08 Jul 2024

[Updated] DREAMER World Leap Notes (v234)


My time has come...

Duration: 10th July 2024, (After v234 Patch) ~ 20th August 2024, 2359hrs

Developer Notes

It's been a while since our last World Leap event, so we've taken it a step further by launching an unrestricted, world-wide Leap event. This allows you to move characters without any limitations to your desired World. Each world in our service has its unique characteristics, and we hope this World Leap event will enable you to move to your favorite world and enhance your MapleStory experience.

Event Mechanics


Locate NPC Mr.Move-it in Henesys and talk to him in-game. You will then be able to select your destination world.
Before moving your character to a new world, please read the information listed on this page in full and very carefully.

Please note that this cannot be undone once you have moved worlds. Please read the information provided by NPC Mr.Move-it, and the information on this page carefully before proceeding.

World Leap Process

General Information

  • Participants must be Level 130+, Zero character who has completed Chapter 2 for Story Quest.
  • Worlds available for Leap: Aquila, Bootes, Cassiopeia, and Draco.
  • Each character can only perform World Leap ONCE!! Eg: Aquila leap to Bootes, the character will be in Bootes permanently. Please do not rush and decide carefully!
  • You can only move to the first World you selected once you start the 1st character transfer. Please note that you cannot change the choice afterwards.
    (E.g. Your 1st character is World Leaped from Aquila to Bootes World. From now on, you can only transfer characters from Aquila to Bootes within the MapleID)
  • There is no limit to the number of characters you can transfer.
  • If you don't have an empty Character slot in the destination World, a slot will be added as you Leap. However, this will not be applied if the world has reached its maximum 54 slot limit.
  • All items in EQUIP, USE, ETC SET-UP, CASH and DECO, all equipment equipped and mesos in your inventory will be moved.
  • Items and Mesos in Storage will not be moved. Please move them to your inventory if needed.
  • Cash Items in your Cash Shop Wardrobe/Inventory/Storage will not be moved. Please move them to your inventory if needed.
  • Community-related information such as Buddy List, Marriage, Guild, Guild Castle and My Home will not be moved so they will be reset or requested to reset.
  • Characters must not be in any Guilds or Alliances to Leap.
  • Weekly/monthly ranking information such as Mu Lung Dojo, Donation King, SEED and Maple Union cannot be moved so they will be reset.
  • Dream Fragment, Night Fragment and Dance Fragment will not be moved. Please utilize them before Leap if needed.
  • Accept all gifts from the Gift Box on the left of your screen if needed.
  • Any Mesos and Maple Points that are being traded on the Meso Market can't be moved. Please complete all registered trades before Leap.
  • When you World Leap, the Sol Erda Booster effect will not be transferred and will only be applied to the world you previously used.
  • When you World Leap with a character who has participated in the Minar Abyssal Expedition, some of the Expedition's information will be reset and only basic mercenaries will be provided.
  • World Burning Benefits will not be moved. Eg: Progression and Rewards.
  • If you choose to cancel World Leap while talking to NPC Mr.Move-it, there will be a 60 seconds cooldown to talk to him again.

  • World Leap Restrictions

  • Character must not be in a Party to leap.
  • Character must unequip Bonding Ring before leap if any.
  • Guild Master must appoint a new leader and guild members must withdraw from the guild.
  • Married characters must divorce. You can divorce 1 hour after applying for a divorce in the New Wedding Village.
  • There must be no registered transactions at the Meso Market.
  • There must be no items or registered transactions listed in Auction House. All items have to be claimed.
  • Friendship and Couple Rings must be deleted from NPC Mr.Move-it. You can delete them by selecting the option from NPC Mr.Move-it after he has prompted you to.
  • You must have less than 54 characters in your destination world.

