08 Jul 2024

DREAMER II Patch Notes (v234)



1. [NEW] 6th Job Common Core: Sol Janus
2. [NEW] 6th Job 2nd Mastery Core
3. [NEW] Union Artifact
4. [NEW] Potential Tier Upgrade Benefit
5. Kanna & Hayato Improvements
6. Equipment Changing Improvements

6th Job Common Core: Sol Janus


New 6th Job Common Core - Sol Janus has been added.
Sol Janus grants passive effect of EXP Obtained +100% at Level 30.


Use Sol Janus to select Sol Janus: Dawn or Sol Janus: Twilight.
Both Sol Janus forms provide Normal Monster Damage +30% at Level 30.
Both Sol Janus forms cannot be used in Boss Battle Map.


Sol Janus: Dawn
Summons up to 3 Cycle of Circulation that attacks nearby enemies based on Level 30.
Cycle of Circulation can be summoned in midair and cannot be summoned too close or too far from each other.
Cycle of Circulation does not affect enemies in the Damage Reflection status.


Sol Janus: Twilight
Automatically summons up to 11 Primordial Crystal that attacks nearby enemies based on Level 30.
Sol Janus: Twilight's cooldown is not affected by the Cooldown Reduction effect.
Primordial Crystal does not affect enemies in the Damage Reflection status.

6th Job 2nd Mastery Core


New 6th Job 2nd Mastery Core has been added to ALL 48 Classes.

  • Rage Uprising VI

  • Paladin
  • Divine Charge VI/Divine Stigma VI/Falling Justice

  • Dark Knight
  • Dark Impale VI/Dark Synthesis VI

  • Arch Mage Ice/Lightning
  • Frozen Orb VI/Blizzard VI

  • Arch Mage Fire/Poison
  • Flame Haze VI/Mist Eruption VI

  • Bishop
  • Big Bang VI/Triumph Feather VI

  • Bowmaster
  • Arrow Platter VI/Uncountable Arrow VI

  • Crossbow Master
  • Piercing VI

  • Pathfinder
  • Cardinal Discharge VI/Additional Discharge VI

  • Night Lord
  • Mark of Assassin VI

  • Shadower
  • Meso Explosion VI

  • Blade Master
  • Asura VI

  • Viper
  • Sea Serpent VI/Sea Serpent Enrage VI/Sea Serpent Burst VI/Nautilus Strike VI

  • Captain
  • Battleship Bomber VI

  • Cannon Master
  • Cannon Bazooka VI/Mini Cannonball VI/Anchors Away VI/Nautilus Strike VI

  • Mihile
  • Royal Guard VI

  • Soul Master
  • Cosmic Shower VI

  • Flame Wizard
  • Blazing Extinction VI

  • Wind Breaker
  • Trifling Winds VI

  • Night Walker
  • Shadow Bat VI/Ravenous Bat VI

  • Striker
  • Bolt Anchor VI

  • Aran
  • Finisher - Hunter's Targeting VI

  • Evan
  • Dragon Swift VI/Circle of Thunder VI/Swift of Thunder VI/Swift of Wind VI

  • Luminous
  • Reflection VI/Endless Darkness

  • Mercedes
  • Leaf Tornado VI/Spikes Royale VI/Wrath of Enreal VI

  • Phantom
  • Mille Aiguilles VI

  • Eunwol
  • Spirit Frenzy VI

  • Blaster
  • Release Pile Bunker VI

  • Battle Mage
  • Finishing Blow VI/Battle King Bar VI

  • Wild Hunter
  • Claw Cut VI/Provoke VI/Crossroad VI/Sonic Boom VI/Jaguar Soul VI/Flash Rain VI/Rampage As One VI

  • Xenon
  • Triangle Formation VI/Hologram Graffiti VI

  • Mechanic
  • Homing Missile VI

  • Demon Slayer
  • Demon Lash VI/Infernal Concussion VI

  • Demon Avenger
  • Exceed: Execution VI

  • Kaiser
  • Blade Burst VI/Tempest Blade VI

  • Kaine
  • Strike Arrow VI/Scattering Shot VI/Tearing Knife VI/Chain Sickle VI

  • Cadena
  • Weapon Variation VI

  • Angelic Buster
  • Soul Seeker VI/Soul Seeker Expert VI

  • Zero
  • Spin Driver VI/Rolling Cross VI

  • Kinesis
  • Psychic Grab VI/Ultimate - Psychic Shot VI

  • Adele
  • Order VI/Tread VI

  • Illium
  • Reaction: Domination VI/Reaction: Destruction VI/Glory Wing: Mortal Wing Beat VI

