15 Nov 2022

Ignition Patch Notes (v218)




1. A Better Maple
2. Improvements and Bug fixes
 ↪ 2.1. Item
 ↪ 2.2. Map
 ↪ 2.3. Quest
 ↪ 2.4. Monster
 ↪ 2.5. UI
 ↪ 2.6. Content
 ↪ 2.7. System
 ↪ 2.8. Field
 ↪ 2.9. Others
3. Zero Reopen

A Better Maple

Always for the better!

  • EXP reward has been added for Tenebris and Grandis area's Daily quests. (Can receive once per World)
  • When the Authentic Symbol level reaches the maximum level, you can choose whether to receive the daily quest symbol reward.
  • All chairs that are Untradeable have been changed to be Inter-Account Tradeable. However, the chairs listed below will remain Untradeable.
      ➢ image Symbol of Honor
      ➢ image Brilliant Symbol of Honor
      ➢ image Master Exorcist Chair
      ➢ image Mu Lung Dojo Breaker Chair
      ➢ Custom chairs applied to specific character
      ➢ Gender specific chairs
  • Maximum Demon Force option has been added to Force Shields
  • A warning message will be displayed when using the Innocence Scroll on equipments with Star Force enhancement.


  • image The icon of the Ark Innocence Scroll has been changed in the Equipment Enhancement UI, and it is displayed at the bottom of the scroll use list.
  • MapleStorySEA will now run in Windowed mode with a screen resolution of 1366x768 by default after installation.
  • Guild's Greater Guidance message has been modified.
  • The mouse wheel can be used to navigate the Quick Move section located at the bottom of Maple Guide.


  • Flag Race entry method is changed.
      ➢ You can participate in the Flag Race by going to the Flag Race waiting room through the [Enter] button in the Guild Content UI and talking to the NPC Programmer Simon.
      ➢ Only characters who have acquired at least 1,000 Hunting Points or 40 Boss Points can participate in Flag Race.
      ➢ You can now participate in Flag Race any time in a party of 1 to 6 members of the same guild. However, you cannot enter during the score calculation time between 11:30 pm on Sunday to 12:30 am on Monday.
  • image There will now be an icon displayed to indicate the duration of bind resistance effects and remaining bind duration.
      ➢ When affected, a resistance effect icon and remaining duration are displayed at the bottom of the HP gauge.
      ➢ However, Balrog, Horntail, and Pink Bean Phase 1 are excluded.
  • When discarding a medal item from the inventory, a message will appear and indicate whether it can be reissued or not.
      ➢ image 9th Anniversary MapleStory Medal
      ➢ image Azalea Corsage
      ➢ image Forsythia Corsage
      ➢ image Clover Corsage
      ➢ image Spring Flower Corsage
      ➢ image MapleStory Triple Star

  • image Friend group order change function has been added.
  • An icon will now be displayed in the character equipment window if the item is durational.
  • EXP Coupon icons have been modified to be much clearer.
      ➢ image A “+” mark has been added to the top right of the icon for the Additional EXP Type buff effect items.
      ➢ image The EXP multiplier is displayed at the upper right corner of the icon design of the general EXP coupon. For example, “x2” is displayed at the upper right corner if it is an EXP coupon item that has the effect of double EXP.
      ➢ The duration is indicated on the name of the general EXP coupon item. For example, if it is an EXP coupon item that doubles the EXP point effect for 30 minutes, the name is displayed as “2x EXP Coupon (30 minutes)”.
      ➢ The tooltip description has been modified to clearer distinguish between Additional EXP type buff effects or a general EXP coupon.
      ➢ Mu Lung Dojo EXP coupons are excluded from the modification.
  • A system message will appear in the chat window when an EXP Coupon duration has ended.
  • When registering USE, ETC, SET-UP, DECO, and CASH as sales items in Maple Auction, the 7-day average transaction price and the current registered lowest price are displayed.
      ➢ Current Registered Lowest Price: The lowest price of the currently registered item is displayed, and in the case of items that can be sold in bundles, the transaction price is displayed per unit.
      ➢ 7-day average transaction price: On an hourly basis, the average transaction price of items traded for the last 7 days will be updated, excluding 10% of the top/bottom price range. Items that can be sold in bundles are shown at the average price per bundle unit.

  • The previous search history will display up to the last 10 searches in the Maple Auction quick search function. Previous searches will be lost when you log out of your account.
  • In Maple Auction, a notice will be added when you try to sell USE, ETC, SET-UP, DECO, and CASH at a price less than 50% of the 7-day average transaction price to prevent sales mistakes.
  • If you purchase bundled items from Maple Auction, you can press the image button in the purchase confirmation window to enter the maximum quantity that can be purchased at once. Exceptions on certain items that can only be bought in a bundle such as Bullets and Throwing Stars.
  • The issue where the search function was unable to show gender locked items has been adjusted.
  • image The positions of the Delegating Guild Leader and Expelling Guild Member buttons while managing guild members have been changed to prevent mistakes related to changing the position of a guild member.
  • image Pocket Slot will now be automatically unlocked when the character's Charm reaches Level 30.
  • The skill tab button for each Job Advancement will now be displayed regardless of the current Job Advancement. You can hover over each tab to view its conditions.
  • 2nd Job Advancement completion now provides a weapon suitable for the job and also provides an additional guide to the final Job Advancement.
  • Skipping Explorer's tutorial story quests will bring the character to Level 10.


