22 Aug 2023

ENERGIZE Patch Notes: General Improvements & Error Fixes (v225)




1. Improvements
 ↪ 1. Quests
 ↪ 2. Items
 ↪ 3. Monsters
 ↪ 4. Maps
 ↪ 5. UI
2. Error Fixes
 ↪ 1. Quests
 ↪ 2. Monsters
 ↪ 3. Maps
 ↪ 4. UI



  • [Elludin] Drinks First has been modified to provide detailed information on how to proceed
  • Quests in Moonbridge, Labyrinth of Suffering and Limen areas have been simplified
  • The following quests have been deleted
  •   ↪ [Moonbridge] Finishing Up Esfera Investigation 
      ↪ [Moonbridge] In a World Nearing Its End
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Road to the Base 1
      ↪ [Moonbridge] The Resistance's Operation Begins 2
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Assume Defensive Position 1
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Assume Defensive Position 2
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Terror in the Fog
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Looking For Wrecked Ships
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Trace of Despair
      ↪ [Limen] You're So Persistent 2
      ↪ [Limen] Appearance of the Giant
      ↪ [Limen] Support The Resistance's Ship 2
      ↪ [Limen] Signal Interference
  • The following quests have been modified
  •   ↪ [Moonbridge] Road to the Base 2
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Investigate Mysterious Fog
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Into the Foggy Wall
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Supporting the Nautilus 2
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Edea's Investigation 1
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Edea's Investigation 2
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Rescuing Wrecked Ship
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Approaching Doom
      ↪ [Moonbridge] Guiding Light
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Signal Flare Materials
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Moving into the Labyrinth
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Missing and Surprise Attack
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Searching
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Following the Screams
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Encounter with an Alliance Member
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] To the Landing Site
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Mouse Fallen into a Swamp
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Traces in the Endless Labyrinth
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] No Turning Back
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Her Confrontation with the Masked Man
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Alone Again
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Something to Hold On to
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Final Will
      ↪ [Labyrinth of Suffering] Worthless Struggle
      ↪ [Limen] The World's Tear
      ↪ [Limen] You're So Persistent 2
      ↪ [Limen] The Black Mage's Knights
      ↪ [Limen] Captain of the Guard Djunkel
      ↪ [Limen] Support The Resistance's Ship
      ↪ [Limen] Light of Doom

  • When using experience related Growth Potions on characters past the recommended level range, a display showing the amount of experience obtainable has been added
  • When using the Premium Water of Life, the item description will state that the pet's Time of Magic is extended by 90 days
  • Label/Quote Ring Coupons will now display previews
  • Mechanical Grave Hill Monster Collection reward in Edelstein area has been changed to Save Damage Skin Slot x1 Expansion Coupon
  • Additional Pendant Slot Coupon has been deleted from the completion reward for the quest Starting Today, and the quest Piece of the Story
  • Khali can now use Burning Booster Coupons
  • Items that can be exchanged with Additional Cube Fragments and White Additional Cube Fragments have been adjusted
  •   ↪ Additional Potential Scroll 70% has been removed
      ↪ 20x Additional Cube Fragments or 15x White Additional Potential Cube Fragments can be exchanged for Special Additional Potential Scroll


  • When casting debuffs, the attack range has been adjusted
  • Penalties applied when outside the marked zone around Magnus have been changed
  • Recovery amount will not decrease in Easy difficulty
      ↪Healing reduction penalty has been decreased from 90% reduction to 20% reduction on Normal difficulty
      ↪Healing reduction penalty has been decreased from 90% reduction to 40% reduction on Normal difficulty
  • Intervals between receiving continuous damage has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds on Hard difficulty
  • Meteorite damage is changed
      ↪Normal difficulty blue meteorite damage reduced from 100% to 60% of max HP
      ↪Normal difficulty purple meteorite damage reduced from 100% to 80% of max HP
      ↪Hard difficulty blue meteorite damage is reduced from 100% to 80% of maximum health
  • The amount of meteorites produced is changed
  • Normal difficulty phase 4 meteorite generation is reduced
  • The amount of meteorites produced in Hard Difficulty Phase 4 is reduced
  • The respawning location after death is changed to the center of the map
  • The cooldown of some attack patterns has increased
  • Improvements have been made so that you can avoid spinning slashes by pressing the Down Key
  • An issue where Magnus (Normal, Hard) boss notifications were not displayed has been fixed