  • Details
    Can Be Moved
    Cannot Be Moved
    Beauty Room
    Character Data
    In-Game Name
    Ability Point
    Skill Point
    Hyper Stats
    Profession System (Fatigue inclusive)
    Item Cooldown Time
    Soul Collection
    V Matrix
    HEXA Matrix
    Arcane Symbol
    Authentic Symbol
    Damage Skin
    Inventory Items
    Inventory Slot Expansion
    Item Bags
    Item Potential
    Bits Inventory
    V Matrix Core Gemstones
    HEXA Matrix Data
    Items/Mesos Registered for Transaction
    Skill Data
    Skills (Cooldown time inclusive)
    Phantom's Impeccable Memory
    Link skill data
    Quest Data
    Quest In Progress
    Completed Quests
    Additional Data
    Inner Ability
    Mini Game Stats
    NPC Shop Purchase Limits
    Chat Messaging Affinity
    Chat Emoticons
    Honor EXP
    Hyper Teleport Rock Data
    Macro and Preset Settings
    Book of Explorer
    Gifted Cash Items
    Fairy Bros Daily Gift History
    MVP Rank
    EXP Buff Effect
    Guild Castle
    Maple Union
    Monster Collection
    My Home
    Meso Market
    Couple Ring and Friendship Ring
    Auction House
    Cash Shop Wishlist
    Cash Shop "My Appearance"
    Cash Wardrobe/Inventory/Storage

  • Special medals obtained from NPC Dallier will not be transferred.
  • Characters registered in the Hall of Fame will remain on the current server.
  • Some character's quest and achievement data may be deleted.

  • Additional Information (QnA) - Updated 10th July 2024, 1030hrs
    1. Can I claim Monster Life Removal Compensation in any World?
    A: Yes, Monster Life Removal Compensation can be claimed in any World.

    2. Why My Home content cannot be moved together with World Leap even though My Home content is not started in the destination World.
    A: Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, the My Home content progression cannot be moved together with World Leap.

    3. Should I complete Union Artifact Special Mission in my current World before performing World Leap to another World?
    A: Union Artifact Special Mission that are already completed can be complete after performing World Leap.

    4. Does Lacheln in a Dream related daily/weekly attendance reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, events such as Midnight Party attendance, will not reset.

    5. Does weekly boss clear status reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, weekly boss clear status will not reset.

    6. Does boss prequest, Arcane River story quest and Grandis story quest reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, character's quest completion status will be maintained.

    7. Should I claim rewards from Lacheln in a Dream event before performing World Leap?
    A: All unlocked rewards will be carried forward to the destination World.

    8. Does Maple Union Rank reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, the total Maple Union Level will be retabulated based on the destination World. Please note that you will still require Union Coins to rank up the Maple Union Tier in your destination world.

    9. Does Hyper Burning character keep the Hyper Burning effects after performing World Leap?
    A: Yes, Hyper Burning character will maintain the Hyper Burning effects.

    10. Can I talk to NPC Terry after performing World Leap?
    A: Yes, any unclaimed 19th Anniversary Fantary Dreamland Rewards can be received by talking to NPC Terry.

    11. Does expanded Storage carried forward to the destination World after World Leap?
    A: No, the expanded Storage space cannot be moved together with World Leap.

    12. Can I defeat a boss(es) in current World then receive Night Fragments in destination World after performing World Leap?
    A: No, you will not be able to receive Night Fragment in the destination World even though the boss has been defeated in the previous World.

    13. Can I perform World Leap on a character that has a pending approval from joining a Guild?
    A: No, if the character is currently pending for approval to join a Guild, the character cannot participate in World Leap.

    14. Does Monster Park Daily Medal challenge reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, the current progress will be carried forward.

    15. Does the character's The Seed Points reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, the character's The Seed Points will be maintained.

    16. Does the character's Mu Lung Dojo Points reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, the character's Mu Lung Dojo Points will be maintained.

    17. Does Maple Achievements earned by the character reset after performing World Leap?
    A: No, earned Maple Achievements will be maintained.

    Leap Leap Hurrayy!!

    P.S: Please read carefully before leaping, okay?

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