  • The image function has been added to the V Matrix UI to improve the ability to find Enhancement cores with the desired skills.
      ➢ The ‘Enhancement Cores Filters’ button has been added to ‘Check My Cores’ and ‘Disassemble Mode’ of the V matrix. Click the button to display the Enhanced Core Filter UI.
      ➢ You can select up to 3 desired Enhancement Skills.
      ➢ If you check the Search Skill 1 as the Main Skill option at the top of the UI, only Skill 1 entered will be used to search for corresponding Enhancement Cores.
  • When a special core is currently equipped, it has been improved so that it can be swapped by replacing it with another special core by double-clicking or dragging and dropping.
  • A function to consume multiple of the same Trait boosting items have been added.
      ➢ You can only use the number of quantity required to reach the next level at once.
      ➢ If you have already reached the maximum level, you will not be able to use the item.
      ➢ When using an item that increases multiple trait values at the same time, it can be used based on the lowest trait level and does not increase beyond the maximum value.
  • Legendary tier potential line "Damage on Boss monsters" will now only have values of 35% or 40%. (Updated 15 Nov, 1613hrs)
  • Certain Cash Utility Scroll icons have been improved to better distinguish between them.
      ➢ image Shielding Ward
      ➢ image Shield Scroll
      ➢ image Guardian Scroll

  • image The chat window message timestamp can now be displayed by selecting the appropriate setting in the Options > Chat/Invitation tab.
  • Expiring items with a duration of less than 24 hours in the Storage will now be shown in the confirmation screen when exiting the game.
  • A message will now be shown when attempting to Extract or Fuse when used in areas where you cannot perform them (such as Ardentmill).
  • UI Transparancy during combat now applies to all Bag items.
  • Results will now be shown immediately when using consumption items in Monster Life.
  • Arcana's quest information has been improved to clearly indicate the destination and completion conditions.
  • Maple Achievements can now be searched with keywords.
  • Battle Statistics UI can now be navigated with the mouse scrolling wheel.
  • NPC Nadia now sells additional Spell Trace bundles of up to 9000 Spell Traces in a single bundle.
  • Login captcha has been removed when accessing channel selection.

    Improvements and Bug fixes

    Things that made life better.


  • Mix Dye and Mix Lens Coupons can now be used on Androids by talking to NPC Lauren in Henesys Hair Shop.
      ➢ image Mysterious Mix Dye Coupon
      ➢ image Custom Mix Dye Coupon
      ➢ image Mysterious Mix Color Lens Coupon
      ➢ image Custom Mix Color Lens Coupon
  • Descriptions of duplicate Lucky Items worn has been added to the Lucky Item tooltip.
  • When using a Mannequin Cash Item, the input can be canceled through the ESC and Cancel buttons in the input window.
  • The images of image Crusader Coin, image Veteran Crusader Belt, image Veteran Crusader Shoulder, and image Veteran Crusader Pendant are modified.
  • Item tooltip guide for Royal Hair & Face Beauty Coupon has been modified.
      ➢ Description added - "However, if the currently applied hair is in the list, the remaining probability is the same after excluding it."
  • The image Moon Rock can now be stored in the crafting bag.
  • The appearance preview image in the tooltip of the image Wild Flower Spiritroid item has been improved.
  • Android tooltip has been improved so that you can check Android's Hair, Face and Skin information.
  • The equipped images of some cash items have been modified.
  • Display of other Mapler's androids have been changed to be behind their characters.
  • For jobs that cannot use shields, they will be able to equip Cash shields if they are equipping a secondary weapon. (Kanna does not directly wear a secondary weapon and cannot wear a Cash Shield, Zero cannot wear Cash Shields as well.)
  • image Some EXP coupons and Union coupon items can now be kept up to 100 per slot.
  • Additional cube chairs can be stacked on the left and right.
      ➢ The character sits at the top of the cube chair placed in the center.
      ➢ At least one cube chair must be placed in the center to save the cube chair state.
      ➢ Cube chairs can be connected and stacked if any one of the chairs' top, bottom, left, or right is connected.
  • image The size of the HAPPY, NEW, YEAR, 2017 cube chair has been changed.
  • An issue where several chairs shift the hitbox of the characters abnormally have been fixed.
  • Wisp's Wonderberry item description has been improved.
  • image The situation where the effect is not displayed normally when wearing Angelic Blessing rings under certain circumstances has been fixed.