  • Papulatus
  • Clock Bomb damage in Chaos Mode has been reduced from 100% to 70% of Max HP
  • Certain summoned attacks' hit range has been reduced by about 13%
  • The position of some attack patterns has been adjusted
  • If the Torrent of Time does not deal damage for a certain period of time, it will explode
  • The forced teleport pattern that activates when Time Torrent is used more than once has been removed
  • While under the effect of Curse of Time of Papulatus (Easy, Normal, Chaos), using a skill that cancels status abnormalities would not remove the skill seal effect has been fixed

  • Lucid
  • Forced teleport attacks will no longer occur during the duration when a powerful minion appears
  • An issue where characters cannot pass through the location where Nightmare Golems were created while they were still in the air has been fixed
  • In Lucid (Easy, Normal, Hard) Phase 2, an issue where Lucid sometimes does not appear after casting powerful attacks has been fixed

  • Dusk
  • When Fear phase has been activated, Void Fragments will no longer be summoned
  • The falling speed of Void Fragments has been reduced
  • Additional notice effects have been added when Void Fragments are summoned
  • An issue where Void Fragments are created in excess amounts within a short interval at specific locations has been adjusted

  • Djunkel
  • Visual images of the falling Energy Spheres have been adjusted to improve visibility
  • The falling speed of Energy Spheres has been changed
  • Additional notice effects have been added when Energy Fragments are summoned
  • An issue where Energy Spheres are created in excess amounts within a short interval at specific locations has been adjusted
  • Platform and play area of the boss fight map has been adjusted

  • Black Mage
  • Meteors summoned with the Power of Creation has its hit range is reduced by about 20%

  • Chosen Serene
  • Chosen Serene no longer deals damage upon physical collision
  • Improvements have been made so that you can avoid certain attack patterns by pressing the Down Key

  • Gatekeeper Kalos
  • The notice effect of the explosion pattern is improved so that you can clearly see the actual attack range
  • The number of explosion zones created when an explosion pattern occurs is reduced
  • An issue where Gatekeeper Kalos (Chaos) sometimes casts Subspace Penetration and an attack occurs at the previous location before teleporting has been fixed

  • Others
  • An issue where Von Leon's (Normal) boss notification text was not displayed has been fixed
  • An issue where Cygnus (Normal) boss notifications were not displayed has been fixed
  • In Damien (Normal, Hard), the phenomenon that the sword of destruction sometimes does not move has been fixed
  • In Heretic Hilla (Story), the phenomenon that the damage skin was not displayed when hitting has been fixed

  • Maps

  • When exiting Flame Wolf or Polo, the character position is slightly moved to the right
  • A visual hint on the 24th floor of The Seed is provided as an additional system message in case of any other weather messages obscuring the hint
  • Android, Medal, Title, and Guild will not be displayed in Flag Race
  • An issue where characters are cut off at the left end of Mechanical Grave Hill 1 has been fixed
  • Cernium: Cernium Square map has been expanded
  • Fallen Cernium: Broken Cernium Square map is expanded
  • Hotel Arcs: Fallen Wilderness City map is expanded
  • In The Seed, the Resistance class Infiltration skills will no longer be available
  • Environment attack patterns in Moonbridge and Mechanical Grave hunting grounds will be removed
  • An awkward fruit location in Sky Nest 3 has been fixed
  • When entering Horntail's Cave at the entrance of the Cave of Life, the conversation will be changed so that it is not canceled
  • In The Cave of Trial II, the location of the hidden portal that moves to the map inside the cave, which was placed in the center of the map, has been changed to the left end of the map
  • The location of the exit button on the ‘[Lacheln] Midnight Chaser’ map has been adjusted, and an exit button has been added to the ‘[Moras] Enheim Defense’ map
  • If the date is changed while playing The Seed, the floor number information will be improved so that there is no room for confusion
  • In Star Force, Arcane Force, and Authentic Force fields, the volume of the barrier sound effects that occurs with insufficient force has been lowered

