→ Character skills, inner abilities, character cards, equipments, equipments potential / additional potentials and additional options (Flamed Stats) has been changed accordingly or removed.
• Evasion rate will work the same, but character skills, inner abilities, character cards, equipments, equipments potential / additional potentials and additional options (Flamed Stats) has been changed accordingly or removed.
• Hit-rate depending on the difference between the level of the monster and your character level has been removed.
→ However, now your damage will be reduced by the same ratio.
• In the detailed stats section, physical / magical accuracy and physical / magicial avoidability has been removed.

Ignore DEF Stats Changes
• As the Maximum Cap Damage has been removed in this patch, the Ignore DEF option will be changed to follow that of KMS (decreased rate when option stacks). This change is essential for standardization between Korea's MapleStory service to MapleSEA service.

Monster EXP Gain Rate Revamp
• You'll now gain more EXP from monsters close to your character's level.
→ You will enjoy the full EXP amount of a monster up to a level difference of 10.
→ You can enjoy up to 105% EXP if your character's level-monster's level is between 5~9 levels!
→ You can enjoy up to 110% EXP if your character's level-monster's level is between 1~4 levels!
• When defeating monsters a certain level higher or lower than your character, the EXP and mesos you'll receive will be decreased in proportion to the level difference.
→ If your character level is higher than the monster by 11 and above, your EXP gain will gradually decrease.
→ If your character level is lower than the monster by 11~20, your EXP gain will gradually decrease.
→ If your character level is lower than the monster by 21 and above, your EXP gain will greatly decrease.
• This change does not apply to bosses.

Invincibility Skills Revamp
• Certain monster skills that could ignore invincibility skills will no longer be able to do so.

Monster Bind Skills Revamp
• Most monsters that could resist bind skills can no longer do so.
• However, monsters resistance to binds' duration has been increased.
• Certain bind skills will now do damage before they bind an enemy.

Demon Avenger's Stats Revamp
• HP from leveling up, job advancing, investing in AP and equipment has been reduced by 50%.
→ However, each point of HP will now increase your damage range by twice as much.
• Due to this, certain Demon Avenger skills has been adjusted.

5. Skill Changes

Various skill changes has been made in this patch.

Maple Warrior Related Skill Changes[±]

• All Maple Warrior related buffs cast delay has been removed. This will affect the following:
→ Maple Warrior
→ Cygnus Knights
→ Nova Warrior
→ Other World Warrior
→ Sengoku Warrior

Projectile Related Skill Changes[±]

• Projectile related skills will now search for a new target for 2 seconds if their initial target disappears.
After which, it will disappear. This will affect the following:
Angelic Buster: Soul Seeker
Demon Avenger: Shield Chasing
Eunwol: Fox Spirits

Home Return Related Skill Changes[±]

• All home return skills cooldown has been standardized to 600 seconds. This will affect the following:
→ Return to Maple Island
→ Journey Home
→ Back to Rien
→ Coming Home
→ Elven Blessing
→ To The Skies
→ Secret Plaza Emergency Assembly
→ Promessa Assault
→ Day Dreamer
→ Temple Recall
→ Return

Individual Classes Related Skill Changes[±]

Please note that the skill value % is written based on the max level of the skill.

Combo Force: Will no longer consume Combo when used with Down arrow key.
Enrage: Error where Enrage's effect of hitting 1 enemy would not activate on Ultimate Explorers has been fixed.
Valhalla: Cooldown decreased to 150 seconds.
Rage Uprising: Action delay has been decreased.

Advanced Charge: Number of hits to boost to Blast and all Charge skills has been increased to 2.
Sanctuary: Cooldown decreased to 15 seconds.
Sanctuary - Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown reduction decreased to 30%.

Dark Knight
Beholder: Duration decreased to 200 seconds, cooldown is removed.
Beholder Dominant: Changed so that buff, heal and Revenge of the Beholder can activate during free attack mode.
Lord of Darkness: Now heals 3% of MaxHP when attacking boss monsters.
Beholder Shock: Stun duration decreased to 5 seconds.
Sacrifice: Cooldown of 70 seconds added. Sacrifice's cooldown is decreased by 0.5 seconds every time Beholder attacks.
Reincarnation - Damage: Changed to 20% final damage boost.
Reincarnation - Reduce Targets: The number of enemies that you need to defeat to resurrect decreases while Reincarnation is cast.
Beholder - Reinforce: Enhances Damage of Beholder Dominant/Beholder Shock/Beholder Revenge.
Beholder - Buff Reinforce: Beholder's buff further increases Attacks.
Beholder - Healing Reinforce: Healing from Beholder increases.
Reincarnation - Cooltime Reduce Removed
Hyper Body - Persist Removed
Hyper Body - Extra MP Removed
Hyper Body - Extra HP Removed

Arch Mage (F,P)
Mist Eruption - Reinforce: Mist Eruption damage increased.
Mist Eruption - Limit Canceller Removed

Arch Mage (I,L)
Freezing Breath: In addition to existing effect, it now deals 450% damage 4 times on up to 8 enemies before binding effect.