  • Several Star Force Hunting maps have been added to Kerning Tower with a requirement of 80 Star Force
      ➢ 2nd Floor Cafe <5>
      ➢ 3rd Floor Fancy Goods Shop <5>
      ➢ 4th Floor Record Store <5>
      ➢ 5th Floor Cosmetics Store <5>
      ➢ 6th Floor Hair Salon <5>
  • Limen: The background brightness in Where the World Ends has been improved so that it doesn't interfere with hunting.
  • [The Seed] The 'CLEAR' effect will be displayed when all the quiz has been completed on the 39th floor.
  • The nametag display of certain NPCs hidden in some towns has been fixed.
  • The appearance of some NPCs hidden in the Lacheln Downtown has been fixed.
  • The space between Storage NPCs and General Store NPCs in major towns in Arcane River and Grandis is adjusted.
  • In the Mirror World/Minar West Forest <6> map, an error where it was possible to move under some terrain through a skill has been fixed.
  • While playing the '[Limen] Tears of the World' quest, an error where the character could be moved out of the map through a skill has been fixed.
  • The image of the ship anchored in the Lith Harbour map has been modified.
  • The tent image of the Ellin Forest/Altair Camp map has been modified.
  • The image of the general store building in the Henesys Market map has been modified.
  • The image of the plastic surgery building in the Ludibrium map has been modified.
  • Some object images in the Ludibrium Plastic Surgery map are modified.
  • Some object images in the Orbis Plastic Surgery map are modified.
  • Some object images in the Omega Sector/Command Center map are modified.
  • Some object images in the Shinsoo International School/Nursery Room map are modified.
  • Some object images in the Kerning City Pharmacy map are modified.
  • ‘Toy Factory Apparatus Room’ in Ludibrium has been modified so that the character is not covered too much.
  • The issue of falling to the floor when jumping from the right side of the Chew Chew Island map has been fixed.
  • The monsters hidden behind the public phone map asset on the 'Edelstein Park 1' map has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon in which the rope was abnormally displayed in 'Where True Colors are Revealed 2' has been improved.
  • The BGM of the ‘Mechanical Grave Hill 5’ field has been modified to have unity with the other Mechanical Grave Hill fields.
  • The issue where medals and guild icons were abnormally displayed in the ‘White Spear’ map of Moonbridge has been improved.
  • A confirmation dialogue will be displayed when accepting Grandis area daily quests.
  • It has been improved so that BGMs from chairs are played on some maps in Cernium.
  • When entering the top floor of the Colosseum in the Floating Island of Chryse, Illium's 'Crystal Skill: Glory Wing' will no longer behave awkwardly.
  • Improvements have been made so that some platform hint guides are displayed immediately on the 23rd floor of The Seed.
  • The issue of some terrain that appears abnormally in 'Limen - Where the World Ends 1-5' has been improved.
  • Map icons of the following areas will be modified.
      ➢ Henesys Ruins
      ➢ Boulder Giant Exploration Site
      ➢ Southperry
      ➢ Clocktower Lower Floors
      ➢ Shadow Village Clinic
  • Name tags of several NPCs hidden by map features has been fixed.
  • Some ship attendant NPCs that did not inform the flight duration have changed to inform the required duration.
  • Fixed an issue where the background looks abnormal when certain skills that change map backgrounds are used in Mu Lung Dojo Hall and Mu Lung Dojo Exit maps.
  • The background of the 'Mu Lung Dojo/Mu Lung Training Center' map appearing awkwardly at 1920x1200 and 1920x1080 resolution has been fixed.
  • The abnormal image of the clocktower of 'Root Abyss/East Garden' has been fixed.
  • Abnormal map asset in ‘Root Abyss/Time Rift’ has been fixed.
  • An error where the name of NPC Bibi in El Nath is blocked by the rope has been fixed.
  • The guidance area of ‘Eos Tower Entrance’ is adjusted.
  • When entering ‘Alliance Meeting Hall’ as Aran, NPC Aran will not be visible.
  • An issue where the propeller overlaps on the 'Ludibrium Village' map has been fixed.
  • Some abnormal platforms in ‘Royal Library Area 5’ has been fixed.
  • The issue where Guided Arrow sometimes activates during the aerial battle mission of Black Heaven ACT 3 has been fixed.
  • The damage reduction function that was not applied when using the Rune of Yggdrasil has been fixed.
  • In Protect Esfera, when you fill the Erda gauge and fire right after boarding, the issue where it does not fire normally has been fixed.
  • The issue where the NPC Lieutenant Mr. Pancho displayed in front of the character in Hotel Arcs has been fixed.
  • The issue where some sounds cannot be heard in Frito's Eagle Hunting has been fixed.
  • The abnormal arrangement of some rope objects in ‘Path to Coral Forest 3’ in Moras has been fixed.
  • The map marks of ‘Primrose Hill’ and ‘Returning Path’ in the Party Quest Moon Bunny Rice Cake map are modified.
  • The abnormal issue when NPC Fleta uses a specific rope on the 19th floor of The Seed has been fixed.
  • The abnormal exit image after clearing the 39th floor of The Seed has been fixed.
  • The abnormal black background at the bottom of the ‘Wind-borne Land of Joy and Anger’ in Road to Extinction map has been fixed.
  • The issue where Paladin's Blessing Armor activates in Flag Race has been fixed.
  • Monster placement and terrain in the hunting grounds below have been improved.
      ➢ Street of Champion's Plate 1
      ➢ Street of Champion's Plate 2
      ➢ Dancing Shoes' Territory 2
      ➢ Five-forked Cave
      ➢ Five-forked Cave: Upper Path
      ➢ Five-forked Cave: Offshoot
      ➢ Five-forked Cave: Lower Path
      ➢ Cave under the Spirit Tree
      ➢ Further Deep Inside the Cave: Lower Path
      ➢ Alley Cat Area 1
      ➢ Alley Cat Area 2
      ➢ Path to Coral Forest 2
      ➢ Path to Coral Forest 3
      ➢ Path to Coral Forest 4
      ➢ Where the World Ends 1-6
      ➢ Where the World Ends 1-7
      ➢ Where the World Ends 2-3
      ➢ Where the World Ends 2-4
      ➢ Border of Ideas 1
      ➢ Border of Ideas 4
      ➢ Border of Ideas 5
      ➢ Mysterious Fog 1
      ➢ Mysterious Fog 4
      ➢ Waves of the Void 6
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Inside 1
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Inside 2
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Inside 3
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Inside 4
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Inside 5
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Inside 6
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Central Area 1
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Central Area 2
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Central Area 7
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Deepest Area 1
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Deepest Area 2
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Deepest Area 3
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Deepest Area 4
      ➢ Labyrinth of Suffering - Deepest Area 6
      ➢ The World's Tear - Bottom 3
      ➢ The World's Tear - Middle 1
      ➢ The World's Tear - Middle 2
      ➢ The World's Tear - Middle 3
      ➢ The World's Tear - Middle 4
      ➢ Rocky Beach 1
      ➢ Cernium West Castle Wall 1
      ➢ Cernium East Castle Wall 1
      ➢ Royal Library Area 1
      ➢ Royal Library Area 4
      ➢ Burning Royal Library Area 1
      ➢ Burning Royal Library Area 4
      ➢ Battle-ravaged West Castle Wall  1
      ➢ Battle-ravaged East Castle Wall  1
      ➢ Battle-ravaged East Castle Wall 4
      ➢ Outlaws' Wasteland 1
      ➢ Romantic Drive-in Theater 1
      ➢ Romantic Drive-in Theater 4
      ➢ Train With No Destination 1
      ➢ Train With No Destination 4