  • UI

  • If you have exhausted the number of Ursus Challenges in your account, it will be improved so that the Ursus Golden Time information pop-up is not displayed
  • In the Warehouse UI, when clicking View All Inventory, the open tab will be modified so that it remains
  • When the Maple Union UI is open, it is improved so that you can close the Maple Union UI with the Maple Union shortcut
  • The item tooltip is improved so that the stats increased by utilizing upgrade slots and the stats increased by Star Force enhancement are output separately
  •   ↪ The amount of stat increase due to Star Force and Superior enhancement is displayed in yellow text
      ↪ The amount of increase in stats due to enhancements other than item basic options, additional options, Star Force enhancement, and Superior enhancement is displayed in purple text
  • When moving Mesos with the storage, an additional display has been added to show the amount of Mesos entered with thousand separators
  • When hovering over some beauty items, a preview image is sometimes displayed in the tooltip when available for:
  •   ↪ Single hair coupon
      ↪ Single plastic surgery coupon
      ↪ Single skin coupon
  • It is improved so that you can move to other menus using the left and right arrow keys while the bottom menu is active
  • Option - If you adjust the 'Background' level in the quality item of the graphics tab, the amount of output of the particle effect decorated on the map is adjusted. For PC users with low performance, the part where the performance was excessively reduced in certain maps and the gameplay was not smooth has been improved
  • When applying beta resolution, the phenomenon that the background and some character images are displayed awkwardly is improved
  • When beta resolution is applied, the phenomenon that the left menu notification icon tooltip was not displayed is corrected
  • The phenomenon that some images are displayed awkwardly, such as the outline of a character's face when using a skill or effect that applies translucency, is improved

  • Error Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Couples Army Statue Construction Step 6 quest was not exposed in the completion tab
  • Fixed an issue where the quests A forgotten somebody's story and Your never-ending story cannot be proceed with Lara and Khali
  • Fixed an issue when skipping Moonbridge and using Maple Chronicle content, an error where the [Moonbridge] Destroy the Core quest was completed
  • Fixed an issue where the progress of the Light to Protect All quest was unnatural
  • Fixed an issue where the description of the quest below was incorrect
  •   ↪ [Moras] Prince and Princess 4
      ↪ [Blood Alliance] Way to blood alliance member, 2nd
      ↪ [Esfera] The Sea of Beginning
  • Fixed an issue where skipping Esfera quests sometimes progressed awkwardly
  • Fixed an issue where the order of completion in the Looking Into the Lion King: Final quest completion window was awkward
  • Fixed an issue where the image of the Shangri-La was awkward during the quest To Victoria Island
  • Fixed an issue when performing the quest below, an issue where the quest progressed awkwardly under certain circumstances
  •   ↪ Rampaging Dragon 1
      ↪ Rampaging Dragon 2
      ↪ Rampaging Dragon 3
  • Fixed an issue when accepting the [Dimension Library] Visit Dimension Library. quest, the dimension library exit portal would use awkwardly
  • Fixed an issue where the completion tab of the quest How to Return to Maple Island contains awkward descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where the starting level was not displayed in the quest Rondo's Hat
  • Fixed an issue where in the progress tab of the Suga's Proposal quest, the Explorer's Training Center Entrance was incorrectly marked as Explorer's Training Center
  • Fixed an issue where awkward lines were displayed during the [Cernium (After)] Rusty Sword quest
  • Fixed an issue where the level limit of the quest [Mileage] Annihilate Easy Cygnus for Riches and Honor! did not match the actual boss entrance level
  • Fixed an issue where the starting level was not displayed in the start tab of the quest [Forest of Patience] Double-rooted Red Ginseng
  • Fixed an issue where the NPC Anne's image was displayed awkwardly during the quest [Elludin] Anne's Request for Help
  • The reward details will be displayed in the ‘Kaiser’s Fate, and Grandis’ quest completion tab
  • Fixed an issue where awkward sentences appears in the quest [Arkarium] Trace of Arkarium
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to exit the portal during the battle with Story Mode Heretic Hilla