Heal: Skill effect range is reduced.
Heaven's Door: Party members that have received this buff cannot receive it again for 600 seconds. A short cast action has been added.

Arrow Platter: Installed turret attack speed has been decreased.
Hurricane - Split Attack: Damage increased to 75%.

Crossbow Master
Snipe: Damage decreased to 1470%, Number of hits increased to 2.
Long Range True Shot: Damage decreased to 1350%, Number of hits increased to 2.
Sniping - Boss Rush: Increases damage of Sniping on Boss monsters.
Sniping - Limit Canceller Removed

Night Lord
Shadow Web: Jump height is increased. Can now be used after using Flash Jump twice.
Bleeding Toxin: Duration increased to 90 seconds.

Smoke Bomb: Duration decreased to 30 seconds, Cooldown decreased to 150 seconds.
Advanced Dark Sight: Chance to enter Dark Sight after attacking or using skills is decreased to 15%. Chance to automatically enter Dark Sight after being attacked while in Dark Sight is decreased to 15%.
Assassinate: Stun effect is removed, last hit additional critical rate is removed. While using this skill, you will no longer be able to be knocked back by any attacks.
Critical Growing: Critical rate boost increased to 3%, and now also increases your Critical Damage while attacking.
Prima Critical: Critical rate boost increased to 6%.
Meso Guard: Coin drop condition is changed: Pick Pocket and Meso Guard must be on for coin to drop.
Meso Mastery: Removed the chance to increase Pick Pocket Meso Drop.
Pick Pocket: Chance to drop coins decreased to 30%, Max number of coins can be dropped is now 15. Number of coins dropped are shown on the buff window.
Meso Explosion: Damage decreased to 100% per coin, Max number of coins used decreased to 15. The cooldown is removed, and can be used in mid-air.
Meso Explosion - Enhance: Meso quantity in use is now max usable meso. Added a feature increasing max limit quantity for coins dropped. Reduced the meso drop chance to 10%.
Shadow Veil: While using this skill, Advanced Dark Sight chance is increased to 100%.
Into Darkness: Enables you to hide in the dark and teleport forward to the farthest enemy in range in front and move behind the enemy. Shadow Veil activates after moving, and shares Shadow Veil's Cooldown.
Assassinate - Ignore Guard: Assassination's defense ignorance chance increased.
Assassinate - Limit Canceller Removed

Dual Blade
Revisit: When used, you will be teleported to Kerning City Back Alley.
Return to Maple Island Removed

Octopunch: Damage when fully charged is increased to 320%.
Dragon Strike: Final damage boost increased to 25%.
Time Leap: Should not be reapplied if disconnected, debuff will remain.

Battleship Bomber: Battleship Bomber’s skill level will now be linked to Crew Commandership’s skill level. Summon one of the Nautilus’ crew members on a battleship for a 20 seconds, and you can have up to 2 crews summoned at one time.
Ahoy Mateys: Critical damage boost has been decreased.
Nautilus Strike: Using this skill will reduce Battleship Bomber's cooldown by 50%.
Octo-Cannon: Cast delay is decreased.
Parrotargetting: Final damage boost will apply to Battleship Bomber.
Untiring Nectar: HP boost decreased to 15%. Critical rate is increase by 10% if skill is active.
Pirate's Revenge: Now passively adds 15% damage reduction.

Cannon Shooter
Homing Cannon: When used, you will be teleported to Nautilus.
Return to Maple Island Removed

Knights of Cygnus
Empress's Prayer: No longer affected by cooldown resets and buff duration increasing effects.

Soul Master
Soul Penetration: Error where bind resistance would not be applied to enemies has been fixed.
Swirling Moon / Sunset Splitter: Damage decreased to 350%, Number of hits increased to 4.
Cross The Sticks: Attack range increased, cooldown reduced to 30 seconds.
Soluna's Slash:Rush towards enemies and cleave them apart. This skill can only be used only while you are in midair while using Soluna's Harmony skill. SP is not invested in the skill and Can be used when Soluna's Harmony skill is learned.

Wind Breaker
Violent Squall: Cooldown decreased to 30 seconds.

Flame Wizard
Liberated Magic: MP consumption boost decreased to 150%.

Static Charge: Damage increased to 70%.
Continuous Assault: Final damage increased to 20%.