  • An error where the player could not be seen in a specific scene during the Black Heaven quest has been fixed.
  • The issue where the Contract with Mastema quest cannot be completed has been fixed.
  • When accepting the '[Alliance] Awakened Heroes' quest, an error where you get teleported to the quest progress map while in a teleport restricted map has been fixed.
  • The issue where the antenna installed on the submarine is not displayed during the Celestars Quest has been fixed.
  • An error where a character equipping the Ellin Forest Guardian Medal cannot complete the quest '[Ellin Forest] History Does Not Change' has been fixed.
  • An error in the explanation of the quest progress window and completion window in ‘Nero's Training Suggestion 4’ has been fixed.
  • An error where the appearance of Angelic Buster is abnormal in the dialog window during the ‘Kao's Memories’ quest has been fixed.
  • An error where the execution location us abnormal in the 'Hot Chilly Giants' and ‘Giants of the Cold Flame’ quest progress window has been fixed.
  • An error where the boss map exit portal is not working in '[Labyrinth of Suffering] Path to Light' quest has been fixed.
  • When completing the '[Kao's Memories]' quest, an error where the skill sound effect is unmuted has been fixed.
  • An error where Zero's illustration are displayed abnormally during the Black Heaven story has been fixed.
  • An error where some skills being available during the 'Giving the Slip' quest has been fixed.
  • The ‘King of Root Abyss’ quest can now be started at Lv.180.
  • The issue where NPC Grendel had an abnormal appearance during the '[Labyrinth of Suffering] Time of Confusion' quest has been fixed.
  • The part where there was an error in expression during the 'In Search of Lost Memories' quest has been fixed.
  • When accepting the Haven area weekly quests, the issue of deleted quests appearing in some characters has been fixed.
      ➢ Inside Black Heaven: Defeat Steel Generoid B
      ➢ Inside Black Heaven: Collecting Steel Manufacturing Number Plates
  • The issue where the repeated notification of job change appears when reaching Level 10 while performing the Dual Blade 1st Job Advancement quest has been fixed.
  • The issue of the skill voice output during quests has been fixed.
  • The issue where 'Trace of the wind' quest can be performed while in Mu Lung Training Center has been fixed.
  • An error where the completion condition was not displayed correctly in the quest summary of [Moonbridge] Rescuing Wrecked Ship quest has been fixed.
  • An error in which NPC Ickhart's name was hidden during '[Moonbridge] Investigate Mysterious Fog' has been fixed.
  • An error where the completion conditions were not displayed correctly in the quest summary of the '[Labyrinth of Suffering] The One Who Knows the Depth of the Labyrinth' quest will be fixed.
  • [Labyrinth of Suffering] The One Who Knows the Depth of the Labyrinth is modified to guide the appropriate difficulty.
  • During the Aran tutorial quest, the abnormal appearance of Lirin will be fixed.
  • The issue that ‘[Arcana] Evil energy that covered the tree of the spirit’ proceeds abnormally will be fixed.
  • Quest area description for ‘[Daily Quest] Hunt 200 Ascensions’ has been added.
  • The issue that some deleted quests are displayed in the completion list has been fixed.
  • An error where the '[Moras] Sign of Resurrection 2' quest is available at an abnormal level has been fixed.
  • An error where an NPC appears abnormally when rejecting the 'Blue Dragon Cannon Development 2' quest has been fixed.
  • An error where Oz's skills appear abnormally in ‘[Borderless] A Complete Fool’ has been fixed.
  • Conditions for the following Maple Achievements will be have more clarity:
      ➢ [The Seed] Where is the giant spider?
      ➢ [The Seed] Use oil? That's lame.
      ➢ [The Seed] Feel the Fear!
      ➢ [The Seed] Burn! Burn!
      ➢ [The Seed] So, you finally got here.
      ➢ [Damien] Rest in Peace, Brother
  • The click range of Aria's portrait NPC during the 'The Empress and the Thief' quest has been improved.
  • For '[Kritias] Stubborn Chief Maid' quest, improvements will be made to guide you to the completion location when the quest completion conditions are satisfied.
  • The issue where the achievement 'Explore the Riena Strait' could not be performed under certain circumstances has been improved.
  • Incorrect description of NPC Grendel during the ‘[Labyrinth of Suffering] Source of Pain’ quest has been fixed.
  • Voice dialogue has been added to the contents of ‘[Dimension Library] Episode 2. To be an Empress’.
      ➢ Nineheart
      ➢ Cygnus
  • The issue where Eunwol is stuck in quest map Elluel even after completing the story quest has been fixed.
  • The issue of being hit by an underwater monster and dying during the ‘[Esfera] He Who Abandoned His Name’ quest has been improved.