  • Khali
  • Void Rush VI/Void Blitz VI/Hex: Chakram Split VI

  • Ark
  • Unfading Scar VI/Endless Hunger VI/Uncontrollable Chaos VI

  • Lara
  • Dragon Vein Eruption VI/Eruption: Rippling River VI/Eruption: Whirlwind VI/Eruption: Sunrise Pond VI

  • Ho Young
  • Buchae Chain: Heaven VI/Earth Chain: Earth VI/Flying Fan: Human VI

  • Kanna
  • Vanquisher's Charm VI

  • Developer Notes

    The Vanquisher’s Charm VI is now more formidable than ever! As Kanna’s main bossing skill, we’ve boosted its damage and scope. Additionally, the Spirit Corral skill now has a chance to activate during attacks, enhancing the overall mastery experience for Kanna players.

  • Shinsoku VI

  • Developer Notes

    We’ve turbocharged Hayato’s Shinsoku VI, amplifying both its effect and scope. This skill now addresses previous shortcomings and has been modified to a charging-type skill, allowing for more strategic use. Get ready to unleash even more power with Hayato!

    Union Artifact


    Union Artifact has been added to Maple Union.
    Look for [Maple Union] Artifact of Mysterious Power quest in quest lightbulb icon to unlock Union Artifact and Artifact Mission.

    Mission Type Attribute
    Normal Reset every Thursday at 0000hrs
    Special Can be complete once per World

    Normal Mission
    Category Condition Rewards
    Defeat Level Range Monsters
    Defeat 2,000 monsters 50 EXP
    50 Points
    Defeat 5,000 monsters 150 EXP
    150 Points
    Defeat 10,000 monsters 200 EXP
    200 Points
    Defeat 20,000 monsters 400 EXP
    400 Points
    Weekly Access
    1 time 100 EXP
    100 Points
    2 times 200 EXP
    200 Points
    3 times 300 EXP
    300 Points
    4 times 600 EXP
    600 Points
    Maximum Per Week 2,000 EXP
    2,000 Points

    Artifact EXP and Artifact Points can be obtained by performing Artifact Missions.
    Artifact Points are used to change stat combinations applied on the Crystal, extend Crystal's duration and perform AP reset.
    Normal and Boss Mission's rewards are automatically delivered upon meeting the conditions.


    Only the top 3 Boss Mission completion rewards within the World are reflected.
    If you complete a Boss Mission with a higher reward grade than previously completed missions, you will receive the difference in rewards and the mission completion status will be updated.


    At Artifact Level 1, 3 Crystals are provided.

    Artifact Level Available Crystal
    Level 1 or higher 3
    Level 10 or higher 4
    Level 20 or higher 5
    Level 30 or higher 6
    Level 40 or higher 7
    Level 50 or higher 8
    Level 60 9

    As the Artifact Level increases, Artifact AP used to enhance Crystal can be obtained, Artifact Points limit is increased and unlocks more Crystal slots.


    Each Crystal can have up to 3 different stat combinations and can be changed through the Change Option function. Available options are as follow:

    Increase All Stats
    Increase Max HP/MP
    ATT/MATT Increase
    Damage Increase
    Boss Monster Damage Increase
    Monster Ignore DEF Increase
    Buff Duration Increase
    Cooldown Not Applied Rate Increase
    Meso Drop Rate Increase
    Item Drop Rate Increase
    Critical Rate Increase
    Critical Damage Increase
    Increase Additional Obtained EXP
    Status Resistance Increase
    Summon Duration Increase
    Final Attack Typed Skill Damage Increase


    Crystal grade can be increased by using Artifact AP up to Level 5.