Soul Asylum: Damage reduction on % HP attacks has been removed.
Royal Guard: Invincibility time increased to 4 seconds.

Regained Memory: Boss damage and Critical rate boosts has been removed.
Advanced Combo Ability: Resistance to status and elements is decreased to 40%.
Adrenaline Boost: Damage boost is decreased to 150%.
Adrenaline Generator: This skill can no longer be used during Adrenaline Boost or 15 seconds after Adrenaline Boost has ended.

Inherited Will: Boss damage and Max HP boosts has been removed.
Support Jump: Error where this skill could be used on maps where movement skills are restricted has been fixed.
Elemental Reset: Final damage boost decreased to 15%.
Magic Amplification: Final damage boost decreased to 15%, MP consumption boost decreased to 130%.
Swift - Come Back!: Final damage boost decreased to 10%.
Swift of Wind: If it targets on a single enemy, Swift of Wind's final damage will be decreased by 35%.
Reinforced Magicial Residue: Max creation limit is reduced to 15.
Dragon Breath: Cooldown increased to 10 seconds, damage boost decreased.
Breath of Wind: Damage decreased to 215%, damage boost on low health enemies decreased to 65%, Number of hits increased to 5.
Dive of Thunder: Orb duration reduced from 15 seconds to 9 seconds. Orb creation delay increased.

Critical Insight: Critical rate boost on low health enemies is decreased to 85%.
Spirit Trap: In addition to existing effects, it now deals 700% damage 3 times.

Demon Slayer
Infernal Concussion: Enemies in mid-air can no longer be knocked up again.
Dark Metamorphosis: Invincibility will now persist for a short period of time after casting the skill.
Metamorphosis - Enhance: Level required to unlock Hyper Passive: 162
Blue Blood: Cooldown can be lowered by absorbing Fury.
Cerburus: Cast delay is decreased.
Demon Lash - Extra Fury: Absorbs more Fury with Demon Lash.
Demon Lash - Reinforce: Increases Demon Lash damage.
Demon Lash - Reinforce Remaining Time: Follow Demon Lash with other attack skills to achieve enhanced damage for a set duration.
Cerburus - Reinforce Removed

Cerburus - Bonus Attack Removed
Cerburus - Reduce Force Removed

Demon Avenger
Exceed: Execution: Damage increased to 540%.
High Efficiency: Effect decreased to +200%, but now applies to Elixir / Power Elixirs.
Inner Strength: HP boost has been decreased.

Giant Robot SG-88: Error where Giant Robot would disappear has been fixed.

Pinpoint Rocket 1st Fortification: Damage boost has been decreased to 20%.
Pinpoint Rocket 2nd Fortification: Damage boost has been decreased to 30%.
Pinpoint Rocket Final Fortification: Damage boost has been decreased to 40%.
Aviation Liberty: While this skill is active, you can no longer use Pinpoint Rocket.

Angelic Buster
Trinity: Damage decreased to 720%, 2nd attack's number of hit increased to 3, 3rd attack's number of hits increased to 4.
Trinity - Extra Strike: Damage decreased to 650%.
Finale Ribbon - Enhance: Increases Finale Ribbon's debuff damage.
Finale Ribbon - Maxed Reinforce Removed

Psychic Grab: Can no longer grab enemies that are 11 levels higher than you.
Psychic Force: DoT damage duration increased to 20 seconds.
Psychic Force II: DoT damage duration increased to 20 seconds.
Psychic Force III: DoT damage duration increased to 20 seconds.
Psychic Drain: Duration increased to 10 seconds.
Psychic Ground: Duration increased to 20 seconds, cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
Psychic Ground II: Duration increased to 20 seconds, cooldown increased to 20 seconds.

6. User Interface (UI) Revamps

Main UI


The Main UI has been revamped, to be less cluttered, neater and easy to use!

• Duplicate buttons has been cleaned up and is now categorised into various menus.

• Menus are now reorganised with small Mini Buttons as follows:
image Cash Shop
image Events --> Event List, Daily Gift
image Character --> Character Info, Stats, Skill, Equip Window, Inventory
image Community --> Buddy/Blacklist, Party/Boss Queue, Guild, Note, Maple Chat
image Settings --> Change Channels, Options, Hotkey Settings, Exit Game (Character Selection)
image Menu --> Quest, Medal, Monster Collection, Monster Life, Battle Statistics, Help, Report

• Quickslots can now be extended and minimized by pressing the arrow buttons beside the quickslots or via a hotkey.
→ You can now see the cooldown time for skills on your quickslots if its less than 60 seconds.