  • When the boss monster is defeated, characters will now be invincible until the next phase.
  • Mu Gong on the 75th floor of Mu Lung Dojo has been modified so that it does not use the skill to increase its physical defense rate.
  • image Horntail (Easy, Normal, Chaos) has been improved so that all status abnormalities are removed it has been defeated.
  • image If you attack the arm of Zakum (Easy, Normal, Chaos), the boss's HP UI has been modified to be displayed accordingly.
  • Only certain portion of damage will be applied when using skills below to attack the Egg in the Beginning.
      ➢ image Soul Master's Soul Cleaving
      ➢ image Mihile's Soul Light Slash
      ➢ image Aran's Smash Swing
      ➢ image Demon Slayer's Demon Thrash
      ➢ image Kaiser's Dragon Slash
      ➢ image Cadena's Chain Arts: Stroke
      ➢ image Angelic Buster's Soul Buster
  • The issue where some monsters in Mu Lung Dojo moves abnormally when knocked back has been fixed.
  • image An error where the Flame of Fury debuff effect's abnormal position from Crimson Queen (Normal, Chaos) on Kaiser's Final Form has been fixed.
  • image An error where Damien (Normal, Hard) sometimes does not hit when the Sword of Destruction is used at both ends of the map has been fixed.
  • image During the powerful attack of the 2nd Phase of Lucid (Easy, Normal, Hard), the phenomenon where the laser does not hit even when standing still has been fixed.
  • In Phase 1 of Lucid (Normal), the issue of the Nightmare Golem being summoned on the right music box has been fixed.
  • image The issue where the client sometimes closes immediately after entering Divine King Slime (Normal, Chaos) has been fixed.
  • image Fixed an issue where Ark's Entrancing Confinement damage would not apply to Will (Easy, Normal, Hard) when cast just before the spatial collapse pattern.
  • image The issue where void meteorites are sometimes not created in Dusk (Chaos) has been fixed.
  • image Heretic Hilla (Normal) (Updated 15 Nov, 1643hrs)
      ➢ Soul Shard damage has been reduced from 20% to 15% of max HP.
      ➢ Overall HP has been reduced by about 33%.
      ➢ The Soul Harvest pattern interval period has been changed to be adjusted once at 50% HP, instead of adjusting twice at 66% and 33% respectively.
  • image The issue where certain patterns were sometimes not used in Black Mage (Hard) has been fixed.
  • image Chosen Serene (Normal)
      ➢ The maximum HP of Phase 1 and Phase 2 is reduced by about 23%.
      ➢ In Phase 1 and Phase 2, the duration of the preview attack foreshadowing effect has been increased.
      ➢ In Phase 1 and Phase 2, Noon, Sunset and Dawn, the damage taken from Serene's forward charge has been reduced.
      ➢ Frequency of Flame Sphere attack pattern used in Phase 2 Sunset has been decreased.

  • The issue where Elite Boss Brawler Plaid does not use several defence mechanics has been fixed.
  • The issue where flying monsters do not appear when Elite Bosses appeared in Arcane River has been fixed.
  • The HP of certain Monster Park monsters in 'Mysterious Forest Arcana' has been changed.
  • The issue where the combo count does not increase when the Elite Boss spawns has been fixed.


  • New monsters have been added to the Monster Collection.
      ➢ Victoria Island
      ➢ El Nath
      ➢ Arcane River
      ➢ Grandis
  • New Rewards have been added to the Monster Collection.
      ➢ image Divine King Slime Cube Chair
      ➢ image Zakum Cube Chair
      ➢ image Seareli Cube Chair
      ➢ image Creation and Destruction Cube Chair
      ➢ image Back Alley Cat Cube Chair
      ➢ image Petal Blizzard Bunny Cube Chair
      ➢ image Chosen Serene Cube Chair
      ➢ image Gatekeeper Kalos Cube Chair
      ➢ image Balrog Cube Chair
      ➢ image Prideful Troublemaker Cube Chair
      ➢ image Extreme Bigfoot Cube Chair

  • image tab has been Monster Collection.
  • New Friend's Collector Medal have been added to the Medal tab of Monster Collection.



  • When using the General Store, weapon images has been improved so that it does not cover the UI category.
  • Link Skill Preset UI
      ➢ Skills with the same number of transfers are sorted by skill name
      ➢ If it is the same skill, it will then be sorted by the name of the character transferred.
  • If too many buff icons are displayed, additional rows will be created.
  • The hidden illustration of Hilla in the Soul Collector List UI has been modified.
  • Combination UI image in Monster Farm contents has been modified.
  • When there are no Royal Style or Wonderberry cash items for sale in the Cash Shop, the guide image has been modified to appear on the tab.
  • Item extraction function has been improved.


