06 Apr 2021

Hotel Maple Patch Notes (v204)

Good day Maplers,

It's the biggest time of the year again for an awesome hotel stay with us but before that, let's get through some inevitable changes first, shall we?



1. Sunsetting of Zen
2. Sengoku Quest Improvements
3. Sengoku Era 3 Becomes A Permanent Content
4. Akechi Mitsuhide Normal Mode
5. Silver Wolf & Sengoku Set
6. Ranmaru Hard Mode Revamp
7. Revamp of Gachapon System

Sunsetting of Zen

It's been a long ride with ZEN. Good bye ol' friend.. I will tell you all about it when I see you again~

Zen will be permanently removed from our game content with effect from V204 patch. To properly facilitate this, Zen will be blocked from logging into the game. If you select Zen at the character selection screen, you will be prompted with a message stating that the character is no longer playable.

  • For more information about the Removal, please visit this LINK.
  • For more information about the Rewards for Job Change, please visit this LINK.

  • Sengoku Quest Improvements

    Who doesn't like improvements eh? *wink*
  • Changed the conditions of Hayato/Kanna's 2nd job advancement to quest completion rather than levelling.
  • Adjusted the time required for job quests to be completed until level 30 based on the standard of other jobs.
  • Restricted movements to be in Momiji Hill until level 30.
  • Complementing quest line connection and updating background settings.


    Sengoku Era 3 Becomes A Permanent Content

    Remember the Sengoku Era 3 events in the past? They are now a permanent content with minor twists~
    Requirements : Level 200+ characters or Zeroes who've completed Story Chapter 2


    Akechi Mitsuhide Normal Mode

    Thats Right!! Now that the contents are perm, here comes the new challenger!
    Note : You must fully complete the story to unlock the Boss Mode.
    No. of admissions allowed: Once a day.
    No. of clears allowed: Once a week (weekly boss)
    You can enter by talking to Akechi Mitsuhide after completing the Sengoku Era 3 content storyline and it is also located in the Boss selection UI.


    Silver Wolf & Sengoku Set

    and never forget, new boss comes new edgy weapons! and yes, much more, they come with the boss's edgy aura~
    Currency : Silver Wolf's Mark
    Currency Tradability : Untradeable DUHH
    Obtained from : Akechi Mitsuhide
    Cost per weapon : 20 Silver Wolf's Mark
  • Can be purchase once a WEEK
  • If you're lucky, the boss will drop the Silver Wolf weapon.
  • This Silver wolf weapon has been added to be a set with the Sengoku Set.


    Ranmaru Hard Mode Revamp

    It's still not that hard really.
  • The Ranmaru boss pre-quest has been updated to be streamlined.
  • At Level 120, accept the quest Princess Sakuno's Call: Stop Mori Ranmaru! to access the boss fight.
  • Personal Death Count has been added for Ranmaru boss: 10 (Normal) | 5 (Hard)
  • Hard Ranmaru drops has been updated to include the following drops:
      ➢ Level 150 Japanese Weapons and Armors (Amaterasu/Ame-no-Uzeme/Oyamatsumi/Tsukuyomi/Susano-o)
      ➢ Crafting Materials (Blade of Chaos, Powerful Blade of Chaos, Confusion Fragment)


    Revamp of Gachapon System


    Gachapon has been buffed by Maple Administrator is now Golden and more imba! Lowkey looks like the Golden Ticket from...
    Most importantly : Most items have been changed as well and time to time new item updates will still come by as usual so keep an eye out.

    How to use Gachapon :
    1. Purchase a Gachapon Ticket in Cash Shop using Maple Cash or Maple Points.
    2. Open your Item Inventory and go to your Cash Tab.
    3. Double click the Gachapon Ticket.
    4. Click on either WARRIOR, MAGICIAN, BOWMAN, THIEF or PIRATE.
    5. Please read the confirmation that you have at least 1 Equip Slot, 2 Use Slots, 1 Setup Slot and 1 ETC Slot.
    6. Click OK if you want to use on the selected Class from Step 4.
    7. Click OK again if you want to stop using the Gachapon System or repeat from Step 4 to Step 6.
    8. Congratulations! You have successfully used the NEW Gachapon System and get a free "Gachapon Ticket Piece".

    NEW Gachapon Ticket Piece System:

  • Depending on the amount of Gachapon Ticket Piece you have, you can exchange for various items by Double-Clicking it.
  • What mind-blowing rewards you can get? Check out the Gachapon webnews as they are updated together. <3

    See you at the Hotel. =)

    ~~~ End of Patch Update Notes~~~