    Grade Stat Level Required Artifact AP
    Level 1 1 -
    Level 2 2 1
    Level 3 3 2
    Level 4 4 2
    Level 5 5 3

    Increasing Crystal's Grade improves the level of each option applied on the Crystal up to Level 10.


    Each stats provided by a Crystal has an expiration date. However the type of options selected and Crystal's grade do not reset after the expiration date.
    Each stats provided by a Crystal will be deactivated once reached expiration date and Artifact Points can be used to reactivate it by extending the duration.
    Bulk Extend function can be used to easily set the stats expiration date of all Crystal to the same date.

    Monster Life Removal Compensation (Edited 8th July, 1724hrs)


  • Artifact EXP can be exchanged based on the existing Monster Life farm level and experience through Maple Admin NPC.
  • 1 Artifact EXP can be exchanged for every 20 accumulated experience points from the Monster Life farm.
  • The exchange Artifact EXP is applied on a per World basis and is not shared between Worlds.
  • Artifact EXP exchange function is available from 10th July 2024, after v234 patch until 1st October 2024, 2359hrs.
  • Monster Life Coin exchange and shop can be exchanged through NPC Clara and Zec until 20th August 2024, 2359hrs.

  • Developer Notes

    To align with MapleStorySEA's unique specifications, we've added Princess Nou and Akechi Mitsuhide to the Artifact's Boss Mission. Additionally, the Artifact's Special Mission now includes three types of story content and two types of overseas bosses, as well as Hayato’s and Kanna’s Story quests.

    Potential Tier Upgrade Benefit



    Potential Tier Upgrade Benefit UI can be accessed through the Cash Notifier icon.

    1. Function Overview
  • Potential Tier Upgrade Benefit only affects Regular Cube, Choice Cube, Regular Additional Cube and Choice Additional Cube.
  • When a potential/additional potential fails to tier up to the next tier when using Regular Cube, Choice Cube, Regular Additional Cube or Choice Additional Cube, the respective Potential Tier Level Upgrade Gauge is increased.
  • When the Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge increases to a specific value for each cube and potential tier, Tier-Up Rate is applied based on the accumulated Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge value up to +50%.
  • Accumulated Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge and Tier-Up Rate for each cube and potential tier will reset upon a successful tier up to the next potential tier.

  • 2. Tier-Up Rate
  • Tier-Up Rate can be increased up to 50% based on accumulated Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge value.
  • If tier-up is unsuccessful for a certain number of tries, a confirmed tier upgrade effect is applied.
  • Tier-Up Rate effect applies to the base tier up rate of respective cube and potential tier.
  • Tier-Up Rate effect also applies during Double Miracle Time events.
  • Tier-Up Rate effect for each cube and potential tier is shared among all characters in the same World.

  • Level Tier-Up Rate%
    Basic 0%
    Level 1 5%
    Level 2 10%
    Level 3 20%
    Level 4 30%
    Level 5 40%
    Level 6 50%
    Level 7 Confirmed Tier Up

    3. Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge
  • Reaching a certain number of Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge will unlock different levels of Tier-Up Rate increase effect.
  • Accumulated Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge value for each cube and potential tier is shared among all characters in the same World.

  • Category Main Potential Additional Potential
    image image image image
    Rare to Epic
    Level 1 12 5 15 15
    Level 2 15 6 20 20
    Level 3 19 7 24 24
    Level 4 20 8 26 26
    Level 5 23 9 31 31
    Level 6 25 10 33 33
    Level 7 50 20 60 60
    Epic to Unique
    Level 1 39 20 36 36
    Level 2 50 26 47 47
    Level 3 62 32 57 57
    Level 4 67 35 62 62
    Level 5 78 41 73 73
    Level 6 83 43 77 77
    Level 7 150 80 150 150
    Unique to Legendary
    Level 1 234 50 100 100
    Level 2 301 65 129 129
    Level 3 367 79 157 157
    Level 4 401 86 172 172
    Level 5 468 101 200 200
    Level 6 498 107 213 213
    Level 7 1,000 200 400 400

    4. Updated Cube UI


  • Regular Cube, Choice Cube, Regular Additional Cube and Choice Additional Cube UI have been improved to display current Tier-Up Rate and Potential Tier Upgrade Gauge progress.