      ➢ You can set up a filter and register equipment in bulk depending on the filter.
      ➢ A function to deselect all registered items in the extraction window has been added.
      ➢ Item grade and potential will be displayed in the slot of the extraction window.
  • image When locking the ability at Unique and Legendary, a lock mark to the rank line will be displayed.
  • 'Zero-only Weapon Window (Weapon)' button has been modified to be visible only in the equipment tab.
  • The images of several Monster Life assets have been modified:
      ➢ 24-hour Hospital
      ➢ Monster Slot Expansion Ticket
  • Guild mark crest image has been modified.
  • Item extraction and fusion window cannot be used while equipment enhancement or Todd's Hammer is opened.
  • When extracting an item, the level range of the equipment batch registration filter has been modified to 0-250, so the Stone of Eternal Life is included.
  • Missing description for Naryn in the Grandis World Map has been added.
  • If you leave the screen and come back from the Foggy Forest Training Center, the error that the same monster is duplicated on the monster health UI has been fixed.
  • The issue of sometimes the guild mark is not visible has been fixed.
  • When using the items below, an error that sometimes provides an abnormal stat attack power difference has been fixed.
      ➢ image Black Ressurection Flame
      ➢ image Black Cube
  • The Liberated Rune guide message will no longer appear if the rune cooldown is not applied.
  • When using Maple Chat with a characters registered as Friends, affinity will be increased.
  • When selecting a core in V Matrix, the issue where sometimes the core can be moved has been fixed.
  • If the number of items to be re-registered in Maple Auction is the same as the number of slots available for sale, the issue where re-registration was not possible has been fixed.
  • The issue where character names that start with numbers are displayed abnormally when viewing guild member's locations has been fixed.
  • The issue of the Storage NPC or character image is not displayed properly in the Storage UI when expanding or folding the Storage inventory has been fixed.
  • The issue where Impeccable Memory when registered as a pet buff would disappear upon disconnection if Phantom replaces the stolen skill with one that cannot be registered has been fixed.
  • The issue where the item tooltip was hidden under the window when using a Shop or Storage has been fixed.
  • Except for Angelic Buster, if the pirate class is not equipped with a weapon, the issue in which the attack power increase of equipment items will displayed differently in Maple Auction has been fixed.
  • The issue where the skip menu during animation playback was cancelled initially would result in the menu no longer displaying again even if the ESC key was pressed has been fixed.
  • The issue where the dialogue UI remains even after moving to the next map when selecting Accept or Reject during quest and NPC conversations has been fixed.
  • The issue where an item appears to remain in the inventory after it is stored in the Storage has been fixed.
  • The issue where the Soul Shield catgegory was not listed under Secondary Weapon in Maple Auction has been fixed.
  • After creating a character, the Confirm and Cancel button in the character name input window has been modified so that they cannot be used.
  • If the font size is set to the maximum, an issue where the nickname is not displayed while wearing a long medal during megaphone usage has been fixed.
  • In the Authentic Force UI, the text spacing of the stats has been adjusted to display HP value 100,000 or more clearer.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting from External Chat mode resulted in megaphone messages that should have remained in the chat window's Guild tab to reset.
  • The issue where damage output from Wild Hunter's image "Call of the Hunter" skill attacks displays the basic damage skin has been fixed.
  • When linking Cygnus' Successor medal in the chat window, the issue where the item name was displayed abnormally has been fixed.
  • When using Masterpiece/Premium Masterpiece, the text has been modified to be clearer.
  • An error where the Ghost Park mode selection UI does not close automatically after leaving the map has been fixed. ESC key can now be used to close the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where UI transparency option was not applied during combat to the equipment window UI and minimized inventory UI.
  • If multiple characters extend the life of one monster at the same time in Monster Life, the issue where the life span was extended by the number of attempts has been fixed.
  • The issue that the exit pop-up was not displayed when clicking the client exit button in capture mode has been fixed.
  • When attempting to create a character, the issue of the mouse cursor occassionally disappearing has been fixed.
  • The issue where certain traits appear in abnormal positions at Level 90 in the Traits UI has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where Star Catcher occassionally does not occur when rapidly enhancing the equipment.
  • The issue where certain input causes the Noblesse and riding skills within the Guild UI to not be used has been fixed.
  • When selecting a soul from the Soul Collector list, the issue where the information does not display but instead flips the page of the UI has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where long texts appeared abnormally in the chat window during Cross World Party Quests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Maple Chat window in Cross World Party Quest showed the affiliated world's long message abnormally on each line.
  • Fixed an issue where the chats in the Cross World Party Quest appeared abnormal in the All chat.
  • The issue where the tooltip of an online friend was displayed abnormally in the friend window has been fixed.
  • The issue where Maple Guide's hunting ground image was sometimes incorrect has been fixed.
  • image will be displayed when the mouse is over the ‘Check My Cores’ button in the V Matrix UI.
  • If you use the image Core Gemstone just before leaving Flame Wolf, the issue where the HP of Flame Wolf will remain displayed even after moving maps has been fixed.
  • The issue of the character's hair sometimes disappearing when clicking the Remove All button after applying some chair items in the Cash Shop preview has been fixed.
  • The issue where the character will be moved to a quest-only Root Abyss map when using the Boss UI if ‘[Root Abyss] Protector of the World Tree’ was not done has been fixed.
  • The abnormal gap between the details of the Special Contents tab of Maple Guide has been fixed.
  • The issue where the tab of tutorials could not be navigated with the tab key has been fixed.
  • If the starting quest name of the guide's recommended quest is long, the issue of it being displayed abnormally has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Maple Guide teleportation still occurs despite being in the same map with the NPC.