• Character status window is now adjusted to the center of the screen.
→ It would display your Character Level, IGN, HP and MP Bars.
→ Hover over the area of your IGN to view the following: MapleID / World-Channel / Class / Latency
→ The EXP bar is realigned to the bottom of the screen.

• The chatting window has been changed, and a new Combat tab has been added.
→ The minimized chatting window is now smaller.
→ The chatting window can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.
→ By clicking on the Combat tab, it will display information like your EXP / Mesos obtained.

Options UI
The options UI has been revamped.

• New tabs has been added, to allow better categorization for various settings.

New Feature: Skill Effect Transparency feature is added to the graphics tab. You can adjust the skill effect transparency for your own character and other characters.
• An option to turn the Soul Weapon window ON/OFF has been added.
• An option to display the Combat Message on the bottom right corner of the screen has been added.
• An option whether you want to send Game Client Data Log to the developers for performance improvements has been added.

Keyboard Settings UI


• Hotkeys are now colour-coded, and categorized based on Actions, Character, Dialogue and Contents.
• A Soul Weapon Window hotkey has been added.
• A Character Info hotkey has been added.
• A Change Channel hotkey has been added.

Icon Notifier UI

• The Quick Move button on major towns has been enlarged to be more visible.
• The Contents button has been removed, and the Icon Notifier has been cleaned up to be less cluttered.
You can now access the following contents as follows:
→ Equip Enhancement --> Via Item Inventory Enhancement Button or a keyboard shortcut
→ Boss UI --> Via Community UI or a keyboard shortcut
→ Cross Hunter --> Via a Keyboard Hot Key
→ Event List / Daily Gifts --> Via the Event Mini Button
→ Evolving System / Root Abyss / Black Heaven / Heroes of Maple --> Via the Mirror of Dimension
• The numbers that were displayed next to each icon has been removed.
→ You can now hover over these icons to see the number of quests available.

Mirror of Dimension UI


The Mirror of Dimension interface has been improved.
• Name of Contents will now be shown more clearly.
• Information such as the level required and rewards will be displayed.
• Certain contents can no longer be accessed via the Mirror of Dimension.
→ Golden Temple content can be accessed via the Maple Guide or..
→ Ghost Park content can be accessed via the Maple Guide or a portal in Korean Folk Town.
→ Cygnus (Easy Mode) can be accessed via the Boss UI.

World Map UI


The World Map UI has been adjusted slightly.
• View Other World, View Entire World and View Other Regions button has been removed.
• You can now choose a specific world / specific area world map you wish to see using the drop down box.

Maple Guide UI


The Maple Guide button below the Mini Map has been removed to improve the clutter issue.
• Upon logging in, the Maple Guide window will now automatically appear. When closing it for the first time, you'll receive a confirmation message.
• The Maple Guide window can be reopened using a keyboard shortcut. (default 'U')

Link Skill UI


The Link Skill UI has been revamped to allow easier transferring of link skills between characters!
• You'll now see all your link skills on the new Owned Link Skills section of the UI.
• You can simply Link and Unlink skills from this UI directly.
• However, do note that daily limits per transfer still applies. (Once per day)

7. Quick Growth - Beyond the Limits!

Get to Level 200 in a breeze! Various changes have been made to make you grow faster!

EXP Curve Changes
• The EXP required to level up from Level 65 ~ 200 has been reduced.
• The revised EXP table starts from a minor decrement of EXP required from Level 65 onwards.
• From Level 120 onwards, you can enjoy up to a 10% EXP reduction as compared to current!
• From Level 160 up to Level 200, you can enjoy up to a 30% EXP reduction as compared to current!

Damage Cap Removal
The damage cap of 50,000,000 has been removed, to allow infinite growth for a character!
• Classes whom skills that has damage cap increasing effect has been replaced with other skills.

Content Level Restriction Reduction
Perion in Twlight related quests will now begin at Level 180.

Party Quest (PQ) Required / Recommended Level Changes
Xerxes of Chryse- Required Level: 110 (Recommended: Level 110-129)
Dimensional Schism- Required Level: 120 (Recommended: Level 120-139)
Lord Pirate- Required Level: 130 (Recommended: Level 130-149)
Escape- Required Level: 140 (Recommended: Level 140-159)
Dragon Rider- Required Level: 150 (Recommended: Level 150-169)
Kenta in Danger- Required Level: 160 (Recommended: Level 160-179)
Resurrection of Hoblin King- Required Level: 170 (Recommended: Level 170-189)

8. 5th Job Advancement *Power Awakenened on 23rd November 2016*
9. New Continent: Arcane River *Content Released on 23rd November 2016*
10. New Class: Blaster *Content Released on 7th December 2016*
11. Bug Fixes