  • image

  • As the Tier-Up Rate Level increases the Maple Leaf is slowly filled up and upon reaching Level 6 or higher the Maple Leaf will glow in the color of the next potential tier.

  • image

  • A text pop up will appear when reaching specific Tier-Up Rate Level.

  • Developer Notes

    In order to provide a more reasonable upgrade experience in line with MapleStorySEA’s environment, we’ve introduced a new Cube Potential Tier Upgrade Benefit system.

    With this new system which reduces the number of failed upgrade attempts when using Cash Cube, the probability of a successful upgrade increases progressively at 5% and up to 50% from the Basic Tier UP % upon failure, and the upgrade tier is guaranteed once the gauge is full. This is to ensure a more balanced and enjoyable enhancement journey.

    Kanna & Hayato Improvements


    Sengoku Common

    1. Princess Sakuno's Blessing
  • Final Damage increased from 15% to 30%.
  • Final Damage increase period increased from 4 seconds to 7 seconds.

  • Developer Notes

    Princess Sakuno’s Blessing had a large final damage change after casting which makes it difficult to utilise the effects immediately. Hence, adjustments have been made to Princess Sakuno’s Blessing to ensure it’s more convenient and effective for you. Instead of increasing the final damage increase cycle, we’ve made it easier to use immediately by increasing the starting Final Damage buff upon casting as well as the final damage increase amount at regular intervals.


    1. Haku's Fan System Improvement
  • Removed Haku's Fan UI.


  • Haku's Fan is now equipped in the secondary weapon slot.
  • 50% of the weapon's Magic Attack applied to Kanna.
  • All Potential and Additional Potential options can be applied the same as other secondary weapons.

  • 2. Haku's Buffs Improvement
  • Will O' Wisp
  •  ↪ Summons 3 foxfires for 30 seconds.
     ↪ Reduces damage received by 40%.
     ↪ Counterattacks with 800% damage.
     ↪ 60 seconds cooldown.
  • Breath of the Unseen
  •  ↪ Increases Kanna's Final Damage by 1% for each party member.
  • Haku's Blessing
  •  ↪ Increase party member's damage by 10%.
  • Will O' Wisp 2
  •  ↪ Summons 3 foxfires for 55 seconds.
     ↪ Reduces damage received by 40%.
     ↪ Counterattacks with 1,350% damage.
     ↪ 60 seconds cooldown.
  • Haku's Blessing 2
  •  ↪ Increase party member's damage by 15%.

    3. Shikigami Charm
  • Cooldown removed.

  • 4. Cherry Blossom Barrier
  • Duration decreased from 100 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Incoming damage reduction decreased from -60% to -40%.

  • 5. Unholy Radiance
  • Critical Rate increased from 25% to 40%.
  • Added effect of Final Damage +20%

  • 6. Yin Yang Blessing
  • Maximum amount of MATT applied for every 700 HP has been changed to 200.

  • 7. Overload Mana
  • The following skills now apply the Final Damage increase effect of Overload Mana.
  •  ↪ Spirit Corral
     ↪ Celestial Fury
     ↪ Ten Secrets of Kitsune
     ↪ Conjure Spirit Stone
     ↪ Spirit Pentacle

    8. Geomancer's Ether
  • Can now be created on certain Bosses' moving platform.

  • Developer Notes

    In our continuous effort to ensure fairness, we’ve made significant changes to Kanna. The cooldown of the Shikigami Charm skill has been removed, and Haku's weapon is now a secondary weapon, opening up more potential options. Also, instead of tweaking some utility performance that we felt was excessive, we’ve also adjusted the damage variation based on party members to improve solo play performance.


    Battoujutsu Combo
  • Tooltip has been improved.

  • Unfaltering Blade
  • Added effect of Critical Rate 40%.

  • Developer Notes

    We noticed the large critical rate difference between field hunting and boss battles for Hayato. To address this, the Critical Rate buff from the Battoujutsu Stance Energy buff has been moved to Hayato’s existing 2nd Job Skill, Unfaltering Blade, providing a consistent critical rate regardless of stance.

    Equipment Changing Improvements

  • When performing certain skills or the character is under a certain status effect, equipment changing is now possible.
  • However, certain skills/status effects will remain unchanged.

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