  • [Monster Park] Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced entry level has been changed.
      ➢ Beginner: Level 105~140 (Auto Security Zone ~ ‘Otherworldly Battleground’)
      ➢ Intermediate: Level 140-179 (Dangerous Isolated Forest ~ Watchman's Tower)
      ➢ Advanced: Level 180 or higher (Dragon Nest ~ Mystical Forest Arcana)
  • [Monster Park] Certain stages have been improved. The monster placement and some terrain of ‘Road of Extinction’, ‘Chew Chew Island’, ‘City of Dreams Lacheln’, and ‘Mystical Forest Arcana’ have been changed.
      ➢ Road of Extinction Stage 1: Weathered Land of Joy and Anger
      ➢ Road of Extinction Stage 3: Land of Rocks and Flames
      ➢ Road of Extinction Stage 5: Lower Cave
      ➢ Chew Chew Island Stage 1: Colorful Forest
      ➢ Chew Chew Island Stage 2: Long and Round Forest
      ➢ Chew Chew Island Stage 5: Mt. Whale: Top
      ➢ Chew Chew Island Stage 6: Giant Tail
      ➢ City of Dreams Lacheln Stage 1: Street of Outlaws
      ➢ City of Dreams Lacheln Stage 3: Street of Champion's Plate
      ➢ Mystical Forest Arcana Stage 1: Water and Sunlight Forest
      ➢ Mystical Forest Arcana Stage 4: Cave: Upper Path
      ➢ Mystical Forest Arcana Stage 6: Five-forked Cave: Lower Path
  • [Monster Park] Quests and achievements have been modified to be clearer.
  • [Mu Lung Dojo] The issue that invincibility does not occur when Wild Hunter uses the image "Call of the Hunter" skill on the 9th, 13th, and 45th floors of Mu Lung Dojo to hit a monster has been fixed.
  • [Mu Lung Dojo] The interval between the timer start time and the monster summoning time has been modified to be less affected by the PC environment.
  • [Mu Lung Dojo] The issue of the initial activation time of the pattern of some monsters was activated earlier than normal has been fixed.
  • [Mu Lung Dojo] The issue where monsters sometimes do not use any patterns has been fixed.
  • [Mu Lung Dojo] The issue where Awakened Mu Gong has no sound has been fixed.


  • Options > Graphics > Quality > Effect will affect the shader effect quality certain map assets.
  • Fixed an issue where black screen appears or the game ends abnormally when using external chat window on a laptop PC with external graphic cards.
  • Improved frame drops and screen freezes that occur when a large number of hits occur in a short time.
      ➢ The overall damage effect output related performance has been optimized.
      ➢ The performance optimization of projectile-type skills have been improved.



  • Sudden Mission has been removed from the game.
      ➢ You can no longer perform the achievements related to the sudden mission, and they have been moved to the Memory tab.


  • The effect of the Rune of Februus and the Rune of Hyperion is improved.
      ➢ The conditions for triggering the Rune of Februus have been reduced.
      ➢ Rune of Hyperion's attack range is increased, and the duration of the attack is increased.

  • Elite Boss's HP is reduced, and some functions are changed.
      ➢ The HP of the Elite Boss has been lowered, and the 20 seconds invulnerability effect will no longer be applied when summoned.
      ➢ Normal monsters in the field will still spawn even when an Elite Boss is summoned.
      ➢ Timer and map effects will not be displayed when an Elite Boss is summoned.
      ➢ Elite Bosses will still disappear after they are not defeated for 10 minutes in the same way as before.
      ➢ Elite Boss display notification message will no longer be displayed in the surrounding field or on the world map.
      ➢ Black Knight Mokadin's physical attack negation duration has been reduced to 5 seconds.
      ➢ The duration of the magic attack negation by Mad Mage Kariane has been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Elite Bosses have been added to Cernium and Hotel Arcs. Rare Treasure Chests and experience orbs can be obtained by defeating them.


      ➢ Great Flame Spirit
      ➢ Lef Commander
      ➢ Wilderness Sheriff
  • Elite Monsters, Elite Champions, and Elite Bosses are improved so that they do not affect the number of normal monsters in the field.