  • Monsters

  • An issue where Divine King Slime (Normal, Chaos) would sometimes move awkwardly when using a skill that moves enemies while in Groggy state has been fixed
  • An issue where the resurrection UI is sometimes awkward in Hilla (Normal) has been fixed
  • An issue where the Divine King Slime sometimes disappears when using a skill unable to act on Divine King Slime (Normal, Chaos) has been fixed
  • In phase 1 of Will (Easy, Normal, Hard), an issue where sometimes two Wills appear on the same map has been fixed
  • The phenomenon that some monster sound effects were not heard has been fixed
  • A phenomenon in which the Mimic that appears when using Treasure Rune sometimes did not drop items has been fixed

  • Maps

  • In certain maps, the phenomenon where you could not use the Union Raid Placement function has been fixed
  • In the last stage of Monster Park's Road to Extinction, an issue where the monster's HP bar is covered by platforms will be fixed
  • If your character dies or if Return Scroll - Nearest Town is used in Mushbird Forest 1-3 maps without completing the ‘[Yum Yum] For a New Town’ quest, the phenomenon of being unable to move to the village will be fixed
  • In the Plateau of Dusty Wind map, a phenomenon in which certain objects were displayed in front of the character is corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the map looks awkward when using a specific skill on the map has been fixed
  •   ↪ Aurora Low Forest 1
      ↪ Aurora Low Forest 2
      ↪ Aurora High Forest 1
      ↪ Aurora High Forest 2
  • An error where the map background was awkward is corrected
  •   ↪ Eos Tower: Eos Tower 2nd floor
      ↪ Eos Tower: Eos Tower 3rd floor
  • An error that caused the map to look awkward when using some skills has been fixed
  •   ↪ Verne Mine: Shaft II
      ↪ Verne Mine: Shaft III
      ↪ Verne Mine: Shaft IV
  • An error where the image of the ‘Cernium: Cernium Square’ mini-map was awkward has been fixed
  • Some existing map names have been changed:
  •   ↪ Ellinia Weapon Shop > Ellinia Weapon/Armor Shop
      ↪ Orbis Weapon Shop > Orbis Weapon/Armor Shop
      ↪ Henesys Weapon Shop > Henesys Weapon/Armor Shop
      ↪ El Nath Weapon Shop > El Nath Weapon/Armor Shop
  • In the boss battle map, the phenomenon that other characters seem to move awkwardly when reviving is corrected
  • The sign on the right side of Amherst that guides the 'Explorer's Training Center Entrance' to the 'Training Center Entrance' will be fixed
  • It is modified so that you cannot enhance Arcane Symbol or Authentic Symbol in a place where you cannot enhance items
  • An error that looked awkward to other users when using the portal installed in the ‘Odium: City of Researchers’ map has fixed
  • An error where the description of the profession village of ‘El Nath: El Nath Market’ was awkward has been fixed
  • An error where the pets and androids were not visible in 'Tenebris: Source of Pain' has been fixed
  • In Monster Park Knight Stronghold, the background and bottom of the map were awkward, the phenomenon is corrected
  • In the door leading to Zakum, the boss entrance door image and the awkward position of the portal are corrected
  • An awkward portal location in Entrance to Zakum Altar has been fixed
  • An issue where parts of the map appeared awkwardly during the ‘[Labyrinth of Suffering] To the Black Sun’ quest will be fixed
  • An issue where the image of some objects in ‘[The Seed] The 3rd Floor’ was displayed awkwardly will be fixed
  • An issue where the Bounty Hunter portal is intermittently displayed in ‘[Ellin Forest] Queen’s Lair’ has been fixed
  • An issue where you could move to the next stage without killing all the monsters in ‘Hilla’s Tower Corridor’ has been fixed

