19 Mar 2021

A Message From CM Astrea : An Update Regarding Zen

Dear Maplers,

We would like to give an update regarding the sunsetting of Zen in our service.

As you may already know, Zen’s Free Job Transfer event has been extended until 6th April 2021. We are happy to inform that additional rewards will be given on top of what has already been announced before. For more information, please see below.

Additional incentive eligibility criteria: Complete the Zen Free Job Transfer event by 6th April 2021, 2359hrs.

Reward Items:

  • Skill item for Zen's Union/Link Skill x1
  • Typhoon Growth Potion x5

  • Note:

  • The items will be credited via the Reward Box during a regular weekly server check Maple Administrator NPC located in Henesys and major towns after the job transfer event has ended (on or after 7th April 2021) until 10th August 2021.
  • All items are inter-account tradable.
  • The skill lasts for a certain period of time 30 days, and you can learn the skill again by clicking on the skill item when it expires.
  • All items are time-limited. The skill item will last for 365 days, and the Typhoon Growth Potion will last for 90 days upon receipt.

  • [Update as of 22nd March 2021, 1600hrs (GMT +8)]

    The additional incentive eligibility is triggered upon a successful completion of the Zen Free Job Transfer event between 11th November 2020, (after Patch) up until 6th April 2021, 2359hrs.
    Only 1 set of rewards will be given per MapleID.
    You may claim the rewards from any world in which you have completed the job transfer.
    Regardless of your ZEN Level, the skill item will be fixed at Union Effect SS Rank Buff/Link Skill Level 2.

    We hope that this would give you an extra encouragement boost in participating in Zen’s Free Job Transfer event.

    We look forward to your continued support and we strive to do our best to continue to provide you with an enjoyable Mapling experience in MapleStorySEA.