  • The Flame Wolf's lair has been divided into 3 types according to the level section. When entering the portal, the difficulty varies depending on the level of the character entering, and the amount of experience given is adjusted according to the level of difficulty.
      ➢ Level 199 or lower: Normal Flame Wolf
      ➢ Level 200 or higher and lower than 259: Chaos Flame Wolf
      ➢ Level 260 or higher: Extreme Flame Wolf
  • The Flame Wolf's lair reward is changed.
      ➢ Depending on the amount of damage dealt to the Flame Wolf, ‘Moderate’, ‘Considerable’, or ‘Critical’ grades will be assigned, and item rewards and experience rewards are given according to the grade.
      ➢ Moderate Damage: image 1x Intermediate Hunter's Pouch
      ➢ Considerable Damage: image 1x Advanced Hunter's Pouch, image 1x Intermediate Hunter's Pouch
      ➢ Critical Damage: image 1x Premium Hunter's Pouch
      ➢ Defeat the Flame Wolf: image 1x Premium Hunter's Pouch
  • The Flame Wolf's lair battle time has been reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Some of the existing Flame Wolf related achievements have been moved to the Memory tab.
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] Days like this and that
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] Flame Eating Hunter
  • New achievements related to Flame Wolf has been added.
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] Wolf leaves a flame
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] Burning Up
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] It was a warm flame
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] There are wolves like this and there are wolves like that
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] Moderate, Considerable and Critical
      ➢ [Flame Wolf] Wolf or Flame at a time


  • New Bounty Hunter Especia's Totem Slash has been added.
      ➢ If Polo/Frito Bounty Hunter portal appears 3 times, Especia's Bounty Hunter portal will appear on the 4th time.
      ➢ Using imagePolo and Frito Admission Tickets do not affect the appearance count of Especia's Totem Slash.
      ➢ Talk to NPC Especia by using the Bounty Hunter portal and use special skills to destroy all the totems.
      ➢ If you destroy all the totems, you can get a high amount of experience rewards.
  • The number of daily entry of Bounty Hunter portal has been adjusted.
      ➢ Bounty Hunter Portal: 15 times
      ➢ New Bounty Hunter Portal (Totem Slash): 5 times
      ➢ Especia's Totem Slash Bounty Hunter Portal will not appear if the number of entries available for Polo/Frito's Bounty Hunter Portal has been used up.
      ➢ Polo/Frito's Bounty Hunter Portal will not appear if all the number of entries available for Especia's Totem Slash Bounty Hunter Portal has been used up.
  • Especia's Totem Slash achievements have been added.
      ➢ [Totem Slash] Totem haas collapsed
      ➢ [Totem Slash] My favorite totem has collapsed
      ➢ [Totem Slash] All totems have collapsed
      ➢ [Totem Slash] Grand Golden Totem Slasher


  • 1. Overview
      ➢ Destroy Totem Monsters in the same way as Star Catcher.
      ➢ A horizontal long UI bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
      ➢ A small percentage of the horizontal long UI bar becomes the perfect damage area to deal more damage.
      ➢ A certain number of Totem Monsters will be eliminated depending on how accurate the sword hits.
      ➢ Aim the sword that is continuously moving left and right at the top of the horizontal long UI bar to the perfect damage area.
      ➢ The sword stops moving when the NPC/Gather button is pressed (Default key : N).
  • 2. Main Controls
      ➢ When the movement of the sword stops, the character on screen activates the skill to slice the totem.
      ➢ The number of totems sliced executed varies depending on the area the sword is aimed at.
      ➢ Failure area (Black background on image): 1
      ➢ Success area (Red background in image): 2
      ➢ Perfect area (Yellow background in the image): 4
  • 3. Structure
      ➢ Multiple Totems will be stacked on each other.
      ➢ When you destroy a totem with a slice, the effect of obtaining experience points is output according to the number of totems.
      ➢ Clear the stage by destroying a total of 30 Totems.
      ➢ There is a small chance to enter the Golden Totem stage where you can get higher experience rewards.


  • Maximum character slots has been increased from 52 to 53 per world.
  • Return Scroll - Nearest Town, Pet Food, Reverse Appearance Coupon and Sprout Potions has been added to NPC Laku (Monster Park General Store) and NPC Suli (Ghost Park General Store).
  • 1x Arrow for Bow and 1x Arrow for Crossbow has been added to NPC Oko (Root Abyss).
  • The image of the “Escaped Rock Spirit” has been modified.
  • The dialogue of the NPC Gold Richie in the Lith Harbour has been changed.
  • The list of sales items of Bonjasky (Weapon and Armor Merchant) in Edelstein was simplified.
  • Sprout Potions, 1x Arrow for Bow, 1x Arrow for Crossbow, and Reverse Appearance Coupon has been added to Android stores.
  • Monster Life will be in Offline Mode when logging into the game as Offline Mode. However, some chat functions, such as a 1:1 conversation, will be restricted in the Monster Life Offline Mode.
  • A guide message will now be displayed when swapping into a fully filled DECO tab.
  • Entering cash shop with the medal/title display options activated will not make the medals visible in the Cash Shop preview window.
  • When changing the cash weapon motions, an issue where it is not visible or appearing abnormally in certain situations has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where in 1024 x 768 resolution, the eagle from Frito's Eagle Hunt cannot be killed as it does not fly back to the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if Alpha has a Cash Item equipped, it sometimes shows intermittently on Beta.
  • Fixed an issue where a character cannot be traded or gifted Cash Equipment of the opposite gender even if they have non-humanoid androids or androids of the opposite gender of the player's character.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of remaining Polo/Frito entry counts will be deducted even when the usage of Polo/Frito Bounty Hunting Tickets fail.

    Zero Creation Open

    You can create Zero class until 7th February 2023, 11:59pm.
    Note: You need at least a level 100 or above character except Zero to create Zero class.


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