22 Aug 2023

Hyper Burning Event Highlight (v225-226)


Burning Energizer!

Event Duration:
31st May 2023, (After Patch) ~ 14th November 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Requirement: New character created within the period (Excluding Khali & Zero) OR any character between Level 200 ~ 248
How to Start: Create a new character from Character Creation Screen and select the Hyper Burning option or Designate Hyper Burning on the Character Selection Page

  • Quest Rewards for level 200 to level 250 has already ended as of 22nd August 2023, 2359hrs
  • 1 Hyper Burning Character can only be created for each MapleID within the event period
  • Newly created characters & existing characters between Level 200 ~ 248 can be designated as Hyper Burning characters
  • Zero CANNOT be created as a Hyper Burning Character
  • Khali CANNOT be created as a Hyper Burning Character
  • Existing Zero characters that have completed Chapter 2 Story between Level 200 ~ 248 can be designated as a Hyper Burning character
  • Hyper Burning Effect is maintained until 14th November 2023, 2359hrs
  • Characters can be reassign again as Hyper Burning character after the previous Hyper Burning character was fully deleted
  • Eternal Flame Title can only be received by characters who have completed the 5th Job Advancement and the "Another Force, Arcane Force" quest
  • ALL type of Growth Potions cannot be used by Hyper Burning characters until they have achieved Level 250
  • The Level 10~199 Rewards can be obtained through the [Hyper Burning] Growth Support Gift quest in the Star Notification


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