  • UI
  • An issue where the display of available materials was reversed in some situations while using Masterpiece Machine, Premium Masterpiece Machine, or Luna Crystal will be fixed
  • An issue where the item's attack power increase appears awkwardly in NPC conversations has been fixed
  • An issue where the Elluel icon was displayed in black and white when using Dimension Gate, Promessa, or Kerkaporta has been fixed
  • An error in which a pop-up message is displayed as if reissuance is possible when trying to discard a BURNING medal that cannot be reissued has been fixed
  • An issue where the clicking range of items on sale in NPC shops was awkward has been fixed
  • The phenomenon of not being able to register a profile picture in Monster Life has been fixed
  • An issue where the record update icon is displayed in the content end UI even if the weekly high record is not updated in The Seed has been fixed
  • When linking Arcane Symbols or Authentic Symbols to the chat window, the phenomenon that the symbol stats were sometimes displayed differently to other characters has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where guild information was sometimes not displayed properly when the guild applicant was on a different channel than the guild manager when the guild application was approved
  • When crafting a core in the V Matrix, the phenomenon that the New acquisition effect was not displayed in the core list has been fixed
  • An issue where the scroll images of Arcane River's Book and Grandis' Book were awkward has been fixed
  • The conditions for achieving 'Not Legendary Legend II' and 'Not Legendary Legend III' will be clearly modified
  • The phenomenon that the registered pet buff disappears when Phantom replaces a skill registered as a pet buff auto skill with another skill that cannot use the pet buff auto skill through skill management and ends the connection has been fixed
  • In some resolutions, the phenomenon that the guide text is cut off when switching to capture mode has been fixed
  • An error in which the mouse over effect of the difficulty EASY button is not displayed in the Clear Status tab of the Boss UI has been fixed
  • In Especia's Totem Slash, an issue where if you press the gathering key once again immediately after pressing it again, it will be determined that you pressed it in the same place on the gauge bar will be fixed
  • When trying to match Ursus with a party play, the phenomenon of sometimes not being able to enter is corrected
  • An issue where the icon does not appear on the action bar when the NPC/Gathering key hotkey is set to some special characters has been fixed
  • If a Zero character is included in the union raid member, the phenomenon that sometimes the raid combat power was incorrectly applied to other characters in the union is corrected
  • An issue where, in some cases, the UI related to profession skills is displayed even when the game is closed has been fixed
  • An issue where the required time is displayed abnormally in the UI when Ursus ends has been fixed
  • The phenomenon that the skill effect is output in low quality even though the graphic quality is set to very high (high specification) is corrected
  • The phenomenon that the skill registered in the automatic pet buff skill sometimes was not used is corrected
  • An issue where the intro page sometimes displayed incorrectly when moving fields has been fixed
  • When sorting by name in Maple Achievements, if the achievement name contains a number, it is modified to sort by comparing the size of the number
  • A phenomenon in which notifications occurred in Maple Auction and Monster Life when the amount of Union Coins reached the maximum is corrected
  • In the V Matrix, an issue where the client temporarily freezes when closing the information window stating that experience points will be lost when enhancing cores has been fixed
  • If you adjust the inventory window after clicking the base item while synthesizing Masterpiece or Luna Crystal, the phenomenon that the applicable item status display was awkward will be fixed
  • An error where the Untradeable mark did not appear in the tooltip of the Untradeable item in the Cash Shop's item inventory has been fixed
  • The awkward movement when dragging while the equipment window UI's Arcane Symbol or Authentic Symbol UI is open has been fixed

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